Top 5 Reasons Why New Bloggers Quit Blogging

Blogging is a modern profession, which has become popular in the recent few years. People who have got computers with internet connection are coming into this profession. Some of them are being successful and some are not. But, there are many reasons behind their failure in the blogging career. Here I will discuss about the top 5 reasons to quit blogging for a new blogger. Here are those:

Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

1. Lack of visitors: Visitors are the oxygen for any blog. The more visitors you can manage, the more oxygen you will get to¬†your blog to run smoothly. But, for the new bloggers, it’s a matter of great patience for a few months or years to gather unique visitors from search engines. This affects their mentality and they give up blogging in a very early stage.

2. Lack of SEO: Search Engine Optimization is needed to gather visitors from search engines. But, most of the new bloggers don’t know how to do SEO. This lacking of knowledge hampers their blog and they find no future for their blogs. Thus, many potential bloggers drop down in a very early stage.

3. Less or no earning: Any person needs money to earn his/her livelihood. If anyone spends a major portion of his/her time in blogging and gets too small or no income from it, he/she will give it up. So, it is one of the reasons for their surrender in blogging.

4. Lack of time: Time is a vital factor for blogging. In a busy schedule of a person, writing a post for his/her blog becomes too difficult. Sometimes, it happens that many people don’t get enough time to maintain their blog. As a result, they lag behind their competitors and gradually quit blogging.

5. Lack of hope: Hope is the main factor in blogging. You must be very patient and hopeful for your success. If you can maintain this quality, success is a matter of time. So, hopeless people quit blogging in a very early stage.

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