Symphony Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

Symphony is one of the most popular cell phone brands to the mobile users. In South Asian countries, including Bangladesh, most people love the low price Symphony Android phones. They are fully made for your satisfaction. The new and cool features will make you forget about all other brands for sure. For those who have less money to buy a phone but want to get the latest features of Android, Walton and Symphony are the best choices.

In the previous post from, you were provided the updated price list of Walton Mobile Phones. You can also look at the Nokia, Samsung and Sony mobile phone prices from these links.

Symphony Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

In this post, you will be provided the Updated Price List of Symphony Mobile Phones in Bangladesh for this month.


Symphony A10 = 770/= BDT
Symphony A100 = 1,890/= BDT
Symphony A70 = 1,940/= BDT
Symphony A85 = 1,990/= BDT
Symphony A86 = 2,040/= BDT
Symphony A86V = 1,990/= BDT
Symphony A88V = 1,690/= BDT
Symphony A90 = 2,190/= BDT
Symphony A95 = 2,190/= BDT

Symphony B10 = 1,590/= BDT
Symphony B10i = 1,590/= BDT
Symphony B11i = 1,090/= BDT
Symphony B12 = 870/= BDT
Symphony B13 = 890/= BDT
Symphony B13i = 890/= BDT
Symphony B14 = 920/= BDT
Symphony B15 = 1,595/= BDT
Symphony B16 = 920/= BDT
Symphony B18 = 975/= BDT
Symphony B19 = 999/= BDT
Symphony B2 = 1,130/= BDT
Symphony B20C = 2,030/= BDT
Symphony B25 = 1,890/= BDT
Symphony B2i = 9,60/= BDT
Symphony B3 = 1,100/= BDT
Symphony B30 = 2,040/= BDT
Symphony B31 = 1,450/= BDT
Symphony B32 = 1,490/= BDT
Symphony B32i = 1,550/= BDT
Symphony B35 = 1,720/= BDT
Symphony B3i = 1,350/= BDT
Symphony B4 = 1,370/= BDT
Symphony B45 = 1,850/= BDT
Symphony B46 = 1,740/= BDT
Symphony B4i = 1,400/= BDT
Symphony B5 = 1,550/= BDT
Symphony B5i = 1,590/= BDT
Symphony B6 = 1,550/= BDT
Symphony B9 = 999/= BDT
Symphony BL40 = 1,190/= BDT
Symphony BL45 = 1,200/= BDT
Symphony BL46 = 990/= BDT
Symphony BL50 = 1,275/= BDT
Symphony BL55 = 1,220/= BDT
Symphony BL60 = 1,050/= BDT
Symphony BL65 = 1,030/= BDT

Symphony C101 = 1,840/= BDT
Symphony C102 = 1,890/= BDT
Symphony D115 = 1,650/= BDT
Symphony D120 = 1,590/= BDT
Symphony D140 = 1,550/= BDT
Symphony D150 = 1,840/= BDT
Symphony D18 = 1,240/= BDT
Symphony D19 = 1,040/= BDT
Symphony D22 = 1,030/= BDT
Symphony D23 = 1,150/= BDT
Symphony D24 = 1,290/= BDT
Symphony D26 = 1,440/= BDT
Symphony D27 = 1,490/= BDT
Symphony D28 = 1,290/= BDT
Symphony D29 = 1,270/= BDT
Symphony D31i = 1,540/= BDT
Symphony D32i = 1,450/= BDT
Symphony D34 = 1,390/= BDT
Symphony D51i = 1,590/= BDT
Symphony D53i = 1,570/= BDT
Symphony D54i = 1,450/= BDT
Symphony D55i = 1,300/= BDT
Symphony FT34 = 2,290/= BDT

Symphony Helio S1 = 14,990/= BDT
Symphony Helio S2 = 15,990/= BDT
Symphony Helio S20 = 25,990/= BDT
Symphony i10 = 6,990/= BDT
Symphony i20 [1GB RAM] = 6,590/= BDT
Symphony i20 [2GB RAM] = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony i50 = 7,590/= BDT
Symphony L16 = 1,120/= BDT
Symphony L18 = 1,250/= BDT
Symphony L22 = 1,500/= BDT
Symphony L23 = 1,140/= BDT
Symphony L24 = 1,325/= BDT
Symphony L25 = 1,350/= BDT
Symphony L50 = 1,330/= BDT
Symphony L56i = 1,390/= BDT
Symphony L6 = 1,350/= BDT
Symphony M1 = 6,190/= BDT
Symphony M150 = 1,890/= BDT
Symphony M44 = 1,650/= BDT
Symphony M85 = 1,650/= BDT
Symphony M90 = 1,490/= BDT
Symphony M95 = 1,450/= BDT
Symphony S125 = 2,090/= BDT
Symphony S150 = 2,550/= BDT
Symphony S200 = 2,390/= BDT
Symphony S250 = 2,490/= BDT
Symphony S50 = 1,350/= BDT
Symphony SL10 = 1,990/= BDT

Symphony T100 = 1,990/= BDT
Symphony T150 = 1,990/= BDT
Symphony T20 = 2,775/= BDT
Symphony T20i = 2,490/= BDT
Symphony T30 = 2,690/= BDT
Symphony T35 = 2,800/= BDT
Symphony T40 = 3,290/= BDT
Symphony T42 = 2,840/= BDT
Symphony T44 = 2,990/= BDT
Symphony T45 = 2,840/= BDT
Symphony T46 = 2,340/= BDT
Symphony T49 = 1,590/= BDT
Symphony T50 = 4,040/= BDT
Symphony T54 = 1,790/= BDT
Symphony T55 = 4,290/= BDT
Symphony T55i = 4,290/= BDT
Symphony T60 = 2,420/= BDT
Symphony T80 = 3,090/= BDT
Symphony T90 = 1,700/= BDT
Symphony T95 = 1,500/= BDT

Symphony R100 [2GB RAM] = 10,990/= BDT
Symphony R100 [3GB RAM] = 11,990/= BDT
Symphony Roar A50 = 8,700/= BDT
Symphony Roar E79 = 2,990/= BDT
Symphony Roar E80 = 3,090/= BDT
Symphony Roar V25 = 4,090/= BDT

Symphony Studio 50 = 8,390/= BDT
Symphony X94 = 2,090/= BDT
Symphony X95 = 3,690/= BDT
Symphony X96 = 2,350/= BDT
Symphony X99 = 2,870/= BDT
Symphony X100 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony X101 = 2,740/= BDT
Symphony X110 = 4,150/= BDT
Symphony X111 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony X115 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony X120 = 4,990/= BDT
Symphony X121 = 5,090/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer E5 = 2,090/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E7 = 2,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E10 = 2,740/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E12 = 2,390/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E15 = 2,695/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E25 = 3,750/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E50 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E55 = 2,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E58 = 2,790/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E60 = 3,390/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E75 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E76 = 3,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E78 = 3,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer E79 = 2,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer GoFoX F15 = 4,650/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H100 = 9,790/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H120 = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H150 = 9,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H175 = 9,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H20 = 8,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H200 = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H250 = 9,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H300 = 7,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H400 = 8,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H50 = 8,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H55 = 8,290/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer H58 = 6,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer H60 = 5,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P5 = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P6 [1GB RAM] = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P6 [2GB RAM] = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P6 [2GB RAM] = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P6 Pro [2GB RAM] = 8,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P6 Pro [3GB RAM] = 8,990/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer P7 = 8,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P8 = 17,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer P10 = 15,990/= BDT

Symphony Symtab 20 [TAB] = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Symtab 50 [TAB] = 8,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T7 [TAB] = 10,850/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T7 Lite [TAB] = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T7 Pro [TAB] = 8,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T7 Ultra [TAB] = 6,250/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T7i [TAB] = 8,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T8 [TAB] = 12,850/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T8i [TAB] = 11,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T8Q [TAB] = 14,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer T8 Pro [TAB] = 10,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V25 = 4,090/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V28 = 3,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V30 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V32 = 3,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V40 = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V45 = 4,890/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer V46 = 3,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V49 = 4,590/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V50 = 5,390/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V52 = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V55 = 6,590/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V60 = 5,690/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V70 = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V75 = 4,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V80 = 6,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V85 = 5,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer V100 = 5,490/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer W10 = 7,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W100 = 19,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W12 = 4,200/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W125 = 12,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W128 = 11,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W130 = 10,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W140 = 12,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W15 = 3,670/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W15i (2G) = 3,790/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W15i (3G) = 3,790/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W150 = 14,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W16 (2G) = 4,800/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W16 (3G) = 4,500/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W160 = 12,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W18 = 4,500/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W19 = 4,090/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W20 = 5,150/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer W21 (2G) = 4,450/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W21 (3G) = 4,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W22 (2G) = 5,390/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W22 (3G) = 4,850/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W25 = 9,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W30 = 6,225/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W31 = 4,790/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W32 = 4,200/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W35 = 6,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W5 = 6,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W50 = 9,390/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W60 = 8,390/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W65 = 6,250/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W65i = 5,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W66 = 5,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W67 = 6,150/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W68 = 6,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W68Q = 6,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W69 = 6,800/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W69Q [1GB RAM] = 5,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W70 = 9,825/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W70Q = 5,990/= BDT

Symphony Xplorer W71 = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W71i = 6,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W72 = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W75 = 7,290/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W80 = 11,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W82 = 8,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W85 = 8,790/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W86 = 7,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W90 = 11,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W91 = 8,250/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W92 = 10,240/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W94 = 7,190/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer W95 = 7,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZI = 19,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZII = 19,500/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZIII = 20,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZIV = 22,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZV = 11,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro = 11,990/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZVI = 11,890/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZVII [2GB RAM] = 11,490/= BDT
Symphony Xplorer ZVII [3GB RAM] = 12,490/= BDT
Symphony XT10 = 3,490/= BDT
Symphony Z100 = 8,990/= BDT

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    1. Vai, Symphony Xplorer V85 naki Walton Primo RX2 valo hobe?

    2. 10000+ budget e Symphony er best 4G phone konta? Sujon vai, bolun please.

    3. Vai, Symphony Xplorer H300 ki 4G supported? 10000 taka er moddhe which phone is best for gaming, battery backup, camera ebong 4G support? Please bolen.

    4. Symphony Xplorer P6 Pro 3GB RAM phone ta kemon hobe?

    5. Symphony mobile Bangladesh.

    6. Vai, please bolben, Oppo A33F, Walton Primo NX4 Mini naki Symphony Xplorer H300 konta best?

    7. Symphny Xplorar P7 er latest dam koto? VR support pabe ki? Ar display er protection ache ki?

      1. Written in the above post. No. Yes, 2.5D Curved Glass.

    8. Symphony 6500 taka er moddhe kon phone ta valo hobe?

    9. Vai, amar mobile er touch ta khub somossha dicche. Ekhon ami ki korbo? Symphony Xplorer V85. Kinechi Eid er 2 din age.

    10. Vai, Huawei er 6,500/= BDT te konta valo hobe?

    11. Which one is better?
      1. Symphony Xplorer P6 Pro 3GB RAM
      2. Symphony Xplorer P7

    12. Vaia, Symphony Xplorer V49 set ta ki valo? Etar charge anumanik kotokhon thakbe?

    13. Symphony Xplorer V80 price?

    14. 7500 taka budget. Best hobe konta (any band)?

    15. Samsung Galaxy J5 price?

    16. Amar Symphony i10 set er camera er flash mode ekai ase abar ekai chole jay.

    17. What is the price of Samsung Galaxy J3 and this phone 1 picture full please!

      1. 13990 BDT. Search Google by “Samsung Galaxy J3 sample photos”.

    18. Huawei mobile 5500 taka er moddhe?

    19. Oppo mobile ki 10000 taka er moddhe hobe?

    20. Symphony Xplorer V85 update price?

    21. Walton 10000 taka er moddhe konti valo hobe?

    22. Symphony i10 er camera quality?

    23. Symphony i20 set ta market ki eseche?

    24. Ami ekta Symphony i10 set kinbo. But, etar charge kotokhon thake? Internet ki fast hobe?

    25. Ami Symphony i10 kinte chai. But, etar charge kotokhon thake? Ar etar video song kemon dekha jabe?

    26. Vai, Symphony Xplorer V75 current price koto?

    27. I bought Studio 50 on this January and it malfunctioned on July. So, I gave it to customer care. Now they are saying that they are unable to fix it and replace with Symphony Xplorer H250 as they don’t have Studio 50. What should I do?

      1. You should accept that offer. Symphony Xplorer H250 is better than Symphony Studio 50.

    28. Vai, Symphony A10 price koto?

    29. 10,000/11,000 taka er moddhe best mobile konta hobe? Please vai, bolle happy hobo.

    30. Hello, brother. Symphony er moddhe 10,000 taka er moddhe 3GB RAM and OTG support korbe kon phone e?

    31. Symphony i10 and Walton Primo NH e dutor moddhe konti valo?

      1. SUJONHERA.COM is the best.

    32. Vai, 10,000 taka er moddhe kon phone sob dik diye valo hobe? Please bolun.

    33. Vai, Samsung Galaxy J1 and Symphony i10 konti valo? Ei duti smartphone er moddhe charging quality kontir valo?

    34. Vai, market e Symphony i10 kal kinte jabo. Bortoman dam ta koto chaite pare?

    35. 294 PPI and 16M colors mane ki?

      1. The display contains 294 pixels per inch and it supports 16 Million colors.

    36. Ami 5000 taka er moddhe ekta smartphone nite chai. Kon brand er kon model nile valo hobe ektu bolen.

    37. Symphony Xplorer V100 set ti kemon and black color chara ki kono color ache?

    38. Konta shob dik thake valo Symphony Xplorer H300 or Symphony Xplorer Z7 2GB RAM?

    39. Konta shob dik theke valo Symphony Xplorer H300, Symphony Xplorer H400, Symphony Xplorer P6 2GB RAM, Symphony Xplorer P6 Pro 2GB RAM, Symphony Xplorer ZVII?

    40. Symphony pen drive and modem support kobre kon kon model, bolun please. 11000 to 13000 BDT.

    41. Modem/Pen drive support korbe Symphony/Walton/Samsung and model bolben (price 13000/= BDT).

    42. Dada, 6500 taka er vitor OTG + 5″ HD Display + 1GB RAM kon mobile ta valo hobe?

    43. Symphony Xplorer i10 ekhono ki market e ache?

    44. Vai, amar budget 6800 taka. Kon set kinle valo hobe, bolben.

    45. Symphony i10 price koto?

    46. Vai, Symphony Xplorer V85 valo na Symphony Xplorer V100 valo?

    47. Symphony is good, produced in Bangladesh. Anyone person loves Symphony.

    48. Symphony i10 na Symphony Xplorer V80 konta valo hobe?

    49. 7 hajar taka er moddhe set konta valo hobe?

    50. Symphony Xplorer V80 na Symphony Xplorer V85 valo hobe?

    51. Vai, ami 8 hajar taka er moddhe set kinte chai. Kon phone kinle balo hobe?

    52. Dada, ami dokandar. Dealer ra price beshi ney. Etar kono suraha hobe na.

    53. Via, Symphony Xplorer V85 er price ki update hote pare 2-1 month er moddhe?

    54. Symphony er kon series er mobile phone beshi valo hobe vaia? Budget is 7/8 thousand.

        1. Ami ekta phone nibo. Ekhon bolen to kon phone valo hobe net chalate?

    55. Symphony Xplorer E12, Symphony Xplorer E10, Symphony Xplorer E15, Symphony Xplorer E55, Symphony Xplorer E58 konta valo hobe?

    56. Symphony Xplorer E10 or E10 (root) ki OTG support kore?

    57. Brother, OTG supported low price phone konta? Bolban pleaase.

      1. There are many such phones. You have to fix your budget first.

    58. Symphony Xplorer H175 naki Symphony Xplorer H300 valo hobe? Bhaiya, bolben please.

    59. I bought Symphony Xplorer H300. Total ROM shows 10.82 GB. But, according to the configuration, it supposed to show 16 GB. What’s the reason? Please tell.

      1. Have you ever bought a pen drive or memory card? Then you might have noticed that they also show less space than what is written on it. In the case of your phone, the phone operating system consumes some space. So, the ROM is shown 10.82 GB instead of 16 GB.

    60. Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro version onek valo.

    61. Sujon vai, Symphony Z series er notun kono mobile asche ki na bolte parben ki?

    62. Dear Sujon sir, ei mobile er moddhe konta besi valo hobe Walton Primo NX3, Walton Primo V2, Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro naki Symphony Xplorer ZVI?

    63. Sujon vai, 7,500 er modhhe kon set valo hobe?

    64. Symphony W94 khub valo ekta handset. Symphony ekhon Bangladesh e popular handset brand.

    65. Dear Sujon sir, Walton Primo NX3, Walton Primo R4 and Symphony Xplorer H250 ei 3tar majhe kon 2ta best hobe? Janale upokrito hobo.

      1. 1. NX3
        2. R4 (if you want OTG) / H250 (if you don’t want OTG)

    66. This mobile is very well.

    67. Nice Post. SUJONHERA.COM is the best.

    68. Thanks admin. You are the best.

    69. Ami ZV Pro set kinte chai. But, 14,000/= takar moddhe er theke valo set ache?

    70. Good Information. Dr. act as a blogger. I’m really impressed. Best of luck.

    71. Symphony ekta baje set. Eta keu babohar korben na Eti khub baje ekta company. Eti kono kajer e na. Eder kono servicing point nai. Ami 2-3 ta set use korechi. Khub baje ekta servicing dichilo. Eta amar khub favourite chilo. But, jokhon babohar korlam, khub kharap laglo. Ei type er phone keu taka diye kinben na. Khub baje ekta phone. Ami amar jonme etto baje phone dekhi nai. Tai sobai ke boltesi, ei type er phone keu babohar korben na. Ami Symphony W68 use korchi. It is the most baje phone in the world. So, eta keu babohar korben na.

    72. I want to buy Symphony M1. But, I am confused.

    73. This information is really awesome and helpful.

    74. Symphony Xplorer W68 phone ta khub valo. Dekhte o onek sundor. Service ta o valo.

    75. Ami Symphony M1 (white) model er Android set ti kinte chacchi. Ektu bolben ki, etar quality & camera kemon? Eti kothay paoa jabe?

    76. Symphony H50 is a very nice phone. I like it.

    77. I want to buy a SDMA+GSM handset.

    78. I want to buy a Tab by Symphony. Please inform me.

    79. The price list of all branded can be got here. This is more informative to customers.

    80. H200 is good phone. I like it.

    81. How can I buy a Symphony E5 from Satkhira custom mobile care?

    82. This Information is really useful for all and I am looking for it.

    83. What is the lowest price of Walton Primo HM Mini?

    84. I want to buy a smartphone which supports OTG. What phone should I buy? My budget is 7 to 8 thousand taka.

    85. Symphony W32 mobile ta onek valo.

    86. Bhaiya, ami Symphony price list chai.

    87. Symphony Xplorer W86 onek valo. Eta onek valo service dey.

    88. Symphony W75 mobile ti khub valo. Apnio use korte paren.

    89. Symphony W86 is the best. Awesome! Vai apnara W86 use korte paren. Phone ta onak valo.

    90. Vai, ami Symphony FT02i or FT31 er jekono ekta kinte chai. Keu ki suggest korte paren, konta valo?

    91. W68 is very good for international use.

    92. Symphony W70 is good. Symphony is the best.

    93. Symphony W72 now market e ache ki? Ami W72 kinte chacchi kintu paitasi na. Jodi market a thake tahole kothay pabo janaben.

    94. Symphony W86 kobe market a ashbe?

    95. New latest model phone.

    96. I want to buy Symphony T30. Is it possible?

      1. Please search this phone in your nearest Symphony Customer Care.

      2. I have used Model-T30 symphony set. If you need then you can knock to me. Cell: 01923805261, 01675679590

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