Shakib Khan: The King Of Dhallywood Biography And Wallpapers

Shakib Khan is the King of Dhallywood, the most successful hero of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema in the recent times. He is the most paid film actor and has the golden touch! He has won many awards for his acting, including the National Film Award for the acting in the movie Bhalobeshe Ghor Badha Jay Na. He is the current president of Film Artist Association and also involved in various sociocultural activities. He is also the brand ambassador of Pran Power Energy Drink and Asian Duplex Town. In a word, he is the nucleus of Bangladeshi Bangla cinema at this moment.


Name: Masud Rana
Film Name: Shakib Khan, King Khan
Birth Date: 28th March, 1983
Birth Place: Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Debut Film: Anonto Bhalobasha [1999]

CHILDHOOD: He grew up in his family with his elder brother and sister. He was a bright student and did a brilliant result in SSC examination. He aimed to become doctor or engineer and started college. Then suddenly he got the chance to act in his debut film. Since then, he never looked back and became the greatest hero of Dhallywood.


1999 Anonto Bhalobasha
2000 Sobai Tu Shukhi Hote Chay
2002 Ful Nibo Na Ossru Nibo
2003 Swapner Bashor- The Dream of Love
2005 Amar Swapno Tumi
2005 Badha
2006 Chachu
2006 Koti Takar Kabin
2006 Dadima
2006 Shubha
2006 Mayer Morjada
2007 Pitar Ason
2007 Amar Praner Swami
2007 Maa Amar Sorgo
2008 Priya Amar Priya
2008 Tomake Bou Banabo
2008 Amader Choto Saheb
2008 Doctor Bari
2008 Amar Jaan Amar Pran
2008 Tumi Swapno Tumi Shadhona
2008 Ak Takar Bow
2008 Mone Prane Acho Tumi
2008 Tui Jodi Aamar Hoiti Re
2009 Mone Boro Kosto
2009 Amar Praner Priya
2009 Bhalobashar Lal Golap
2009 Mon Jekane Hridoy Sekane
2009 Jaan Amar Jaan
2009 Sobar Upore Tumi
2009 O Sathi Re
2009 Shaheb Name Golam
2010 Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na
2010 Preme Porechi
2010 Number One Shakib Khan
2010 Nissash Amar Tumi
2010 Chaccu Amar Chaccu
2010 Top Hero
2010 Bolo Na Tumi Amar
2010 Poran Jaye Jolia Re
2010 Hai Prem Hai Bhalobasa
2010 Prem Mane Na Bandha
2011 Moner Jala
2011 Ontore Acho Tumi
2011 Matir Thikana
2011 Koti Takar Prem
2011 Tor Karone Beche Achi
2011 Tiger Number One
2011 Ekbar Bolo Valobasi
2011 Jaan Kurbaan
2011 Moner Ghore Boshot Kore
2011 King Khan
2011 Boss Number One
2011 Priya Amar Jaan
2011 Adorer Jamai
2012 I Love You
2012 Amar Challenge
2012 Ak Takar Denmohor
2012 Ek Mon Ek Pran
2012 Sontaner Moto Sontan
2012 My Name Is Sultan
2012 Khoder Pore Ma
2012 Dhakar King
2012 Se Amar Mon Kereche
2012 Durdhorso Premik
2012 Don Number One
2012 Ziddi Mama
2012 Buk Fatey To Mukh Fote Na
2013 Jor Kore Valobasha Hoy Na
2013 Devdas
2013 Judge Barrister Police Commissioner
2013 Nishpap Munna
2013 My name is khan
2013 Dhaka To Bombay
2013 Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini [Joya Ahsan]
2013 Full and Final [Bobby]
2013 Bhalobasha Ajkal [Mahiya Mahi]


Jaan Tumi Pran Tumi [Apu Bisswas]
Ei to prem [Bindu]
Dui prithibi [Apu Bisswas and Ahona]
Bichar Ami Korbo [Sahara]
Moner Thikana [Apu Bisswas]
Love Marriage [Ruhi]
Juge Juge Ami Tomari [Apu Bisswas]
Shopner Bidesh [Shabnur]

He has acted in a huge range of characters in his career.

Shakib Khan All 206 Bangla Movie list with heroines PDF


Here is some of the wallpapers of Shakib Khan:

Shakib Khan The King Of Dhallywood Biography And Wallpapers

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

Shakib and Bobby has created an excellent chemistry together in advertisements and films.

Shakib Khan and Bobby

Shakib is a very stylish person. You can see him like this:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

His movie with Joya Ahsan is Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini. See the style here!

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

Another photo of this movie:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

He is also a romantic hero. Here are some of his romantic scenes from the movie Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

A kissing scene from that movie:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

He has a variety of hair styles. See a style here:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

The most common hair style is this:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

He looks good with Mahiya Mahi also. Have a look at this:

Shakib And Mahiya Mahi

Shakib and Mahi

He is also an action hero. Watch him in some of his action scenes:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

He is a pious man in his real life. He went to Hajj in 2012. Here is a photo:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

He was a cute boy in his early days. See a photo of his beginning times:

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

Thus, this young man has became the greatest hero of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema. Cinema lovers love him for his contribution in this field. Shakib Khan is the KING!

Shakib Khan: The King of Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema Industry "Dhallywood"

Thank you for reading this post.


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