Vote For Wasfia Nazreen: National Geographic Channel

Are you a Bangladeshi? If yes, then it is your utmost duty to support your country. It is your duty to make your country proud in any aspect.

We know that, our country is full of talented people. But, a few of them can become popular to the whole world. They do it with their hard works.

Wasfia Nazreen is one of them. She is the second woman to climb on Mount Everest, the highest mountain in this world. On 26th May, 2012, she climbed that giant mountain, just a week later than the first Bangladeshi woman to do so named Nishat Majumder.

National Geographic Channel is one of the popular channels in the world, which broadcasts mainly programes relating to the animal world. They also telecast programes on various inventions and scientific activities.

Every year, this channel announces 10 adventurer from the whole world, who fight for earning something. They arrange online votes to select the most popular adventurer among them.

This year, in 2014, the National Geographic Channel has also announced 10 people. It is a great news that the first Bangladeshi in this list is Wasfia Nazreen. She has been nominated in the category Activists for her act of climbing on the Mount Everest and some other high mountains.

So, what can you do now?

You can vote for Wasfia to make her win. It will be a win for Bangladesh in a bigger sense. So, make your mind and vote Wasfia by the process described below:


1. Visit National Geographic Channel Website. You will see the photo of Wasfia Nazreen along with the Vote button below.

Vote For Wasfia Nazreen National Geographic Channel

2. Click on the button to vote Wasfia. It will show the following message if you complete the procedure with success.

Vote For Wasfia Nazreen National Geographic Channel

Yes! That’s easy. Isn’t it? You can vote once in every 24 hours. The voting will go on till 31st January, 2015. So, make your country proud by clicking a button everyday.


Thanks for reading this post.

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