Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

Are you having difficulty seeing Bangla fonts in your Computer?

Here is the solution for all kinds of Bangla Font Problems.

Perform these simple steps to see clear Bangla fonts in your Desktop and Web browser.

1. At first, Download AVRO software from this link.

2. Install this software.

3. Then Restart your computer.

4. Download AdorshoLipi and SolaimanLipi fonts.

5. Install these fonts by simply copy-pasting it to C Drive>>Windows>>Fonts folder.

6. Now go to Avro Settings>Font Fixer:Set default Bangla font.

See screenshot below:

Bangla problem in computer-solution

7. Select SolaimanLipi/Siyam Rpali/AdorshoLipi and click on FIX IT button.

Bangla language problem in windows 7

8. Restart your computer.

9. Now you have to configure your browsers.

I am showing you the way of configuring your Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as these two are the most used browsers in recent times.


a) Click Tools>Options [in older versions] or Firefox Button>Options [in newer versions].

Bangla problem in Mozilla Firefox

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

b) A new window will come up. Click on Content Tab.

Bangla problem in firefox

c) Then, Select Default font to SolaimanLipi/Siyam Rupali/AdorshoLipi. Then Click the ADVANCE button…

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

d) Again, a new window will come up. It will look like this:

Bangla font problem in laptop

e) Configure that window like the below screenshot. Then click OK. Click OK on the previous window also.

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

That’s enough! You will find no difficulty in seeing Bangla font in your computer!


a) Click on the option icon. You will find the icon on the upper right corner of the browser.

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

b) Now, select Settings.

Bangla problem in computer

c) Scroll to the last option on the settings page (Show Advanced Settings…). Click that link.

Bangla problem in PC

d) After clicking that link, scroll further down to get the view like the below screenshot. Click on Custom fonts button.

How to solve bangla font problem

e) A new window will appear. Configure that window like the below screenshot. You can use Siyam Rupali or AdorshoLipi also. But, SolaimanLipi looks better. Click the DONE button after configuring.

Help to see bangla in pc

That’s enough! You can see Bangla fonts in your computer without any difficulty!

Thanks for reading this post regarding Bangla Font Problem in your computer.

Solution for Bangla language view in computer

Please comment if you still find any difficulty in seeing Bangla.


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    1. Bhai, Bangla Text Booker Font kivabe pabo (Saroda MJ, Sabrina MJ) download korar linkta ki diben please….

    2. Having trouble to translate bangla to english

    3. Recently, Google chrome has made some changes in their updates again. So, again some user are facing problem to see BANGLA font in Google Chrome due to update of ‘Google Chrome Browser’.

      Here is the new solution to solve this problem. Please visit this page to trouble shoot this problem:

    4. It works! Thanks a lot.

    5. That’s very great of you.

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