Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

English movies are mush more updated now-a-days. People love to watch Hollywood movies of various types. But some people find it difficult to understand the English language. As it is the second language in Bangladesh, it is quite normal. But, now you can understand all English movies with the help of subtitles. You may think that, it is also difficult to read the English subtitle. So, in this post, I will show you the process of translating any Subtitle to Bangla or any other languages within 5 minutes or less!


1. At first, download an English Subtitle of the movie you want to watch on your computer. Search Google for this purpose.

2. After downloading the subtitle, right click on the .srt [subtitle] file, and select Open With>Notepad.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

3. Now the whole text will be opened in a Notepad. Now, press Ctrl+A to select all texts. Right click and copy the texts.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

4. Now, go to Google Translator. Paste the texts in the left box. Select From and To languages. Then click on Translate button.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

5. Now, you will get the translated texts in the right box. Select all the texts in the right box and right click click>Copy.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

6. Open a new Notepad window and paste the translated texts there.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

7. Again, select all texts of notepad, go to Edit>Replace.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

8. A window will come up. Type “->” in the find what box and “- ->” in the replace with box. Then click on Replace all button.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

9. Now, click on File>Save as.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

10. Lastly, type any file name with .srt as the file type, select Unicode as Encoding and click on Save button.

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

That’s enough! Now play the movie with the new subtitle file you have just created in the step 10. It will show Bangla subtitle! Isn’t it great? Try yourself now!

Translate English Movie Subtitle into Bangla Language

Thank you for reading this post.


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    1. So nice. Thanks for sharing the post.

    2. I am Bangali. I like English movies. Sometimes try to understand language. But, can not understand. So I search dubbing software.

    3. Ekhon Android phone e MX Player diye movie dekhun Bangla subtitle e. Download Bangla subtitle. Er por MX Player e movie ti play korun. Tarpor option e jan and open subtitle file. Tarpor movie ti dekhun ekdom Bangla subtitle e. Thanks all.

    4. Vai, Gods of Egypt er Bangla subtitle kothay?

    5. Vai, amar sob subtitle English theke Bangla korle sompurno Bangla hoy na. Koyekta line Bangla hoy. Somadhan ki?

      1. Translate those English words manually yourself after completing the step 4 in the above post. Then proceed to step 5.

    6. Vai, apnar email/Facebook ID ta diben please.

    7. Vaiya, ZIP SRT file er lekha gulo PDF file er lekhar moto porar kono way ache? Movie er sathe sathe subtitle pura pora somvob koy na, tai.

      1. Yes. You have to right click on the SRT file and click on OPEN WITH>NOTEPAD. Then you can copy those and create a PDF file also.

    8. How can I download this application? Please give me any solution!

      1. There is no application here. Read the tutorial carefully.

    9. Vai, sob kichu thik ache, kintu file ti chalu hocche na.

      1. Tar mane, sob kichu thik nai. Abar valo kore dekhun.

    10. Google Translation e akkhorik onubad hoy. Eta diye to movie dekha jay na. Isn’t it?

    11. Vai, amar language Korean hoye geche. I did not create Bengali. So, how can I solve the problem? Please help.

      1. Download the English subtitle again and start translating from the beginning.

    12. You wrote, after translated into Bengali, all text should be copied then pasted on notepad. After this, you said to go to menu, select replace, then replace all. And save as srt. Can I save a notepad file as srt file? Please reply.

      1. Yes. You can. Just type the file name as and then save.

    13. Thank you. I have successfully done it. Is it possible to do the same thing in Android High end Mobile? If so, please inform.

      1. Yes. It is possible. You can translate the texts of the srt file with Google Translator. If you find any difficulty in opening srt files with notepad, use computer for it.

    14. I would be greatful if you please clarify in detail about the step no 8.because in find box and replace box confused me.

      1. It’s very easy. Use your keyboard to type those symbols in the boxes shown in that screenshot. It is for finding all the “->” symbols in the subtitle file and replace them with “- ->” symbol.

    15. After creating Bengali subtitle, it is not played on any player. I follow you. Please help me .

    16. Ami kivabe Hindi ke Bangla korbo?

      1. In the Google Translator link (given in the post), you will get Hindi option also. Select Hindi in place of English. You will be able to translate it.

    17. KM Player is showing haphazard Bengali. What’s the reason?
      Is this the problem during translating on Google translate or something else?

    18. How to make Bangla Subtitle for VLC Media Player?

    19. Vai, download link to pai na. Please link ta den.

    20. VLC te hobe na KM player a dekhen.

    21. Ami English movie ke Bangla te translate korte chai, but Google Translator hote translator konti download korbo? Please answer diben.

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