Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

A lot of players played for Bangladesh in the international cricket matches. Most of them were so popular among the spectators that it is so hard to make a list of 10 players, according to popularity. Yet, has selected the most popular players in the history of Bangladesh cricket. Let’s look at the list.

10. Akram Khan: The big guy former captain Akram Khan is at number 10 of the list. He was one of the finest batsmen of Bangladesh team in his times. People loved to watch him play strokes. He was the key man for some historical wins of Bangladesh team. He was also a selector of Bangladesh team a few years ago. So, his popularity is huge in Bangladesh.

9. Athar Ali Khan: Athar Ali Khan is one of the most stylish batsmen in the history of Bangladesh cricket. He was an opener and loved to play attacking shots. He always wanted to give Bangladesh a good start. Later he started commentary and currently he is the best commentators from Bangladesh. He fights alone with all opponents commentators in the commentary box. So, he is one of the popular players in Bangladesh.

Athar Ali Khan Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

8. Khaled Masud: Khaled Masud is the best wicket keeper ever played for Bangladesh. He was thought to be the second best wicket keeper of his times after Adam Gilchrist. He was also a good batsman and scored runs in crucial moments of the innings. He also runs cricket academy at Rajshahi to bring young talents to the pipeline of Bangladeshi cricketers. So, he is at number 8 in this list.

Khaled Mashud Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

7. Habibul Bashar: Habibul Bashar was the main batsman of Bangladesh team in his times. He was called Mr. 50 for his capability of scoring the most number of half centuries than any others in the Bangladesh squad. He is so far the best captain in the history of Bangladesh cricket. In his captaincy, Bangladesh started to win consistently. He is also a selector now. So, people love him much.

Habibul Bashar Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

6. Mohammad Rafique: Mohammad Rafique is one of the best left-arm spinners in Bangladesh. He was the founder of left arm spin magic in Bangladesh. Many players in Bangladesh became left-arm spinners seeing him. He was also an attacking batsman and a kind man. He is the number 5 most popular player in Bangladesh.

Mohammad Rafique Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

5. Mohammad Ashraful: Mohammad Ashraful was thought to be one of the most talented batsmen during his debut. He played some astonishing knocks for Bangladesh and helped some victorious wins for Bangladesh. But, he could not do justice to his merit and involved in match fixing in BPL 2013. So, he was suspended from all kinds of crickets a few years ago. He is planning to make a comeback in August 2016. He is a class player and can play some shots which no one can play better. He was also the captain of Bangladesh for some matches. So, he is at the number 5 position in this list.

Mohammad Ashraful Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

4. Tamim Iqbal: Tamim Iqbal is now the highest run scorer in Bangladesh team. He is an opener and one of the most attacking batsmen in the modern era. He is the nephew of Akram Khan. His attacking shots are enjoyed by the Bangladeshi people very much. So, he is number 4 in this list.

Tamim Iqbal Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

3. Mushfiqur Rahim: Mushfiqur Rahim is currently the most consistent batsman in Bangladesh. He is a versatile player and can play all types of shots, according to the merit of the ball and the situation of the match. He can be attacking as well as defensive more easily than anyone else. He is currently the test captain of Bangladesh team. He is also a great personality and bears the most number of fans in Facebook. So, he is one of the popular players in Bangladesh.

Mushfiqur Rahim Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

2. Mashrafe Mortaza: Mashrafe is a true fighter in the field of cricket. He is currently in the 15th year of his international career as the main fast bowler of Bangladesh and made at least 7 comebacks after 7 knee surgery following injuries. He is a great captain and also a hard hitter batsman. He is a patriot and can do anything for the sake of his motherland. He won many matches for Bangladesh by his bowling, batting, fielding and captaincy. So, people love him.

Mashrafe Mortaza Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

1. Shakib Al Hasan: The number one all-rounder of world cricket is at the number one position of this list. Shakib is a gem player for any team. Anyone can not keep him out of the team as he can win matches by his batting, bowling and fielding. He was also the captain of Bangladesh team and showed his talent there as well. He is an icon player for all youngsters in Bangladesh. So, he is at the top position among all Bangladeshi players.

Shakib Al Hasan Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Cricketers Of All Time

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    1. Amar mote, Mashrafe number 1.

    2. Amar sera 10:
      1. Mashrafe
      2. Shakib
      3. Mushfiqur
      4. Ashraful
      5. Bashar
      6. Mashud
      7. Rafique
      8. Al Shahriar
      9. Akram
      10. Nasir

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