Shut Down Or Restart Windows 8 Quickly By Keyboard & Shortcut

Windows 8 has no start button like that of Windows 7 or Windows Xp. So, you might feel that it is a long process to shut down or restart Windows 8. If you are using your mouse or touchpad to shut down or restart Windows 8, you have to first sign out from your account. Then you will get the shutdown or restart option. But, when you are in a hurry, you may need to shut down Windows 8 within a seconds or two. Then, this trick will help you.


1. When you are on desktop screen of windows 8, just press ALT+F4 from your keyboard. You will see a new window like this:

Shut Down or Restart Windows 8 by keyboard

2. If you want to Shutdown, just press ENTER from your keyboard. Your computer will shut down. If you want to restart, then press the BELOW ARROW KEY and then ENTER. There are many options under this. Here are those:

Shut down or restart windows 8 quickly by keyboard


1. On your desktop screen of windows 8, right click on any empty place and select NEW>SHORTCUT. See below screenshot:

Shut down or restart windows 8 by shortcut

2. You will see a new window like this. Type shutdown /s /t 0

Shutdown or restart windows 8 quickly by shortcut

3. Now click next. Now select a name of the shortcut. I have selected SHUTDOWN. You can change it as your wish. See below screenshot:

Shutdown or restart windows 8 quickly by shortcut

4. Now cli


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