Top 10 Simple Responsive Free WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are so beautiful and useful that you can’t think of another platform for creating a website. WordPress offers a wide variety of themes for various purposes. We all have different tastes. So, it is not easy to determine the top 10 simple, responsive free WordPress themes. Yet I have tried my best using many of those themes and finally become able to write this post to you. Let’s see the top 10 WordPress themes which are simple, responsive and free:

Top 10 Simple Responsive Free WordPress Themes

1. GeneratePress:

GeneratePress is a fast, responsive, lightweight HTML5 and CSS3 Framework. It can be customized easily and one can make a unique website with it.


2. Mansar:

This theme has 3 columns in which one is a sidebar. It has big containers for featured images. So, a visitor can be attracted easily to read the posts.


3. iRibbon:

iRibbon is another free responsive touch mobile friendly WordPress theme. It has 3 columns and customized background. So, it can be one of the best choices for mobile visitors.


4. Bresponzive:

Bresponzive is a good, simple yet stylish WordPress theme. It has larger titles to attract visitors quickly. It has most of the functions needed for a blog.

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5. Romangie:

This one is so simple that your visitors will love it. The content is given the highest priority. It is also responsive and made for all types of post formats like images, html, videos etc.


6. Hueman:

Herman is a responsive 3 column attractive, responsive free WordPress theme for blogging website. This theme is created by Alexander Agnarson. The rating of this great theme is 5 out of 5. So, you can imagine how useful and attractive it is.


7. Point:

This is a masterpiece from It is so nice and effective that you can’t resist yourself from giving a try. It is responsive, premium-looking, fast and full of features.


8. DW Minion:

This theme is simple, fast and responsive. It shows the greatest importance to the content. Besides, it has some necessary features as well.


9. Make:

This is a ready theme with multiple features. You don’t need to know any knowledge about editing. The responsive design will make your desired website automatically. Drag and drop feature is present for making a great page. So, a great theme for all bloggers.


10. Twenty Twelve

This is one of the official theme. It has got 4.4 out of 5. It is so simple that you will love it. It contains responsiveness and easy to read fonts. So, you might want to use it for sure.



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    1. Great collection of responsive themes. I think the number one is being used by you.

    2. Can you give each theme screenshot, it will help to chose the layout.

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