Walton Primo HM Mini: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton Primo HM Mini is Walton’s one of the greatest battery supported Android Phone, which has been announced on 15th April, 2015. This giant energy phone has some spectacular features like Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system, 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, 32 GB Expandable Memory, 4.5 inch FWVGA display, 8+2 Megapixel Camera, Dual SIM, 4000 mAh Battery and many more. The look is also very attractive. Let’s check out the details of this phone, Walton Primo HM Mini:

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Basic Information:
Operating System: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
CPU: 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
Number of Core: 4
GPU: Mali 400
Storage space(ROM): 8GB
Expandable memory: up to 32GB

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Network parameters:
Call mode: Dual Card, Dual Standby (3G Support in both SIM slot, Micro SIM)
Network type: UMTS+GSM
Network band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSPA+

Screen parameters:
Screen size: 4.5 inch FWVGA
Resolution: 480×854 pixels, supports 16.7M colors
Touch & Protector: Capacitive touch screen
Display Type: IPS Display

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Camera parameters:
Sensor: BSI
Rear camera: 8.0 Mega pixels auto focus camera
Front camera: 2.0 Mega pixels
Video recording: Full HD 1080P (1920×1080)
Flash: Support

1080P Full HD Video playback
Radio: Support with recorder

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

WLAN b/g/n (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth V4, Micro USB, WLAN Hotspot, OTG, Wireless Display
OTA (On The Air) Update Enabled

Motion sensors: Accelerometer (3D)
Environment sensors: Light (Brightness)
Position sensors: Proximity

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Type: Lithium-ion battery

Weight: 160 grams (with battery)
Dimension: 132 X 66 X 10 mm

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Special features:
Special Security: Mobile Ant-theft
Notification Light: Charging Notification
OTA Upgrade Enabled
Big Battery Handset
Android 5.0 Operating System

Price: 7,890/= BDT

Walton Primo HM Mini Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Call Customer Care Center for more details or any questions:

Contact numbers: 09612316267 (from all operators and landline);

16267 (From all operators except landline) (9 AM to 10 PM)



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    1. Amar Walton Primo HM Mini er WiFi hothat somossa dekha diyeche. Eta customer care e nile thik kore dibe? WiFi, bluetooth, radio etc hothat somossa diyeche.

    2. Vaiya, Walton Primo HM Mini valo hobe naki Symphony i10 valo hobe?

    3. Walton Primo HM Mini video call hobe?

    4. Vaiya, ajke ami market e giyechilam HM Mini kenar jonno. Kintu market e pelam na. Market e ki ar pabo na? Please janan.

    5. Konta valo hobe Walton Primo HM Mini naki Symphony Xplorer H120?

    6. Walton Primo HM Mini auto call record ebong video call ache ki?

      1. Auto Call Record can be obtained by using Call Recorder apps. Direct 3G video calling feature is not present.

    7. 3-5 minute use korle onek hot hoye jay. Eto taka diye kine loss. Jodi kono problem hoy, then customer care e ki free warranty pabo? Eto hot hoy, jodi motherboard damage hoye jay, tobe free replace pabo?

    8. Phone ta to khub taratari hot hoye jay.

    9. Walton Primo HM ar Walton Primo HM Mini te konta valo?

    10. Which is better among these: Walton Primo GF2, Walton Primo HM Mini, Walton Primo GM Mini and Symphony Xplorer V80?

    11. Symphony Xplorer P6 & Walton HM Mini er moddhe konta valo hobe? 8,000/= er moddhe best phone konta?

    12. Sujon vaiya, amar HM Mini te jekono app open korte 10s time ney. Eto slow keno?

      1. Uninstall some unused large apps. The memory may be full. You will get a better result if you do a factory reset.

    13. Vaiya, ami Compas sensor ache emon ekta valo set kinte chai 8,000/= taka er moddhe. Please suggest.

    14. Walton HM Mini valo hobe naki Symphony H120 valo hobe? Please janan.

    15. Sujon dada, Walton er kono new phone ber hoyeche naki 2016 year e?

    16. Sujon vaiya, Walton HM Mini or Walton H4 konta batter hobe?

    17. Ami sell korbo. Kew kinle janan. 01831995380.

    18. Vai, HM Mini te beshi charge dile ki kono sommossa ache? Jemon 12 ghonta charge dile?

    19. Oh awesome HM Mimi. But, battery capacity: 4000mAh. Is it right? How can it be possible? V80 Battery capacity 2000mAh. Dam 7000/= BDT. I mean 4000mAh e power koto thakte pare?

      1. Yes. It is right. HM Mini and V80 are different in specifications. So, the prices are different also.

    20. Via, screnshot problem ki slove kora jay? Please tell me, Sujon bro.

    21. Sujon vaia, ei phone ta te ki full HD(1080p) film cholbe?

    22. Sujon vai, konta better? Symphony V80 or Walton HM mini? And why?

    23. HM Mini te ki vabe compass start kora jay? Please keu bolle khub valo hoto.

      1. HM Mini does not have compass sensor. So, it will not work.

    24. Sujon vai, apnar mote P6 is better than HM Mini. But, HM Mini contains 4000 mAh battery, where P6 has 2500 mAh. Even P6 does not support OTG. So, please tell which I will take to better.

      1. Look, each mobile phone has some stronger points and some weaker points. Here is the comparison:
        Why should you prefer HM Mini:
        Battery, OTG
        Why should you prefer P6:
        Display, Camera, RAM (2GB).
        Other features are same in the above two models.
        If you need OTG, you will surely buy HM Mini.
        But, in that case, you will not get a better display, camera and RAM like P6.
        So, the decision is yours. Buy according to your need.
        I just commented my personal choice comparing the two phone on their overall specifications earlier. Your choice may be different. It’s neither my fault, nor yours.

    25. Vai, HM Mini er theke P6 valo kemne?

      1. Compare the specifications of P6 and HM Mini to get the answer.

    26. Ami Walton HM Mini mobile phone ta kinte chai. But, problem hocche amar ekhne ei set ta pawa jacche na. Ami Chapainawabganj e thaki. Eta kothay pawa jabe jodi bolten tahole khub valo hoto. Rajshahi te ki pawa jabe?

    27. Sujon vai, MHL or A/V link diye direct tv er sathe connect kora jay erokom kono set nai Symphony and Walton er?

    28. Walton HM Mini Full HD/TV Video support kore? Amake keo janao please.

    29. Accha vai, comments er moddhe onek problem dekhlam. But, ekta dekhlam na, camera! Ami HM Mini use kortesi around 10 days. Camera ta to specification onujayee valo na, bishesh kore at night it’s just useless. Eta ki amar mobile er problem? Naki ei mobile er camera ei rokom e? Please kindly janaben keu.

    30. Mobile tay ki sotti direct video call deya jay na? Please reply those who use it.

    31. Jotil phone. Normal use e 3 din charge thake. Ar heavy use korle dui din. Tobe charge e dile ektu gorom hoye jay. Otherwise everything is OK.

    32. Ami kinbo mone korsi. Apnara ki bolen?

    33. Phone ta ami kinlam. Kintu charge er somoy gorom hoy.

    34. Vaiyera, ami ei phone ta kinte chai. Ei phone ta kemon hobe kinle? Please answer me anybody.

    35. Vai, bolben er charge koy din jay (din/ghonta ullekh korben). Sadharon bebohar e din e 10/15 min FB use 3/4 bar Wifi diye use korle ar sadharon call 3/4 ta 3/4 minute.

    36. I’ve been using this phone around 2months. The only biggest problem I faced is, whenever I play online games like coc/8ball pool etc the phone turns really hot in between 30 mins. Need a solution for this, please. All other things are working awesome. Suggest me how can I keep it cool during online games, please :)

    37. Walton Primo HM Mini te H+ pai na keno? Please reply, Dr. Sujon Paul.

    38. Ami use korchi. Valo service.

    39. Vai, ei phone ta kinbo naki Symphony Xplorer P6 ta kinbo? Konta valo hobe? Please keu janan.

    40. HM Mini te naki apps SD card e move kora jay na. Eta ki real? Please amake janaben, Dr. Sujon Paul. Karon, ami aj HM Mini kinte jabo. I’m waiting for your reply.

      1. Yes. Some of the large gaming apps can’t be moved on SD Cards in any Android Lollipop phone. But, you can move smaller apps. If there is any problem, you can format the SD card in NTFS mode with the help of a computer. Then, it should be fixed. You can Google it to know more about this problem.

    41. Konta better hobe? HM mini or V80? Please tell me, Dr. Sujon Paul.

    42. Ami ei phone use kori. But, amar notification light jole na. Charge dile o na, call asle o na, SMS asle o na. Ki karone emon holo? Ami ekhon ki korbo?

      1. Contact your nearest customer care. They might be able to fix it.

    43. I want to buy this phone. Is it really good for me?

      1. You can judge this yourself according to your need.

      2. Poira lav nai, vai. Kinna falan. Valo set.

    44. I want to buy this phone seriously, but feeling hesitated by reading the comments. Problems are not supporting HD movie, direct video calling, during charging set is hot, screenshot pic is black, not watching TV and so on! Now, what can I do for buying this phone?

      1. Please consider the matter seriously ASAP.

    45. Dr. Sujon Paul, please help. Ami Walton HM Mini ta kinte chacchi. But ami sunechi Walton er performance naki baje. Please help. Walton kinbo?

      1. No. I am using Walton Primo H2 for last 26 months and it is still working like the new phone. Some phones may have some technical problems. But, most of the Walton phones are good.

    46. Konta better: HM Mini or V80? Please help me.

    47. Ami ekta bechtam. Kinle jogajog korben. Price 8,000/= taka only. 01626571225 ei number e.

    48. Dear Sujon vai, ami ei handset ta kinte chai. Please give me advice. Eta ki khub valo hobe naki hobe na janaben. Ar 8,500 takar moddhe kon brand er mobile set valo hobe janaben please.

      1. Kinte paren. Valo set. Ar Walton & Symphony er onek set ache 8,500 takar moddhe.

    49. I want to sell my HM Mini. 01733262400.

    50. Sob e valo but charge er somoy gorom hoi. Baki sob iphone.

    51. Lolipop version yer set diye ki direct video call deya jai naki?

    52. Keu bole valo, keu bole somossa ache. Konta thik?

    53. Phone ta awesome. Price is also reasonable. Ami kinechi. Charge e dile gorom hoy na. Camera and battery o valo. Video call hoy na. Sudhu etai problem. Baki sob darun. Ami kinechi 8,350/= Taka diye. Kinte Paren. Kenar porei bujhben, ki darun. Ek kothay Awesome.

    54. Phone ta darun, kintu 3G vedio call hoina.

    55. Please amader keu Sylheti vai thakle sara diben. ei handset amar kenar iccha. Keu sell korte chaile amake janaben. 01726962260 (Only Sylhet).

    56. Ami ei Phone Ta Kinbo. Shunlam naki Video call hoyna. Ar charge a lagaile gorom hoye jay. Ar full HD video support kore na. Ar camera kemon janaben please.
      Ar ei set diye valo game khela jabe ki na. Please bolben. Ami kinbo. My Whatsapp Number +8801775768621. Urgent Please. Amake WhatsApp a janaben. Khub urgent,

    57. I want to bye but confused to see about comment….Pls give some suggesion…??

    58. Ami ei phone ta kinechi 15 din age. Phone ta khubi valo. Valo camera, valo browsing internet speed. Charger kotha to bola lagbe na. Kintu ar ekta problem je direct video call hoi na. Software er maddhome korte hoy. Ta chara shob e valo. Khubi valo.

    59. Phone ta ektu besi gorom hoye jay. But, net onek fast. Ta chara sobai vabche charge khub valo thakbe. But ekdom valo charge thake na. 3G call o hoina. Phone tar eto problem. Tarpore o amar valo lagche. Tai gotokal kinechi. 8350 tk.

    60. Ami ei phone ta kinbo. Because, ei phone e kom dam e onek valo facility ache

    61. Set ta nageswari,kurigram a khujesi kintu painai.akon rangpur gale phone ar dam 9000 per hoye jassea.

    62. Ei mobile ta naki charge dile gorom hoye jay. Etar kono somadhan nai. Jodi keu janen, tahole please janaben.

    63. Ei set tay emnite sob valo. Camera, sound quality etc. But, charge dile gorom hoy. Screenshot nile pic black hoy, dekha jay na. And 3G video direct chole na. Skype, Viber, WeChat, IMO, Line, Whatsapp diye dite hoy. Ami kinsi 5 din hoyse. Bikri korbo. 01949819700

      1. Dam koto? Deter sathe ki ki ache?

    64. Valo e. Ami kinsi. Gorom hoiya jay. Amne valo e.

    65. Fatafati ekta set. Kom dame erokom set ar paben na. Ami ekta set kinechi. Valo lagche. Kenar pore ekta voy peyechilam. Charge deyar pore gorom hoye jay. Customer care e call dilam. Tara bollo, charger change korte. Tarpor charger change korlam. Ekhon ar gorom hoy na. Use korle mone hoy, iPhone use korchi.

    66. Walton Primo HM Mini is a great phone.

    67. Koto dam diye kinsen? Ami akta kinte chai. Set ta valo hobe.

    68. Ami phone ta kinte chai. Amar bari Jessore, but Jessore e kono showroom, amon ki showroom chara onno kono dokane phone ta pacchi na. Bolse nai market e. Please keu ki bolte parben, Jessore e kothai pai? Janale khusi hobo.

    69. vai apnara ki janen na j lolipop version er phn e dirrect vedio call support kore na…….

    70. Ami Walton Primo HM Mini kinte chachsi. Oneke comment korse je phone charge dile naki gorom hoiye jai and emnite video call deoya jay na. Ei ta ki thik? Please janaben.

    71. Video call directly kora jayna. But, Viber, Skype theke jay. Valo na.

    72. Amar HM Mini ta sell korbo. 2 days use hoise. 01688831776

    73. Ami kal mobile ta kinlam. Khub valo sob kichu. Kintu charge e dile samanno gorom hoy. Camera o khub valo. Kom dam er moddhe sob kichu valo. Tai, eti nite paren. Charge er kotha vabte hobe na.

    74. Set ta kine dhora khailam. 3G video call hoyna! Walton is the Great cheater.

    75. ei set diye 3G Video call hoy na.

      1. Ei phone theke direct video call kora jai na, but apni Skype, imo, viber egulo te call dite parben.

    76. Ami 3 din age kinlam eta. Super phone. Good camera, fast browsing, melodious music and sensors in a low price. I give it 9/10.

    77. Phone ta to amio kinbo. Je use korche, sunchi valo.

    78. All HD video support hoy ki?

    79. Ei phone ta kenar iccha ache amar. Phone ta use korsen emon keo ki doya kore bolben, phone er kono somossa somporke? Jemon dhorun video call kora jai ki na, full HD support kore ki na, camera kemon, ei sob.

    80. Video call kora jai ki na, please keo use korle bolen.

    81. Ei phone ki video call kora jay? Ar charge er somoy ki gorom hoy? Ar full HD ki support kore na? Keu ki ektu bolben please!

    82. Phone ta kinte chaitasi. Ei rokom hole kemne kinbo? Comment dekhe to kinte mon chaitece na.

    83. Just now I bought this cell phone set. I read all comments, I feel tension about these comments. Allah knows am I wrong or right about my decisions.

    84. Valoi, but video call kora jai ki ar set charge ar somoy gorom hoy. Ar full hd support kore.

    85. Ami ai phone ta kinte gesilam but comment gula poira ar kinar iccha hoinai, cause ate full hd support hoina, screenshot dile pic dekha jayna, charging er somoy gorom hoye jay, jodi apni amake a bishoye full sure ditd paren je these informations are totally wrong then im gonna buy this phone

    86. Walton HM mini phone ta TV & full HD video support kore na. Adhikangsha somoy gorom Hoye jay. Front camera 5MP diley onek sundor hoto.

    87. Phone gorom hoi naki ar video call hobe naki?

    88. Without any apps 3G video call kora jai ki?

    89. I desire to buy this phone. But from my previous experience, spares of Walton mobile are not available.

    90. Charge er somoy gorom hoye jai.

    91. Josh 1 ta phone. Eto olpo dame ei configuretion er phone ar 1 tao nai.

    92. Amr set e video call hoi na. Kemne hobe?

        1. Vai, set ta naki gorom hoye jay?

    93. Nice phone and nice feature in a good price. Nice to see the phone. I really would like to buy the phone. I have a question. Did it get overheated after use of some time?

    94. Ami ato boro bekub je phone ta kini nai.

    95. Phone tar display HD hole valo hoto.

    96. Ai set dea naki video call kora jay na?

    97. One of a grooviest frigging mobile. 4 days holo kinlam. Just plain awesome mobile. It’s better than Sony Xperia C. Way better. Just camera er quality ta valo na ar sound tao oto ta valo na. Battery backup khub e josh. All over I give it a 9/10.

    98. Phone ti ami nite chai. Kemon hobe?

    99. Nice phone. Ami Walton Primo HM Mini phone ta kinbo.

    100. Khub valo ekta phone. Kom price er moddhe erokom phone ar hoy na.

    101. Aj Primo HM Mini kinlam. Price 8,600/= taka rakhce. Sob e valo lagce. But camera 8 mp holeo temon na. Samsung e 5 mp camera er chaite valo dekhay.

    102. Khub com price e eto valo phone, obak korar bisoy. Vabchi 2 ta kinbo.

    103. Set ta valoi ase. Shimito dam er moddhe sob kisui ase. Nite hobe ekta.

    104. Valo laglo review ta pore. Vabsi Kinbo.

      1. Ami sale korbo. 12 days used. Please call 01923106343.

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