Toggle Between 2G & 3G Internet Connection On Android

2G and 3G mobile internet is one of the hot topics around Bangladesh over the last year. People now use Android phones and 3G internet connections from Teletalk, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi & Airtel. So, they get faster internet speed than the past, when only 2G internet was available for mobile use. But, the 3G coverage is not much in the country. In the rural areas, people still have to be satisfied with 2G internet as 3G is available only in some district levels now. So, when you travel to your village, you might be in a problem in the settings of Internet connection. You have to select which of the 2G or 3G settings you should use and how to change the settings for your Android phone. Here is the solution.

1. At first, go to the settings of your Android mobile phone. You will see something like this. Click on More under WIRELESS & NETWORKS settings.

How To Toggle Between 2G & 3G on Android Phone2. Then, you will see the following options:

How To Toggle Between 2G & 3G on Android Phone

3. Click on Mobile Networks, shown in the picture above. Then you will see something like this:

How To Toggle Between 2G & 3G on Android Phone

4. Now, click on Data Connection. I use Grameenphone Bondhu package. So, you will see according to your mobile operator in your phone.

How To Toggle Between 2G & 3G on Android Phone

5. Now, you will see the option for what you are waiting. Select WCDMA for 3G and GSM for 2G. Use the first option for both. This is the safest option. If you are in a 3G coverage area, you will get the 3G connection, otherwise, you will get 2G speed.

How To Toggle Between 2G & 3G on Android Phone

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    1. Bro, amar phone Symphony Xplorer V30. Internet connection Ekebare slow. Ki kora jay?

    2. Why only Banglalink SIM network is available in my Walton phone, but other SIM network is not available?

    3. My mobile is Walton Primo F4. I want to set 3G on my phone.

    4. My phone is Samsung GT-19500. But, not set WCDMA 3G network. Many other time try to set 3G net but not set.

    5. Symphony Xplorer E50 device e Google account add hocche na. Connection problem hocche. But, WiFi diye try korchi, kichutei parchina. Ektu help korben please.

    6. Bhai, W21 mode option e ase na. Ekhon ki kora dorkar, please ektu bolen.

      1. Some phones have only Auto (2G/3G) mode and 3G mode. They don’t have the 2G mode. Search nearby options to get it.

    7. Awesome great. I try about 1 hour by Google search for change my airtel 2G to 3G. Finally, I got this post and I can change my package.

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