Walton Primo HM3+: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton has announced their new Marshmallow Android 6.0 smartphone Walton Primo HM3+. The HM3+ is the 2GB RAM version of the previous Walton Primo HM3. It has some good features which were also present in Walton’s previous handsets, especially the battery. These are necessary for stylish and modern smartphones. It has got Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 8+5 Megapixel Camera with many features, 5-inch screen, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 5000 mAh Li-polymer Battery and much more in it. Let’s check out the details of this phone Walton Primo HM3+:

Basic Information:
Operating System: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Processor: 1.3 GHz ARMv8 Cortex-A53 Quad-Core Processor
Number of cores: 4
GPU: Mali 400
Storage space (ROM): 16GB
Expandable memory: Up to 64GB

Network parameters:
SIM Type: Dual SIM, Dual Standby (Both Micro SIM)
Network Type: UMTS+GSM
Network Band:
2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
3G (UMTS 2100MHz)
Network Speed: GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPA+

Walton Primo HM3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Screen parameters:
Screen Size: 5 inches HD
Resolution: 1280X720, Supports 16.7M Color
PPI: 294
Display Type: HD IPS
Multi-Touch: Up to 5 Fingers
Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass

Walton Primo HM3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Camera parameters:
Rear Camera: BSI 8MP Auto Focus with Dual LED Flash
Camera Features: Back-Illuminated Sensor (BSI), Digital Zoom, Self-timer, Auto-Focus, Continuous Focus, Touch Focus
Settings: Exposure Control, White Balance Presets, ISO Balance, Image Properties, Color Effect, Scene Mode
Shooting Modes: Normal Mode, Face Beauty, HDR, Panorama
Video Recording: Full HD (1080×1920)

Front Camera: BSI 5MP
Camera Features: Face Detection, Digital Zoom, Self-timer and V-Capture
Settings: Exposure Control, Color Effect, Image Properties
Shooting Modes: Face Beauty, Scene Mode

Video: 1080p Full HD Video playback
FM Radio: Support with recorder

WLAN b/g/n (Wi-Fi)
Bluetooth V4
Micro USB V2
WLAN Hotspot

Walton Primo HM3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Motion sensor: Accelerometer (3D), Gravity, Gyroscope, Linear Acceleration, Rotation Vector
Environment sensor: Light (Brightness)
Position sensor: Proximity, Orientation, Magnetic Field (Compass)

GPS module: GPS with A-GPS

Walton Primo HM3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh
Type: Non-removable Li-polymer battery

Weight: 130 grams (with battery)
Dimension: 144.9 x 71 x 8.9 mm

Colour: 2 (Grey, Golden)

Special features:
Android Marshmallow
HD Display
5000mAh Battery
Dual LED Flash

Walton Primo HM3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Price: 8,490/= BDT

Customer Care Center:
For more details or any questions, please call Walton Customer Care (from 9 AM to 10 PM).
The numbers are given below:
09612316267 (from all operators and landline)
16267 (From all operators except landline)

Thanks for reading this post about Walton Primo HM3 Plus.


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    9. Walton Primo HM3+ e dekhlam rotation vector sensor dewa. Asole er kaj ki? Please bolben.

      1. To measure the amount of rotating movement of the phone. It is needed during playing games and running some other apps.

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      1. Walton Primo HM3+. It depends on what you do on the phone. Walton Showrooms near your location.

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    35. Has Huawei Y6 2 phone any internal speaker problem so that an opposite caller can hear very low sound?

      1. It may be a bug of your phone only. Contact nearby Huawei Showroom.

    36. How long can Symphony Xplorer Z7 (3GB RAM) run video without a break? Please, inform us the actual RAM & ROM of this handset.

      1. It depends on brightness level, sound level, video quality, multitasking and internet connection. Approximately 3-4 hours. Actual RAM & ROM information are given in this post.

    37. Dada, Walton Primo RX4 is more than 12000, may be 12490/= BDT. Then what’s good in about taka 9000?

      1. You should check the price of Walton Primo RX4 again. It has been reduced to 8,490/= BDT this Eid.

    38. Dada, 9000 taka dam er moddhe Walton Primo HM3+ er chaite valo mobile konta? Camera kono problem na. Camera chara comment din, please. Asole ami ekta Walton Primo HM3+ kinechi. Kintu onekei bolche valo na. Tai, apnar kache jante chaichi.

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    40. Doesn’t Symphony has any phone under 10K with 2GB RAM and VR supported?

    41. Dada, Walton Primo valo hobe naki Walton HM3+?

      1. For better battery, OTG and sensors, Walton Primo HM3+. Otherwise Walton Primo NH.

    42. Vai, Eid e Walton discount dibe na?

    43. Sujon bro, which will be better for high graphics/hardcore gaming Walton Primo RX5 na Walton Primo HM3+?

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    46. Please, bhaia, amake ekta help koren. Walton Primo HM3+ phone ta ami long time gaming er janno kinbo ei eid e. Eta te ki HD 1.5GB er moto high graphics er game lag chara khela jabe? Ar Mali 450 MP4 ar Mali 450 ki soman?

    47. Vaia, ami 3 days holo ei phone ta kinechi. Ei phone er battery to 5000 mAh. But. charge full howar por kichukhon use korlei khub taratari charge kome jacche. So, what should I do now? Please, suggest me.

    48. Walton Primo RM2 Mini & Walton Primo HM3+ which is the best. What kind of problem do I face if I buy Walton Primo HM3+ non-removable battery?

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    55. Vaiya, Lenovo Tab 3 10 e ki flash ache?

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    59. Walton Primo HM3+ or Walton Primo NH camera kontar beshi valo?

    60. Brother, I want to buy a phone for gaming and net specially for long time use in the price about 8000, but I can’t understand which will be best for me. Suggest me, please.

    61. Which one is better Walton Primo HM3+ or Walton Primo NH?

      1. For better battery, OTG and sensors, Walton Primo HM3+. Otherwise Walton Primo NH.

    62. Bro, konta sob dik diye best hobe Symphony Xplorer H300 na Walton Primo HM3+?

    63. Vaiya, Walton Phone konta valo Walton Primo X2, X3, X4?

      1. Install MX Player from Google Play Store. Open the app and open the song.

    64. Phone ta valo. Tobe polymer battery. Ei jonno ki problem hobe?

    65. Symphony i10 er dam ki bereche? Amader ekhane 7700/= taka nicche.

    66. Sujon vai, display bade konta valo? Walton Primo RX5/Symphony Xplorer ZVII 3GB RAM/Walton Primo NX3+?

    67. GPU: Mali 450 MP2, Mali T720 MP, Adreno 405 konta best?

    68. GPU: Mali 400 MP, Mali T720 MP konta valo gaming er jonno?

    69. Kon processor ta valo 1. Octa core 2. Quad core

    70. Sujon vai, kom budget er moddhe 6 inch display erkon mobile ti valo hobe, janale upokrito hobo.

    71. Walton Primo NX3 valo naki Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) valo? Walton Primo N2 valo naki Alcatel Pixi 4(6 inch) valo? Please janaben.

    72. Vaiya, BSI mane bujhlam na. Doya kore jodi ektu bolen.

      1. BSI sensor means Back Side Illumination sensor. It emphasizes on the background lights and thus produces more bright photos in low light than normal cameras.

    73. Vaia, ami Walton Primo H6 kinechi. Ami raat e mobile rekhe ghumale sokale uthe dekhi 10-15% charge kome geche. Eta ki kono somossa naki howatai shavabik? Ar ektana chalale 5 minute e 1% kore kome jay. Mane ektana chalale 6-7 hour chole. Please, etar shommondhe kichu bolen.

    74. Dada, eta ki VR cardboard support korbe Walton Primo NF2 er moto?

    75. Sujon vai, Peace mobile er customer care bolben, please.

      1. No customer care. Contact Bangladesh Export Import Co. Ltd (Beximco)
        IT Division: 01755522222, 9609786786
        Email: peacemobile@beximco.net

    76. Dada, 10,000 taka er moddhe Walton er best phone ebong 8,000 taka er moddhe jekono phone er konta best hobe? Please janaben.

    77. Bro, compass sensor jukto shob cheye best set konta? 10,000 taka er modhhe.

    78. Vaiya, Lenovo Tab 3 10 e ki OTG ache?

    79. Walton Primo HM3+ set ta ki game khelar jonno valo hobe? Naki onno kono set dekhbo?

    80. 5000-8000 taka te games khelar jonno kon mobile ta valo hobe?

    81. Game er jonno kon mobile ta valo hobe 8000 taka er moddhe?

    82. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)/Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro konta valo?

    83. Ekta phone e ki ki thakle VR support korbe? Janale khub help hobe.

    84. Symphony Xplorer H300 vs Walton Primo HM3+ valo hobe konta kinle?

    85. Walton Primo HM3+ core koto bit, 32 na 64? Please bolben.

    86. Dada, please janaben. Konta beshidin tikbe? Symphony Xplorer H300 naki Walton Primo HM3?

      1. Nobody can predict about any electronic products.

    87. Sujon vai, Walton Primo HM3+ er battery ki attach othoba battery ki khola jabe? What is removable and non-removable battery?

      1. Attached. You can remove the battery by yourself without any instrument in removable battery phones. And you can’t remove it without any instrument in non-removable batteries.

    88. Walton Primo HM3+ or Symphony Xplorer H300 konta valo?

    89. Gyroscope asole ki? VR dekhte gele kon sensor er dorkar hoy? Please ektu janan.

      1. A gyroscope is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. Its design consists of a freely rotating disk called a rotor, mounted onto a spinning axis in the center of a larger and more stable wheel. As the axis turns, the rotor remains stationary to indicate the central gravitational pull, and thus which way is “down”.
        Accelerometer & Gyroscope.

    90. 10,000 taka budget. Ki phone nibo bujhte parchi na. Apni hole ki phone niten?

    91. Walton Primo GH6+ na Walton Primo HM3+ net, game ar camera er jonno konta valo? Please bolben.

    92. Budget 10,000/= taka. But, konta nibo bujhte parchi na. Apni hole konta niten?

    93. Dada, non-removable battary noshto hole ki korte hoy? Eita ki repair kora or change kora jay? Konta valo removable or non-removable?

      1. Visit customer care. They will replace it with a new one. Both are good. But, non-removable battery phones are more slim than the removable battery phones.

    94. Dada, Walton Primo HM3+ ar Symphony Xplorer P6 2GB RAM dutor konta best?

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