Six Pack Tips: 55 Physical Exercise Methods Animation Images

Physical Exercise is a must for a healthy body. Everyone wants a six pack abdomen, but very few of them try to get it by regular physical exercise. Everything is possible if you make up your mind towards it. But you need a complete guidance to perform physical exercises in regular basis. So, I have provided 55 useful physical exercise methods here with clear animation images. You can perform any of these exercises to get a fit body. Regular exercise of at least 30 minutes everyday is enough for anyone to have a nice body shape. So, here are the exercise methods:

Six Pack Tips: 55 Physical Exercise Methods Animation Images

1. 3 point rollout on ball:

2. Abdominal Crunch:

3. Abdominal Strengthening:

4. Adductor stretch with crunch:

5. Air Bike Crunches:

6. Alternating Toe Touch:

7. Ankle Wiggles:

8. Ball Transfer Crunch:

9. Belly Blaster:

10. Bench Reverse Crunch:

11. Bicycle Kicks:

12. Burpees:

13. Decline Reverse Crunch:

14. Double Leg Pressouts:

15. Elbow Stabilization:

16. Elevated Prone Hip Extension:

17. Flutter Kicks:

18. Full Sit Up:

19. Full Situp with Twist:

20. Hanging Hip Raise:

21. Hip Circles:

22. Hip Thrusts:

23. Incline Hip Raise:

24. Janda Sit Up:

25. Lateral flexion on balance disc:

26. Leg Raise Pike:

27. Long Lever Crunches:

28. Lumbar Roll:

29. Lying Hip Flexion on Disc:

30. Lying Side Crunch:

31. Oblique Abductor Rise:

32. Oblique Crunch:

33. Plank Knee-ins:

34. Prone Knee Tuck on ball:

35. Prone Plank Rotation:

36. Push Up With Rotation:

37. Push up on extreme balance board:

38. Push up Superman:

39. Reverse Crunch Scissor Kicks:

40. Reverse Crunch:

41. Rollouts with Ab wheel:

42. Scissor Kicks:

43. Scorpion:

44. Single Leg Hip Extension on Disc:

45. Single Leg Leg Raise:

46. Single Leg Plank Raise:

47. Stick Crunch:

48. Straight Arm Modified Crunch:

49. Straight Leg Obliques:

50. Suitcase Crunch:

51. Super Man:

52. Supine Double Leg Raise:

53. Unilateral Leg Raise on balance disc:

54.Vertical Hip Raise:

55. V-up:

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