Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

Are you having difficulty seeing Bangla font in your Computer? Here is the solution for all kinds of Bangla Font Problems. Perform these simple steps to see clear Bangla fonts in your Desktop and Web browser.

1. At first, Download AVRO software from this link.

2. Install this software.

3. Then Restart your computer.

4. Download AdorshoLipi and SolaimanLipi fonts.

5. Install these fonts by simply copy-pasting it to C Drive>>Windows>>Fonts folder.

6. Now go to Avro Settings>Font Fixer:Set default Bangla font.

See screenshot below:

Bangla problem in computer-solution

7. Select SolaimanLipi/Siyam Rpali/AdorshoLipi and click on FIX IT button.

Bangla language problem in windows 7

8. Restart your computer.

9. Now you have to configure your browsers.

I am showing you the way of configuring your Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as these two are the most used browsers in recent times.


a) Click Tools>Options [in older versions] or Firefox Button>Options [in newer versions].

Bangla problem in Mozilla Firefox

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

b) A new window will come up. Click on Content Tab.

Bangla problem in firefox

c) Then, Select Default font to SolaimanLipi/Siyam Rupali/AdorshoLipi. Then Click the ADVANCE button…

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

d) Again, a new window will come up. It will look like this:

Bangla font problem in laptop

e) Configure that window like the below screenshot. Then click OK. Click OK on the previous window also.

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

That’s enough! You will find no difficulty in seeing Bangla font in your computer!


a) Click on the option icon. You will find the icon on the upper right corner of the browser.

Solution for All Kinds of Bangla Font Problems in Computer

b) Now, select Settings.

Bangla problem in computer

c) Scroll to the last option on the settings page (Show Advanced Settings…). Click that link.

Bangla problem in PC

d) After clicking that link, scroll further down to get the view like the below screenshot. Click on Custom fonts button.

How to solve bangla font problem

e) A new window will appear. Configure that window like the below screenshot. You can use Siyam Rupali or AdorshoLipi also. But, SolaimanLipi looks better. Click the DONE button after configuring.

Help to see bangla in pc


Many of us face difficulty in typing Bangla fonts in Paint app in Windows computer. If we start typing Bangla with Avro software in Paint or paste any Bangla word in Paint, then it looks like the following blocks.

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

Here is the solution of this problem:

1. Follow the above steps first (read and follow the steps of this post from top).

2. Now, open Paint app and click on the A icon (text icon) in the Home tab.

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

3. Now click on an empty space and start typing Bangla with Avro software (press F12 or Fn+F12 before typing to switch to Bangla). Or you can copy any Bangla text from elsewhere and paste it in the Paint window. See what it looks like:

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

4. Now, copy all the texts by pressing Ctrl+A and click on the Font Family (shown in the below picture). Find SolaimanLipi or Siyam Rupali font there.

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

5. Now, click on those fonts. You can be able to see clear Bangla now in Paint.

Solution For All Kinds Of Bangla Font Problems In Computer

That’s enough! You can see Bangla fonts in your computer without any difficulty!

Thanks for reading this post regarding Bangla Font Problem in your computer.

Solution for Bangla language view in computer

Please comment if you still find any difficulty in seeing Bangla.


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    1. Font fixer in Avro Keyboard is not working. It is giving following message:
      Exception ERegistryException in module Font Fixer.exe at 0001DF3C. Failed to get data for ‘Enabled UA’
      Can you please help me out?

      1. Uninstall Avro, then restart the computer and start the above procedure from beginning.

    2. Bangla font’s joint word not showing properly in Baidu browser. So, I need your favor to solve the issue. Thanks.

    3. Thank you. But, when I carry a MS Office file in Bangla font via pen drive from one PC to another, then the letters turn into the blocks! So what can I do?

      1. Follow the above procedure for the new PC as well.

      2. I can not read letter composed by MS Word in this tab.

    4. Thank you very much. This article is really useful and helpful. But, I am facing another problem. Bangla letters look like blank square boxes in folder-names, title bars of (browsers, MS Office, Adobe Reader and other programs) in Windows 7. What should I do to fix it?

    5. I can not read in my laptop? What can I do? Please help. My laptop in MS Word shows this “???? ?? ??????? ? ????? ???????????? ????” type of fonts.

      1. Read the above post carefully and perform the steps accordingly on you computer.

    6. Thanks for sharing with us this nice topic. I’m seeking this topic from last 4 days. This topic is really helpful. Thanks.

    7. I’m getting Bangla in my PC like this:
      `ªeY Zvc Kv‡K e‡j
      This is happening in MS Word and PDF files. What is the solution?

      1. Follow the above steps serially. Hope it will be solved.

    8. I wrote Bangla using Avro in my Mac. But, the format does not stay the same if I transfer it to a windows PC or convert to PDF. What to do? Please help.

      1. Follow the last part of the above post. You have to copy all and select Solaimanlipi or Siyam Rupali before converting it to PDF.

    9. Hi, I am using HP laptop core i5 & Windows 10. I have some problems about Bangla font. My laptop has installed Avro. I can write & read Chrome, Firefox, MS Office anywhere, but only I can’t read Bangla font on ‘PAINT’. If I open anything (Bangla font) on paint, I can’t read & work. It shows (Bangla font) like that “??????????” So, help me. How can I read Bangla on PAINT?

      1. The solution has been added at the end of the above post. Please check it and see if it works or not.

    10. Hello, I am a media printer owner and also have a media printing house. But, for better performance, I changes my PC with Windows 7 64 bit version and after that I can’t type Bangla. I also install Bayanno and Ekushe but I am having many problems. Please give me the solution.

      1. Uninstall those and follow the steps from the above post.

    11. Hello, after using your method I have worked nicely. But, now I feel the problem again. So what can I do?

        1. Hello, now I don’t find out “font fixer” on Avro settings. But, in the previous time it was there. Is there any another option to get it? Please.

          1. Uninstall Avro, restart the computer and install it again.

    12. I am Mahbub. From a couple of months, I felt problem with writing Bangla. I asked many people how to solve the problem. But, nobody answered. showed the way of easy Bangla typewriting without problems. Now my PC is enable to Bangla writing. I am grateful to Thank you.

    13. Hello, I am Joy. My computer model is HP Core i3. So, now I change my Windows 8 to 7. But, now I have a big problem. I can’t connect WiFi with my computer. But, before I connected WiFi with Windows 8. So it’s my computer problem or other?

      1. Install WiFi driver for your computer model and it will work again.

    14. Thanks to your tip. I can now read the PDF files and epub with Bengali content easily.

    15. This is a very nice post certainly and you are hearty thanks.

    16. Thats really a great job. I have solved my problem by following your instruction. Keep it up.

    17. Wow. This is a very good solution. Thank you very much.

    18. Thanks a lot, brother.

    19. Thanks a lot for solving Bengali font problem.

    20. Thank you so much for the Avro font fix method. Nice post about the Bangla font problem. People will surely get benifit, specially from the images. I had problems regarding Bangla fonts. You helped me a lot. Thanks.

    21. How can I create Gmail account without phone verification? Please help.

    22. Opera Mini and Yandax browser e Bangla font dekha jacche na on PC.

    23. Dear Dr. Sujon Paul, a very good day to you. Just followed your guidelines. Hope Bangla font issue is taken care now. Keep up the good job. Take care.

    24. Thanks for share. This is really great post.

    25. Ami Office 2010 e Bijoy 52 type korte gele SutonnyMJ font select kore jokhon e type kori, then font ta Vrinda hoye jay. Etar solution ki keu janaben please?

    26. Avro Mouse – click ‘n Type – e jukto borno kivabe likhbo?

      1. Use ” ্” (hosonto) in between two letters. Example: mondi = mo+no+hosonto+do+hrosho e.

        1. But, Web e, Facebook or mail e ‘্’ use kore juktoborno lekha jay na. Ar ki sohoj poth ache?

          1. Then you should use the keyboard and type instead of click n type.

            1. Your reply is not clear to me. Would you please explain and spare your valuable time to solve this specific problem.

            2. I mean, you should avoid writing with Avro Mouse – click n type option. You should use your computer’s keyboard and type to avoid such problems.

    27. Can you please help me to create Bengali subtitle from English movies subtitle? Can Avro help me in this regard? If it so, then how? As I am not satisfied with Google Translator.

      1. If you don’t want this method of translating subtitles with Google Translator, you have to translate those yourself. It is very difficult job. Avro is just a typing software, not a translator.

    28. Really helpful. Problem solved.

    29. Amar koto boro upokar je korlen, ta kivabe boli.

    30. Many many thanks for you. Just one minute and the problem is solved in my pc. Awesome.

    31. Windows 10 e Bangla font work korche na. [][][][] e rokom dekhay. Please help.

      1. Perform the above steps serially. I hope, you will find the solution.

    32. Windows 10 Maxthon browser diye Bangla font dekhi na. Kono solution achhe? Ektu janaben.

      1. Check Maxthon settings or preference. If there is any option for selection of fonts, select SolaimanLipi font. If there is so such option, prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for viewing Bangla.

    33. How to install Bangla font in Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader?

      1. There is no need or way to install fonts in PDF readers. You have to install fonts in your computer to see those in PDF readers. To install a font, download it, right-click on it and select Install option.

    34. Thanks a lot. Onekdin dhore amar laptop e online e Bangla likhte parchilam na. Ekbar Star Tech er service center eo niye giyechilam. Unarao somossa ti bujhte pare ni. Obosese apnar deya step gulo onusoron kore Bangla font problem theke mukti peyechi. Apnake onek onek dhonnobad.

    35. Thanks for your post. This is a great website.

    36. Very Nice Post. Thanks

    37. Great Tips. Thanks For Sharing This Tips.

    38. Nice software. Thanks for the tricks.

    39. Bangla Text Book er Font (Saroda MJ, Sabrina MJ) kivabe pabo? Download korar link ta ki diben please.

    40. Having trouble to translate Bangla to English.

    41. It works! Thanks a lot.

    42. That’s very great of you.

    43. Thank you so much for the Avro font fix method. I was facing difficulty in seeing Bangla in my windows 8 after installing Avro. I solved the problem with the help of your post.

    44. Not yet solved. dell inspiron1564, windows 7, google chrome. Cant read bangla post in facebook and cant read online news paper. Plz help me out@Mr Sujon. Regards.

    45. Thank you so much. I got solutions.

    46. I am facing still problem.

    47. “‡gi d¬¨vU
      Amar Bangla erokom ashe.

    48. I cannot select UTF-8 because my computer donot it is -defult for current locale in lieu of utf-8.for this i can see bangla in facebook or others but cannot see wikipedia english

    49. Thanks a lot. It worked fine. You are a life saver.

    50. Paper er Bangla gulo porte pari but Facebook er Bangla dekte paina.
      Plz help (Computer).

      1. Please perform the above steps [mentioned in the post]. I hope your problem will be solved.

    51. Amar Acer laptop a Bangla likhta parche na.
      Ami bijoy bayanno setup koreche.
      But tar por o Bangla likte parche na.
      Can you help me?

    52. Thank you so much. I had problems regarding Bangla fonts.You helped me a lot.

    53. Thank you so much for the Avro font fix method.
      I was facing difficulty in seeing Bangla in my windows 8 after installing Avro.
      I solved the problem with the help of your post.

    54. Nice post. I like it. Thank you very much.

    55. Thank you. It worked for me.

    56. Nice post about the Bangla font problem, people will surely get benifit, specially from the images.

    57. Now thats a techi post!

      1. Thanks. This just saved me from Bangla font disaster.

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