Walton Primo RX4: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton Primo RX4 is one of the few high specifications phones from Walton. The RX4 has some great features which are necessary for stylish and modern smartphones. It has got Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, 1.4 GHz Octa-Core Processor, 13+5 Megapixel Camera with many features, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 2500 mAh Battery and many more in it. Let’s check out the details of this phone Walton Primo RX4:

Basic Information:
Operating System: Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Processor: 1.4 GHz Octa-Core Processor
Number of cores: 8
GPU: Mali-450
Storage space (ROM): 16 GB
Expandable memory: Up to 32 GB

Walton Primo RX4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Network parameters:
Call mode: Dual Card, Dual Standby (3G supports in both SIM slot)
One Micro SIM + One 2-in-1 Slot (Nano or T-flash Card)
Network type: UMTS+GSM
Network band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPA+

Walton Primo RX4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Screen parameters:
Screen size: 5-inch HD
Resolution: 1280 x 720, supports 26M color
Touch & Protector: Capacitive touchscreen with 3rd Generation Gorilla Glass & Dragon Trail Rear Glass
Display type: Pure black IPS, OGS

Walton Primo RX4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Camera parameters:
Rear camera: BSI 13 Megapixels with autofocus
Front camera: 5 Megapixels
Video recording: Full HD (1080p) (1920×1080)
Flash: Support

Video: 1080p Full HD Video playback
Radio: Support with recorder

Walton Primo RX4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Dual Band Wi-fi b/g/n
Bluetooth V4, Micro USB, WLAN Hotspot
OTA Upgrade Enabled

Motion sensor: Accelerometer (3D), Gyroscope, Rotation Vector, Gravity, Linear Acceleration Sensor
Environment sensor: Light (Brightness Control)
Position sensor: Proximity, Orientation, Magnetic Field

GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function

Walton Primo RX4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh
Type: Li-ion battery

Weight: 129.75 g (with battery)
Dimension: 142.7 x 70.2 x 7.3 mm

Special features:
CNC Diamond Cut in Design
Notification Light
Unified storage
Lollipop 5.1

Walton Primo RX4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price


Handset: 1 Year
Accessories: 6 Months

Price: 8,490/= BDT

Customer Care Center:
For more details or any questions, please call Walton Customer Care (from 9 AM to 10 PM).
The numbers are given below:
09612316267 (from all operators and landline)
16267 (From all operators except landline)

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    12. Fingerprint + camera + online ekta game er jonno kon phone ta valo hobe? Around 10K?

    13. Walton Primo RX4 ki root korle somossa hobe? Amar phone ta apps use korle hang kore.

      1. No. Root the phone and use Greenify app to hibernate unused apps.

    14. Sujon vai Walton Primo RX4 er camera valo na Walton Primo H6 er camera valo? Please answer me.

    15. Sujon vai, amar Walton Primo RX4 e network kom pacchi ar shudu network up/down korche. Kono solution ache ki, vai?

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    20. Ei set ta kemon? Ami kinte chai. Please answer me, bro.

    21. Vai, phone ta kothay pawa jabe?

    22. Bhaiya, 6000 taka er modhe camera, battery o onnano dik diye valo hobe kon mobile? Sob brand er moddhe. Clash of Clans khelar jonno. Please bolen.

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    26. Walton Primo RX4 valo hobe na Walton Primo RX5? Walton Primo RX5 ki VR support kore? VR ki?

      1. Walton Primo RX5. No. VR is the other name of 3D. You can able to see 3D videos and play 3D games in VR enabled phones.

    27. Sujon vai, Walton Primo V2 mobile to data on korte gele on hoyna, reboot deya lage.

    28. Sujon bhai, Walton Primo NF2+ valo hobe naki Walton Primo RX4 valo hobe?

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      1. Walton Primo RX4
      2. Walton Primo V2

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    32. Walton Primo HM3, Walton Primo RX4, Walton Primo H6 and Oppo C1 er majhe konta valo hobe?

    33. Walton Primo RX4 mobile e battery na khola gele noshto hole kivabe paltano hobe?

      1. You can’t remove the battery without some instruments which are available in the Walton Customer Cares. So, bring the phone to them and they will exchange the battery.

    34. Walton Primo RX4 e ki OTG ache? VR supported naki? Please answer.

    35. Sujon vai, ami Walton Primo RX4 kinte chai. Ei phone tar battery ki khola jay? Please janaben.

    36. Walton Primo H6 na Walton Primo RX4 konta valo hobe?

    37. Dada, Walton Primo RX4, Symphony i10 and Symphony Xplorer H300 sob dik diye konta valo hobe?

    38. Ei phone ta ki bazar e ache? Ajke showroom e call diye ora bollo market e o nai. Ami kinte chai. Help me.

      1. Amar ekta ache. 7 days hoyeche kinechi. But, amar wife pochondo korteche na. Black color to, tai. Apni ki nite chan? Price:- 9000 taka only. Number:- 01670-391597.

        1. Ami kinbo. Price ta bolen. Koto hole bechben?

        2. Vai, apnar Fb ID thakle ID den. Apnar sathe jogajog kori.

    39. Vaia, Walton Primo H6 e GHz koto? Please ektu janan.

    40. Please Sujon da, Walton Primo RX4 mobile tar orginial price ta apni nije bolle valo lagbe. Ar dam ta niye confused.

    41. Sujon vai, Walton Primo RX4 valo na ki Symphony Xplorer H300 valo?

    42. Kontar camera besi valo
      1. Walton Primo RX4
      2. Walton Primo H6

    43. Vaia, ami ekta phone kinbo. Symphony Xplorer P6, Symphony Xplorer H250, Walton Primo H6, Walton Primo RX4 er vitore konta valo hobe? Please vaia, ektu bolen.

    44. Vaiya, root ki ar phone root kore kivabe?

    45. Vai, Walton Primo RX4 ki ekhon market e pawa jabe? Ar onnanno website e dekhchi Walton Primo RX4 er price 13K+ but ekhane dekchi 8490/= BDT. Which is real price?

      1. Yes. This website always keeps the updated information. You can still confirm it by searching your nearby Walton Showrooms.

    46. Dada, 8500/= taka er moddhe kon phone valo hobe?

    47. Dada, konta valo Walton Primo V2 na Walton Primo RX4?

    48. Bro, Walton Primo RX4 nibo naki Walton Primo S4?

    49. Sujon vai, amar Walton Primo RX4 e charge dewar por onek quick charge kome jacche. Ami ki korte pari?

    50. Walton Primo RX4 diye rate photo tola jay.

    51. Sujon vai, Symphony Xplorer Z7 (3GB RAM) ar Walton Primo RX4 er moddhe konta valo? Please janaben.

    52. Vaia, Walton Primo RX4 ki ekhon market e ache?

    53. Vai, amar Walton Primo RX4 er back side glass ti venge geche. E glass ti ki replace kora jay? Kothay korte parbo?

    54. Konta best hobe Walton Primo RM2, RX4, Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro, ZVI, Alcatel One Touch Flash 2, Lenovo K3 Note, Lemon 3. First camera best hote hobe. Battery good. Then others. Budget 13,000/= taka.

    55. Sujon bro, Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro valo or Walton RX4? HD Gaming er jonno konta valo hobe?

    56. Camera diye Symphony na, Walton valo.

    57. Bro, HM2 o RX4 er moddhe konta valo hoba?

    58. Via, RX4 e ki ek sathe dual SIM and memory card use kora jay?

      1. No. One Micro SIM + One 2-in-1 Slot (Nano or T-flash Card).

    59. Walton RX4, S4, RM2, Symphony ZV Pro, Z6, Samsung J2 and ei maner joto mobile ache, eder moddhe valo konta hobe? Amake ektu janaben please.

    60. Huawei Y6 or Walton Primo RX4 – which one is better and why? Lava, Symphony, Walton, Huawei which brand do you like most?

    61. Camera voice capture kivabe kaj kore Walton RX4 te?

    62. RM2, RX4, Alcatel One Touch Flash 2 konta valo hoy, Sujon dada?

    63. Vaia, ami RX4 ar RM2 er moddhe confusion e achi. Konta kinle valo hobe? Ar keno valo hobe? Ar Quad core ar Octa core er tofat ki?‪

      1. Quad=4, Octa=8. So, Octa core processor has more cores, which ensures more speed and performance. But, RX4 does not have OTG. The battery of RM2 is the biggest plus point. So, I personally prefer RM2. You should make your own choice after comparing the two phones.

    64. Sujon vai, is there any Walton/Symphony handset that supports monitor mood in its wi-fi chipset? Please let me know. :)

    65. Which one is better? RX2 or RX4. Explain Please. :)

      1. RX4. Compare the specifications and you will find why.

    66. Sob dik bibechona kore konta valo, RM2/RX4? Sujon dada.

    67. Dr. Sujon Paul vai, Walton Primo RX4 er battery backup kamon jodi amake ektu bolen.

    68. Sujon vai, Walton Primo RX4 er cheye Walton Primo S4 er difference kothay? Walton Primo S4 set e games ba video dekhle besi gorom hoye jai ki? Ar ami konta kinte pari? Please ektu bolben.

      1. Compare the specifications of RX4 & S4 and you can see the differences yourself. Processor, camera and OTG are the main differences. There are some other differences as well. You should buy S4. Almost all phones temperature may be increased if used for a long time or during heavy or multi-tasking. So, avoid using more than one app at a time to keep your phone cool. Use Greenify app for hibernating apps.

    69. Dr. Sujon Paul vai, OTG ki? Eta ami janina. Please amake jodi ektu bolen.

      1. OTG = On The Go [A feature with which you can connect mouse, keyboard, joystick, pen drive directly to your phone via an OTG cable.]

    70. Sujun vai, Walton Primo RX4 and Samsung J2 er moddhe OTG holo difference. OTG hole ki sei set valo or other facilities ki janaben?

      1. OTG is a unique feature. J2 has OTG and RX4 doesn’t have it. But, RX4 specifications are far better than J2. So, if you want OTG, then buy J2. Otherwise, buy RX4.

    71. RX4 kinbo naki S4 kinbo Confusion a porechi. Advice den.

    72. Which is better Walton Primo RX3 or Walton Primo RX4?

    73. Vaia, amar Walton RX4 e 83% charge chilo. PC te connect diye onek gulo song load dilam. Disconnect kore dekhi je charge only 48% ase. Bujhlam na. Eta ki kono somossa? Please janaben ektu.

      1. The battery was drained due to data transfer. When the phone is not connected to Charge Only mode, it does not get charged in full speed. So, the draining rate was more than the charging rate.

    74. How is Walton RX4 in comparison of its price?

      1. All are good except the OTG feature. You will get similar specifications + OTG in Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro and Symphony Xplorer ZVI.

    75. Sujon bhai, ami khub tension e achi. Bhai, please apni doya kore amake ekta jinish janaan je RX4 er camera valo hobe naki ZV Pro er camera valo hobe (both camera).

      1. RX4 camera is better due to BSI sensor. But, it does not contain OTG. So, I prefer buying ZV Pro.

    76. Walton Primo RX4 valo hobe naki Samsung Galaxy J2 valo hobe? Please janaben.

    77. Primo RX4. Just awesome. Battery backup superb and camera is also.

    78. Vaia, ami RX4 kinbo naki Samsung Galaxy J5 kinbo? Konta besi better hobe? Please ektu inform korben.

    79. Symphony ZV Pro kinechilam 1st October. 11 tarikh e bus theke chintai hoye gelo. Ekhon abar set kinbo. ZV Pro awesome chilo. But, ekhon confused. Konta nibo? Primo RX4, Elite Evo Air naki again ZV Pro? 21 tarikh e kinbo InshaAllah. Please, suggest before buying. Thanks.

    80. I am confused. Which phone would be better to buy? Symphony ZV Pro or Walton Primo RX4?

      1. Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro. It has better battery and OTG feature.

    81. I bought Primo RX4 yesterday. But, its camera is not satisfactory. Can I change it to another model of Walton from the showroom?

      1. No. Once you marry a girl, you can’t change her after the first night and get another in replace of her!

    82. RX4 er ekta problem: apps lock kaj kore na.

    83. Ami RX4 kine dhora khailam. Charging problem kore. 14 din er din replace koralam customer care e dekhiye. New phone e same problem face kortesi again.
      Charge e dile ulta discharge hoy. Mobile restart dite hoy every time. Keu ki bolben kivabe ei problem solve kora jabe?

      1. The problem may be in your electricity socket or the phone charger.

        1. But, ami other charger and socket use kore dekheci, same problem. Amar charge show korchilo 37%. Charge e dile, it starts to discharge. It goes from 37% to 30%. Battery off kore charge plug korar sathe sathe 82% show korche. Ajkeo 27% chilo, charge e dilam 76% theke charge hocche. Sujon vai, can you please tell me, is this software or hardware problem?

          1. Then it is a hardware problem. You should contact the customer care immediately.

    84. Walton er mobile ekhon problem kortese. Ami der bochor Primo GH2 use korchi. Kono problen nai. Kintu ekhon new model gula te complain korche.

    85. Today I Bought Walton RX4. I don’t know how it is. Hope it will be a good phone for it’s user.

    86. Why have you not provided OTG facility and 5000 mAh battery nowadays? Walton must think what the customer needs before launching a new mobile set in the market.

    87. Ami kinbo agamikal. Sobai doa korben, jate valo hoy.

    88. Ami RX4 ti sell korte chai. 5 din age kena. 12,000/= taka hole diye debo. Kalaroa, Satkhira. Mobile no – 01846485167

    89. It’s awesome phone. I use this.

    90. Ami phone ti 2 din age kinlam. Arthik somossa howay eti sell korbo. Kinle call diben please. No-01846485167. Tk-13,000/= hole hobe.

    91. It’s awesome phone. I use this.

    92. But why? Why Symphony ZVI is better than this? Please tell me the reason. And why did you add that this phone has both front and rear flash? I think it’s not true.

      1. Because, RX4 does not contain OTG. So, I prefer Symphony ZV Pro. If you don’t need OTG feature, you may buy RX4. And thanks for the correction.

        1. OK. Then tell me about Walton Primo S4. Is it better than Symphony ZVI?

    93. Hey, this phone is too good. I loved it. But, I am confused about its quality. Is this better than Symphony ZVI? Please give me good suggestion. Which is the best?

        1. Why? Eita RX4 er cheye better kano?

          1. Due to front camera, display and no OTG, RX4 is not better than ZVI.

    94. Ei phone ta valo hobe naki Symphony ZV Pro ta valo hobe?

    95. Mobile ta kemon, janaben. 01735009004.

    96. 12,000-12,500 taka er moddhe hole kinbo.

    97. Symphony Helio S1 12,000/= taka hole kinbo.

    98. Vai, price jodi 12,000/= taka hoy, tobe thik ache. Karon RX3 processor 1.7 and 32 ROM. OTG ache. But RX4 e kom. So, bujhtei parchen.

    99. Aro valo kichu nai? 20MP camera. RAM 5GB. Front camera 10MP.

      1. Pagol Naki? Ei specification er set ekhono duniya te ase nai.

    100. Set sob eki dhoroner. 16MP camera chai, ja diye 1440P video kora jabe. Full HD 1920×1080 with 401 pixel density. Ar 6.5mm slim.
      dam 14000 taka

      1. 14,000 taka ken, apnare free dile mone hoy valo hoy!

    101. What a wonderful handset. I will buy it surely. :)

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