Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

Bangladeshi film industry Dhallywood has given birth to many popular actors in the past. Some of them are legends now. But, in this post, I will discuss the top 10 New or Current Film Actors of Bangladesh with their photos. So, let’s see who are in this list:

10. Anisur Rahman Milon: Anisur Rahman Milon was a drama actor in recent past. But, recently he is acting in some movies and doing pretty good here. So, he is at number 10th position in this list.

Anisur Rahman Milon


9. Shipan Mitra: Shipan Mitra, a young actor and model with good look and handsome getup, is at the 9th position in this list due to his upcoming film Desha-The Leader with Mahiya Mahi.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

8. Kazi Maruf: Kazi Maruf is not a new actor, but still acting with the success of his movies. The most vital past of his movies is, there is always some message for the society. He is at the number 8th position in this list.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

7. Zayed Khan: The tall and good looking young lad, Zayed Khan has already showed his talent in some movies. He is acting in more movies with renowned actresses which will be released in near future.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

6. Emon: Emon is one of the few good looking young actors in Bangladesh. Though he lacks some acting skills, but trying his best to overcome those small errors. He is at the number 6th position in this list.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

5. Ananta Jalil: The super action hero, Ananta Jalil is at the 5th position in this list. He lacks in acting skills and pronunciation but still managed to complete 5 movies with his wife Barsha. His movies are always of high quality with the usage of costly materials.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

4. Symon Sadik: Symon started his career a few years ago. But, he became popular with the success of Pora Mon with Mahiya Mahi. He is a natural actor and acting in some more films.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

3. Bappi Chowdhury: Bappi is the recent craze of the young generation. His movies with Mahiya Mahi became hit in recent past. But, some people thinks, he overacts too much. Still, he can contribute to the success of his movies, which is always a plus point for him to be in the third spot in this list.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

2. Arefin Shuvo: Arefin Shuvo is going to be in the number one spot in near future, for sure. This young, good looking, body-builder actor has every single quality to be there. He has fought with only one movie (Kistimat) with the 3 movies of Shakib Khan in the last Eid. So, there is something in him which made him the superstar in quick time.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

1. Shakib Khan: The King Khan is right at the top of this list. There are many people who support Shakib and some others hate him. But, there is no one else right now who can guarantee the success of any movie. He is the key reason for the success of any movie. He is good looking and acts superbly in his movies. He also dances well. If he concentrates towards building his body, he can still go a long way in his career.

Top 10 Bangladeshi New Film Actors With Photos

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    1. Bobisshote 1 number hero Arfin Shuvo ke dekhte chai.

    2. Bangladeshi actor Riaz is the best. I am a BIG FAN for one and only Riaz. We love you.

    3. I love you, Shakib Khan. My boss is Shakib Khan. I like boss.

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    6. Banglaesh has a quite good number of actresses. But, I think it has the lack of skilled & good looking actors.

    7. Shakib Khan is a good actor in the Bangladesh and India. His comparison is he himself. He is only one. His movie most success. Big star. Whole Dhallywood depends on him.

    8. Arifin Shuvo is most beautiful.

    9. Shakib Khan is most beautiful.

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    18. Shakib Khan is the best actor in Bangla Flim.

    19. I think “Arefin Shuvo” definitely has some talent to take the 1st position in this list, if it is the real one. And “Shipan Mitra” is gonna be another star in Dhallywood sky as he has the attitude that should be. Good luck!

      1. SK is a beautiful actor in BD.

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