Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

Indian Bangla Film Industry “Tollywood” has given birth to many renowned Bangla movie actors. In recent times, Indian movies are being made in mainly commercial basis. Those movies are full of action, romance and comedy. Some art films are also being made, but struggling to become hit or semi-hit. The actors play important roles in those movies. Here are the top 10 Indian Bangla movie actors with photos in present time:

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

10. Jisshu Sengupta: Jisshu Sengupta is not acting regularly, but he is one of the reliable actors in Indian Bangla cinema. He entered into the Tollywood industry in 1999 and still working in many Bengali and Hindi movies.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

9. Prosenjit Chatterjee: Prosenjit Chatterjee is still in this list as he is still acting in leading roles in movies. Cholo Paltai was one of his masterpiece in last few years. He is a good actor and can act in any character.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

8. Indraneil Sengupta: This young and dashing model and actor acted in many Bengali as well as Hindi movies since 2007. He is well known for his strong personality and better acting in rough and tough roles.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

7. Parambrata Chatterjee: Parambrata is one of the most talented actors in Tollywood in the last few years. He is well known for his appearance in art films and Feluda series by Satyajit Roy.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

6. Hiran Chatterjee: Hiran was always a cute boy all through his career. He is one of the few cute looking Indian Bangla Movie actors. He acted in some hit and a few superhit movies with some renowned actresses.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

5. Abir Chatterjee: Abir Chatterjee is a new and talented hero in Indian Bangla cinema. He has just begun his career and acted in some really good movies in this short period. He is a strong and tall lad with the talent of natural acting.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

4. Soham Chakraborty: Soham is the maternal son-in-law of Prosenjit Chatterjee. He is a comic hero. Most of his movies are commercial type. He does not posses a heroic look but still manages to contribute to the success of his movies by his natural acting in comic and heroic roles.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

3. Ankush Hazra: Ankush Hazra is being thought as the next generation superstar in Indian Bangla Cinema after Jeet and Dev. He has just started his career and already made his appearance clear to the audience with his heroic looks, acting talent and dancing power.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

2. Jeet: Jeet was in the number one place in the recent past. Till now, he is acting in some superhit movies. All of his movies become at least hit. It is because of his acting ability as a hero, heroic looks and natural acting.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

1. Dev: Dev, the number one superstar of Indian Bangla Movies is well known for his tall figure, heroic look, acting talent and dancing capability. He has acted in some superhit movies with some renowned actresses. Some of those movies created records. For an example, his movie “Paglu” was a huge success for him and Koel Mallick.

Top 10 Indian Bangla Film Actors Of Present Time

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    1. I’m a huge fan of Dev. Thanks for your presentation.

    2. Dev is the king of Tollywood. 100% right. He is the number one hero. Jeet is the flop star of Tollywood.

      1. How can you say Jeet is the flop star of Tollywood? He had given some amazing blockbuster hits in Tollywood. And I think that Jeet has more future in this acting industry than any Bangla actor as he can do almost any role. So, stop calling him a flop.

    3. Prosenjit is the best actor of Tollywood.

    4. Jeet is the brand of Tollywood. Dev is a good actor, but not compared to Jeet (standard).

    5. Ankush is the best actor in Bengali film city. I love you, Ankush da.

    6. Dev is the best. I love you, Dev da.

    7. Dev is a black sheep. He is good for nothing. Ekta bekar over-acting hero.

    8. I love you Dev dada.

    9. Prosenjit is the number 1 actor of Tollywood.

    10. Bumbada no. 1. Bumbada is the 2nd mahanayak of Tollywood.

    11. Yes. Dev is all time no 1.

    12. Dev is the superstar no. 1.

    13. Tolly king Jeet is the best actor. And he is the top highest paid actor. The most popular actor.

    14. Jeet is the best friend.

    15. Khiladi Ankush is the best dancer in Tollywood and very good looking from all hero. Ankush is no 1 hero at this moment.

    16. I am proud of you. Thank you.

    17. Dev da is the best. And he deserves number 1 place.

    18. Jeet da is my favourite hero. Bengali superstar only one Jeet da.

    19. Jeet, Parambrata & Abir chara baki sob bekar actor.

    20. Ankush is upcoming No 1 super hero.

    21. Dev is a Tollywood superstar.

    22. Tollywood e Bumba da’r pore keu thakle seta Jeet da. Ar keu aste o parbe na. Jeet da superstar.

    23. Tumi Dev. Tumi superstar.

    24. Soham da is the best actor. Soham da is the real hero.

      1. Really Sohom is amazing.

    25. Jeet is my favourite actor.

    26. Bumba da is the best.

    27. Dev is the biggest actor.

    28. Dev is the best.

    29. Jeet is the no. 1 hero of Tollywood. He is the Rajnikant of Tollywood.

    30. Dev is our guru. Asole onek fan ache jara kono document dite pare na abar Jeet 1 bole. Asole tara Tollywood sommondhe kichu janei na. Dev is real super star.

    31. Dev is no. 1 actor in Tollywood film.

    32. Dev. I love Dev. Dev Bengali film te dance represent koreche. We salute him.

    33. Dev is the real hero. I love Dev.

      1. Bakwas actor, only girls like him.

    34. Jeet is all time no 1 and he is don badsha.

    35. Jeet is Bengali and Bengali film king. Jeet is the best hero, and looking is the best. Jeet da is no 1 actor than all others. Because he has a personality to each moment like act joke fight dance every all which have not any other. Jeet da is equal of Bollywood actors. Jeet da is the real hero in Tollywood industry. What a look. Amazing. Looks like a Hollywood hero. Salute to you, Jeet da.

      1. Tumi kichu jano na. Jeet etotao valo na. Dev is Royal Bengal Tiger.

    36. Ankush is my heart and best actor of me.

    37. Dev is all time best.

    38. Superhit film.

    39. Jeet is the best hero, and looking is the best.

    40. Jeet is Bengali and Bengali film king.

    41. Bumba da no 1. Jissu da, Parambrata, Abir also very good actor.

    42. Sohom is the best actor.

    43. Very good actor with great personality. Jeet.

    44. Ankush ke ke Film e nieche?

    45. Sohom is the best.

    46. Jeet da is no 1 actor than all others. Because he has a personality to each moment like act joke fight dance every all which have not any other. Jeet da is equal of Bollywood actors.

    47. Jeet da is the real hero in Tollywood industry. What a look. Amazing. Looks like a Hollywood hero. Salute to you, Jeet da.

    48. Prosenjit is all time number one in Bangla movie.

    49. Ankush has to be in number 1.

    50. Dev is no 1 superstar in Tollywood.

    51. Exactly Jeet is the superstar hero of Tollywood, he is the fighter, talented, handsome hero. & I declared that Dev can’t appropriate than Jeet. So everybody should love the superstar hero Jeet.

    52. Exactly Dev is 1. 2. Jeet. But, 3 Heron.

    53. Jeet is better than everyone.

    54. Except Jisshu, Prosenjit, Parambrata and Abir all are khasi.

      1. Priyo Prosenjit da, apnake soceity er anusthane, amara booking korate chai. Tai kivabe paoya jabe jogajoger jonno? jodi apnar contact number deoya jay tahole valo hoto.

    55. Obviously, Jeet da is the best actor. But how can it possible that Dev is the best actor? Many many congratulations for Jeet da. Jeet da is always a superstar Bengal film industry. We are with you Jeet da.

    56. Dev is the king of Tollywood.

    57. T- Talent – Uttam Kumar
      O- Opportunity – Uttam Kumar
      L – Loss – Uttam Kumar
      L – Lifetime – Uttam Kumar
      Y – Yellow Page – Sohom
      W – Worthless -Jeet
      O – Opportunity Feature – Parambrata, Abir
      O – ‘O’ Zero Balance – Prasenjit
      D – Deb-Debdas

    58. Prasenjit is the best or real actor.

    59. Prosenjit is the pillar of Bangla movie.

    60. Jeet (Jeetendra Madnani) is the king of Tollywood. I don’t why people like DEV? Dev always acted in Romantic movies. It’s dangerous. Other side Jeet acted in the ordinary films. I tell you all, love Jeet.

    61. If Dev is an actor, then Kanchan Mallick is a superhero of the world!

    62. Put Hiran in that ‘joker’ list too.

    63. Jokers like Soham, Ankush and actors like Jeet and Dev are placed higher than Param, Abir, Jisshu, Prasenjit?

    64. Dev da has extra calma of Toolywood.

    65. Dev da super. Dev da no 1. Dev sobar theke onek onek egiye.

    66. Sohom is my favorite actor. He looks very beautiful. So, I love my “Sohom”.

    67. Dev the superstar.

    68. Jeet is the alltime king of Tollywood, because he is a real actor.

    69. Ankush is the number one at this moment.

    70. Jeet is alltime is best.

    71. Dev is the Tollywood Superstar. Kenona Dev khub kom somoye onektai nam orjon korechhe. Se tulonay Jeet is flop.

      1. Dev etota naam orjon ei jonno korte pereche karon the king Jeet tokhon bose chilo. Dev is a duplicate hero.

      1. Jeet is no 1. Jeet is the best.

    72. Jeet Super Star All Time. Dev Bad Acting all time. Dev Movies Credit Only Singer and music Directer. Jeet King Of Tollywood.

      1. This opinion is very true.

    73. Prosenjeet is best and mahanayak. Tollywood telant, looking, acting, very good character in Tollywood industry. First mahanayak Uttam Kumar. And next future mahanayak ProsenjeetT (Bumba Da).

    74. Ankush is the best good looking innocent face and best dancer and most handsome guy.

    75. Jeet da, he is the boss of Tollywood.

    76. Jeet is number ONE because he can play any kind of acting but Dev…… no way.

    77. Jeet is the boss of Tollywood.

    78. Now doubt, Jeet is the Super Star for his talent and success behind him. But, there is a very little time that Dev is going to supersede Jeet.

    79. Jeet is the king of Tollywood. Any acting is perfect for Jeet da. Jeet is the real hero. Love you, Jeet da.

    80. Hiraan da is best. He is the king of tollywood.

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