Super CHM: How To Read CHM Ebook Files On Android Phones

Android has made our life easier than before. Now you can read books on your mobile phone with a mere touch. Thus, more and more books are being converted to PDF and CHM formats. PDF reader is very common among people. Adobe Reader is the best of all. But, CHM reader app is rare. But, there are still a few CHM reader apps on Google Play Store with which you can read CHM files very clearly on your smartphone. Super CHM is one of the best apps that I have seen in this category. Here is the complete guideline of using this tiny app to read CHM files on your Android smartphone:


STEP 1: At first, download SUPER CHM software from the official Google Play Store Link. [If you have any difficulty in downloading from Play Store, you can see this post.]

STEP 2: After installing this app on your Android device, open it. You will see the first screen like this. If your device contains any CHM files, it will be visible in this list. If the list is empty although you have any CHM files on your device, then tap on the refresh icon placed in the upper portion of the following screenshot:

Super CHM: How To Read CHM Ebook Files on Android Phones

STEP 3: All you have to do is to tap on the book. You will be able to view it like this:

Super CHM: How To Read CHM Ebook Files on Android Phones


You can see a plus (+) and a minus (-) icon above. To zoom in, tap on the plus icon, to zoom out, tap on the minus icon. Here is the screenshot after zooming in:

Super CHM: How To Read CHM Ebook Files on Android Phones


The most upper right icon is for the settings options. Tap it to get the setting page like this:

Super CHM: How To Read CHM Ebook Files on Android Phones


If the CHM file contains a Table of Contents or Index, you will be able to navigate throughout the eBook by this option. It will be available when you tap on the icon just to the left of settings icon. Here is the table of content of an eBook:

Super CHM: How To Read CHM Ebook Files on Android Phones

That’s all. You can now read CHM files on your smartphone. You can also convert CHM files to PDF files. Click here for the tutorial.

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    1. Thank you, Dr. Sujon vai for sharing a nice software. We expect more nice posts from you like this.

    2. Am not able to view images properly in super chm app.. Do you hv any idea how to view images correctly in chm files using superchm app in android phone?

      Dr. Syed Moosa

    3. Really a nice app to read the CHM file on Android!

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