Walton Primo RH2: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton Primo RH2 is Walton’s new Android Phone, which has been announced on 9th June, 2015. This medium spec phone has some spectacular features like Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system, 1.4 GHz Octa Core Processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, 32 GB Expandable Memory, 5 inch Pure Black IPS display, 8+2 Megapixel Camera, Dual SIM, 2000 mAh Battery and many more. The look is also very attractive. Let’s check out the details of this phone, Walton Primo RH2:

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Basic Information:
Operating System: Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) (Upgradable to Android Lollipop)
CPU: 1.4 GHz Octa Core Processor
Number of Core: 8
GPU: Mali 450
Storage space(ROM): 8GB
Expandable memory: up to 32GB

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Network parameters:
Call mode: Dual Card, Dual Standby (3G Support in both SIM slot)
Network type: UMTS+GSM
Network band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSPA+

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Screen parameters:
Screen size: 5-inch FWVGA
Resolution: 1280×720 pixels, supports 26M colors
Touch & Protector: Capacitive touch screen (Up to 5 fingers multitouch) with 2nd generation Gorilla Glass
Display Type: Pure Black IPS Display

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Camera parameters:
Sensor: BSI
Rear camera: 8.0 Megapixels autofocus camera
Front camera: 2.0 Megapixels
Video recording: Full HD 1080P (1920×1080)
Flash: Support

1080P Full HD Video playback
Radio: Support with recorder

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Dual Band Wifi b/g/n (2.4 & 5 GHz), Bluetooth V4, USB V2, WLAN Hotspot, OTG, Wireless Display Sharing
OTA (On The Air) Update Enabled

Motion sensors: Accelerometer (3D), Gyroscope, Gravity, Rotation Vector
Environment sensors: Light (Brightness)
Position sensors: Proximity, Orientation, Magnetic Field (Compass)
Special Sensor: Hall Sensor

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Type: Li-ion battery

Weight: 132 grams (with battery)
Dimension: 140 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Special features:
Free Flip Cover
Notification Light
Unified Storage
OTA Upgrade Enabled
Special Security (Through SMS): Remote Phone Lock, Remote Data Wipe, Fetch Back Anti-theft PIN

Price: 8,790/= BDT

Walton Primo RH2 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Call Customer Care Center for more details or any questions:

Contact numbers: 09612316267 (from all operators and landline);

16267 (From all operators except landline) (9 AM to 10 PM)


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    1. HD game er jonno low price e kon phone pabo?

    2. Low cost e valo front camera er ekta mobile and valo battery backup dibe emon arekta mobile suggest korle valo hoy.

    3. Vai, Walton Primo RH2 Lollipop e upgrade korbo kivabe? OTA te to upgrade ase nai. Please help.

    4. Which is better Symphony Xplorer H60 or Walton Primo H4?

    5. Vai, mobile ta ki gorom hoye jay? Ar charge kemon thake?

      1. Not is general use, but may be little heated after a large gameplay or large app use for a long period. Good backup of 1 day in normal use.

    6. Vai, apni ekta battery er model bole din ja RH2 te lagano jabe.

    7. RH2 te ki HM Mini er battery use kora jane?

    8. Vai, Walton RH2 te ki 4000 mAh battery lagano jabe? Lagano gele kivabe kinbo? Ki dekhe kinbo? Janale valo hoy.

      1. Yes. No problem. But, you have to find a battery with exact shape and size of the RH2 battery. You can search in your nearby Walton Showrooms and in the local market.

    9. Vai, 10,000/= taka ache. 2GB RAM konta?

    10. Sujon bro, please ektu bolben Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 set ta camera, gaming er jonno kemon hobe? Please ektu help koren.

    11. Sujon vai, please bolben ei set ta gaming er jonno kemon hobe? Ar camera kemon? Charge kemon thake? Please bolben.

      1. Good for gaming. Camera is also good. Average using will last for 24 hours.

    12. I want to buy it. But, confusion between H4 and RH2. Which one is better?

    13. Walton Primo RH2 / Walton Primo HM2 / Walton Primo R4?

    14. Dada HM2 and P6 2GB RAM ei 2 tar moddhe konta better hobe? Suggest please.

    15. Walton othoba Symphony er 10,000/= takar moddhe kon mobile ta best hobe “Clash Of Clans” khelar jonno?

    16. Primo RH2 te ki 4000 mAh battery use kora jabe?

    17. Awesome 1 ta phone. Chalay onek moja pacchi. Display, Camera, Processor sob guloi osadharon!

    18. Sujon vai, etar ekhon dam koto?

      1. The updated price is given at the end of the post.

    19. RH2 Lolipop uptade kora jabe koto din por? Please janaben.

      1. Please wait. You will be able to update it via OTA. You will know when it will be available.

    20. Sujon vai, ami ei phone ta kinbo. Valo hobe?

    21. Battery valo na and phone olpotei heat hoy.

    22. Phone er vitore problem ki ki ase seta ektu jante chassi.

    23. Keu ki Samsung Galaxy Core 2 diye exchange korben? 01721935208.

    24. KitKat to Lollipop kora jabe ki?

      1. If there is any official firmware, then you can upgrade it.

    25. RH2 phone ta kinechi 2 months hoiche. Phone ta onek slim. Dekhteo onek cute. So, sobai kinte paren. Service o onek valo.

      1. Bhai, eita kinechen, valo kotha. Tokhon price koto chilo? Kono problem nai to? Accha please bolun to camera ta kemon ei phone er?

    26. I can’t find this Walton Primo RM2 through Dhaka zone. Would anyone supply me that exactly where do its able to be seen?

    27. Ei mobile ta kinte chai. Kemon hobe?

    28. Khub baje phone. Kine taka nosto korlam. Camera khub kharap. Parle sobai ondhokare pic tule dekhan?

    29. Vai, phone ta te ki HD game khela jabe?

        1. Could you please let me know, the battery is really poor or workable?

          1. Workable. You should root the phone and use Greenify to get a better battery support.

            1. How long the battery will run while using internet? If you know please share with us. Thanks a lot.

    30. Camera ta valo. But, charge thake na.

    31. Eita bikri koira RM2 kinbo. Kame dibe.

    32. Phone ta ami kinsi 2 din holo, but charge thakena.

    33. Sob thik ache. Phone ta onek valo. But, amar pochondo hoyece RX3. But, etar white colour paoa jay na. Ar dam ta ektu beshi. Jodi 12,999/= taka hoto tahole kintam.

    34. Walton cell e analog tv + record as ‘VBera thunder 4sim tv mobile’ & IPS display (294/312 ppi with more sharpness) introduce koren. tobe world cup, BD cricket & many other tv attraction e cellphone onek besi sell hobe.

    35. Khub sundor phone ta. Ami 5 din dhore kinesi. Phone ta te video dekhle matha nosto hoye jai. Etto nikhut mone hoi jibito sob kichu.

    36. Set er color Black sara onno color market e anen.

    37. July er 5 tarikhe Primo RH2 phone ta ami Dhaka Savar e pabo ki?

    38. Dear admin, I have bought this handset. Can you help me how to update to Lollipop by OTA feature?

    39. display er sharpness needed rather than 26m color.’TV out’&java needed,G.glass ase so cover not necessary.adequate discharge rate battery(how about ALU-Ion) & splendid cell model needed.camera (rotary if possible) 8/5+2 is enough.rest r good. ami 1 mobile onek din chalano customer.

    40. Walton RH2 specification is just mindblowing. If the price is announced not more than 11000/= I must buy it. Thanks to Dr. Sujon Paul for providing update.

    41. Dear Admin, Nice smartphone and website. By the way can you make simple tables of specifications so that the readers will find what they want in a second.

    42. Walton RH2 specification is just mindblowing. If the price is announced not more than 11000/= I must buy it. Thanks to Dr. Sujon Paul for providing update.

    43. Very nice configuration. Kinbo.

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