Top 10 Websites For Free Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook has a great feature called Timeline. Cover photo is the uppermost photo of the timeline. By cover photo, a person can express many things to the timeline viewers. It bears the identity and mentality of a person. A good timeline cover photo is thus necessary for your Facebook Profile.

Facebook Pages and Groups also has cover photo option. So, you may feel the need of a website that offers all these cover photos of various category for free. Here I will give you 10 website links that will give you thousands of free cover photos for Facebook. Here are those:

Top 10 Websites For Free Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

1. FIRST COVERS: This website offers thousands of free Facebook Covers of various categories. This is the mostly used website by millions of Facebook users all over the world. It also offers you direct adding of Facebook covers from this website by a Facebook app. So, you will feel lucky browsing this website.

2. MY COVER POINT: This website also offers a good collection of cover photos and most of them are new. Some attractive covers will make you changed so that you will surely change your Facebook cover photo.

3. 99 COVERS: This website contains hundreds of categories and most of them are enriched by a lot of cover photos.

4. TRENDY COVERS: This is another website for you to download Facebook cover photos which offers fresh an new phtos of different categories like quotes, love, celebrities etc.

5. COVER MY FB: Just another great website for the very reason. It is also a great collection of charming photos.

These 5 are the most used websites. You may like to see some more websites also. Here are 5 more websites where you will get many unseen photos for your timeline cover.







So, what are you waiting for? Just visit any one of these website now and see what is waiting for your Facebook Timeline!

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