Walton Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

Walton is a Bangladeshi brand which manufactures electronic goods. One of the most popular items of Walton is the mobile handset. Walton mobile handsets have become so much popular in Bangladesh in a few years. This became possible because of its low price and updated features.

Walton is now the most popular brand of mobile phones among the new generation. All the models are reasonably cheaper than the others and that’s why people prefer this brand. The quality of these mobile phones is also very good. They run very smoothly in most cases. The Android operating system has become very popular now-a-days and Walton is the first choice for this feature.

Walton Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh


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In this post, you will be provided with the 38 models of mobile phones by Walton with the updated price list of the current month in Bangladesh Market. This price list will be updated every month so that you get an idea about the price.


Walton B00 = 1,295/= BDT
Walton B01 = 1,350/= BDT
Walton B02 = 1,460/= BDT
Walton B03 = 1,780/= BDT
Walton B04 = 2,270/= BDT
Walton B05 = 1,190/= BDT
Walton B06 = 1,950/= BDT
Walton B07 = 1,295/= BDT
Walton B08 = 1,460/= BDT
Walton B09 = 2,160/= BDT
Walton B09i = 1,800/= BDT
Walton B10 = 2,160/= BDT
Walton B30 = 2,490/= BDT
Walton B31 = 3,240/= BDT
Walton B32 = 2,590/= BDT
Walton B33 = 3,460/= BDT
Walton B34 = 3,900/= BDT

Walton C30 = 2,590/= BDT
Walton C31 = 2,270/= BDT
Walton C32 = 1,570/= BDT
Walton L13 = 1,290/= BDT
Walton Olvio L14 = 930/= BDT
Walton Olvio L15 = 1,020/= BDT
Walton Olvio L16 = 1,030/= BDT
Walton Olvio L17 = 1,040/= BDT
Walton Olvio L18 = 1,540/= BDT
Walton Olvio L20 = 1,500/= BDT
Walton Olvio L23 = 1,690/= BDT
Walton Classic MH7 = 1,550/= BDT
Walton Classic MH9 = 1,990/= BDT
Walton Olvio MH10 = 1,480/= BDT
Walton Olvio MH11 = 1,550/= BDT
Walton Olvio ML3 = 1,780/= BDT
Walton Olvio ML4 = 1,040/= BDT
Walton Classic MM6 = 1,350/= BDT
Walton Olvio MM10 = 1,370/= BDT
Walton Olvio MM50 = 1,990/= BDT
Walton Olvio MM7 = 1,210/= BDT
Walton Olvio MM9 = 1,300/= BDT
Walton Olvio Q31 = 1,650/= BDT
Walton Olvio S30 = 1,320/= BDT
Walton Olvio S31 = 1,450/= BDT

Walton Primo = 7,490/= BDT

Walton Primo C1 = 4,290/= BDT
Walton Primo C2 = 3,490/= BDT
Walton Primo C3 = 3,690/= BDT
Walton Primo C3 3G = 3,590/= BDT
Walton Primo C4 = 2,840/= BDT
Walton Primo D1 = 5,690/= BDT
Walton Primo D2 = 3,990/= BDT
Walton Primo D3 = 3,790/= BDT
Walton Primo D4 = 3,990/= BDT
Walton Primo D5 = 4,470/= BDT
Walton Primo D6 = 3,650/= BDT
Walton Primo D7 = 3,090/= BDT
Walton Primo D8 = 3,090/= BDT
Walton Primo D8S = 3,090/= BDT
Walton Primo E1 = 4,990/= BDT
Walton Primo E2 = 5,490/= BDT
Walton Primo E3 = 5,490/= BDT
Walton Primo E4 = 5,490/= BDT
Walton Primo E4+ = 5,990/= BDT
Walton Primo E5 = 4,950/= BDT
Walton Primo E5+ = 4,990/= BDT
Walton Primo E6 = 4,790/= BDT
Walton Primo E7 = 3,990/= BDT
Walton Primo E7+ = 4,550/= BDT
Walton Primo E7S = 4,190/= BDT
Walton Primo E8 = 3,690/= BDT
Walton Primo E8+ = 4,290/= BDT
Walton Primo EF = 6,490/= BDT
Walton Primo EF2 = 6,590/= BDT
Walton Primo EF3 = 5,390/= BDT
Walton Primo EF4 = 3,990/= BDT
Walton Primo EF4+ = 4,590/= BDT
Walton Primo EF5 = 4,090/= BDT
Walton Primo EM = 4,940/= BDT
Walton Primo F1 = 8,990/= BDT
Walton Primo F2 = 6,990/= BDT
Walton Primo F3 = 8,490/= BDT
Walton Primo F3i = 7,990/= BDT
Walton Primo F4 = 6,790/= BDT
Walton Primo F5 = 6,290/= BDT
Walton Primo F6 = 4,990/= BDT

Walton Primo F7 = 4,890/= BDT

Walton Primo G1 = 10,990/= BDT
Walton Primo G2 = 12,590/= BDT
Walton Primo G3 = 9,990/= BDT
Walton Primo G4 = 8,990/= BDT
Walton Primo G5 = 8,990/= BDT
Walton Primo G6 = 5,990/= BDT
Walton Primo GF = 7,190/= BDT
Walton Primo GF2 = 7,290/= BDT
Walton Primo GF3 = 7,390/= BDT
Walton Primo GF4 = 6,190/= BDT
Walton Primo GH = 9,990/= BDT
Walton Primo GH+ = 9,490/= BDT
Walton Primo GH2 = 8,490/= BDT
Walton Primo GH3 = 9,990/= BDT
Walton Primo GH4 = 6,890/= BDT
Walton Primo GH5 = 7,590/= BDT
Walton Primo GH5 = 6,890/= BDT
Walton Primo GH5 Mini = 5,690/= BDT
Walton Primo GH6 = 5,690/= BDT
Walton Primo GH6+ = 6,790/= BDT
Walton Primo GM = 8,790/= BDT
Walton Primo GM Mini = 7,890/= BDT
Walton Primo H1 = 13,990/= BDT
Walton Primo H2 = 13,490/= BDT
Walton Primo H3 = 9,990/= BDT
Walton Primo H4 = 8,290/= BDT
Walton Primo H5 = 6,990/= BDT
Walton Primo H6 = 9,490/= BDT
Walton Primo HM = 11,590/= BDT
Walton Primo HM2 = 8,990/= BDT
Walton Primo HM3 = 7,190/= BDT
Walton Primo HM3+ = 8,490/= BDT
Walton Primo HM Mini = 7,890/= BDT
Walton Primo N = 12,190/= BDT
Walton Primo N1 = 13,990/= BDT
Walton Primo N2 = 7,890/= BDT
Walton Primo NF = 8,790/= BDT
Walton Primo NF+ = 8,190/= BDT
Walton Primo NF2 = 6,990/= BDT
Walton Primo NF2+ = 8,190/= BDT
Walton Primo NH = 7,390/= BDT
Walton Primo NH Lite = 5,790/= BDT
Walton Primo NH2 = 7,390/= BDT
Walton Primo NH2 Lite = 5,790/= BDT
Walton Primo NX = 17,990/= BDT
Walton Primo NX2 = 10,990/= BDT
Walton Primo NX3 = 14,990/= BDT
Walton Primo NX3+ = 16,490/= BDT
Walton Primo NX4 = 13,990/= BDT
Walton Primo NX4 Mini = 9,990/= BDT

Walton Primo R1 = 10,990/= BDT
Walton Primo R2 = 14,990/= BDT
Walton Primo R3 = 11,690/= BDT
Walton Primo R4 = 9,490/= BDT
Walton Primo R4+ = 9,690/= BDT
Walton Primo R4S = 9,990/= BDT
Walton Primo RH = 10,290/= BDT
Walton Primo RH2 = 8,790/= BDT
Walton Primo RM = 10,290/= BDT
Walton Primo RM2 = 10,990/= BDT
Walton Primo RM2 Mini = 8,790/= BDT
Walton Primo RM3 = 11,990/= BDT
Walton Primo RX = 14,990/= BDT
Walton Primo RX2 = 12,990/= BDT
Walton Primo RX3 = 13,990/= BDT
Walton Primo RX4 = 8,490/= BDT
Walton Primo RX5 = 10,990/= BDT
Walton Primo S1 = 15,490/= BDT
Walton Primo S2 = 16,890/= BDT
Walton Primo S3 = 14,490/= BDT
Walton Primo S3 Mini = 13,990/= BDT
Walton Primo S4 = 14,990/= BDT
Walton Primo V1 = 17,990/= BDT
Walton Primo V2 = 8,990/= BDT
Walton Primo VX = 8,490/= BDT
Walton Primo VX+ = 12,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X1 = 14,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X2 = 21,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X2 Mini = 17,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X3 BLADE = 21,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X3 Mini = 17,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X4 = 22,990/= BDT
Walton Primo X4 Pro = 28,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Z = 24,490/= BDT

Walton Primo ZX = 28,990/= BDT
Walton Primo ZX2 = 27,990/= BDT
Walton Primo ZX2 Lite = 27,990/= BDT
Walton Primo ZX2 Mini = 18,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad C = 7,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad G = 10,490/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad G2 = 10,490/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad M = 14,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad Pro = 15,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad 7 = 13,490/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad 8 = 15,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad 8b = 11,990/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad 8w = 14,490/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad 8x = 15,490/= BDT
Walton Primo Walpad 10x = 17,290/= BDT

Walton Q30 = 2,380/= BDT
Walton S35 = 3,000/= BDT
Walton T50 = 2,550/= BDT
Walton T70 = 4,990/= BDT
Walton T71 = 3,090/= BDT
Walton T72 = 2,990/= BDT
Walton T73 = 3,390/= BDT
Walton T74 = 3,390/= BDT

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      1. Contact Walton Showroom in Netrokona for the answer.
        Contact No: 01678028852
        Address: Shahid Minar Moor, Old Court Road, Netrokona
        E-mail: netrokona@waltonbd.com

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    34. Walton Primo HM phone service is very bad. After brought touchscreen problem, customer care solve this problem. After a few days again backspace button problem. Now not solve them. Please help me how to solve this problem.

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    38. Walton all products name.

    39. Nice post. I will buy Walton Primo S3 Mini. It has quit good looks and specifications.

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    41. Nokia is better than others.

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    43. Walton valo naki Symphony valo?

      1. Not all sets of Walton is good. Similar things are applicable for Symphony too. You should fix a budget at first, then select some phones and lastly compare those to fix the perfect one.

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    45. one piece Walton primo ar battery price koto.

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    47. You can buy it now. The price is now only 70‚500/= BDT. And my handset.

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      1. You can buy it now. The price is now only 28,990/= BDT.

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    54. Walton Primo GH+ sell korbo. Age 2 days. Price 9500/- BDT. CONTACT +8801713527879. URGENT TAKA NEEDED.

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    56. I want my cell phone/mobile phone up-to-date. My mobile phone is WALTON PRIMO F1. I want to auto update now all Android system.

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