Samsung Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

Samsung mobile handsets have become very popular in Bangladesh over the last few years. It was possible as a result of the great features and lower price than other mobiles. Young generations always search for newer mobile handsets. They do not want to use a mobile handset for much time as it is part of the style. Day by day, newer handsets are being produced with the latest features and lower prices. So, people are searching for the best phone for them.

In this post, you will be provided with the updated price list of all the available Samsung mobile handsets in the market. These prices will be updated every month so that you will get the latest and updated price and will help you choose your best handset.

Samsung Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

Samsung Mobile Handset Updated Price List in Bangladesh

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Here are the Samsung mobile handsets available in Bangladesh right now:


Samsung B100 = 2,400/= BDT
Samsung B110 = 2,150/= BDT
Samsung B130 = 1,650/= BDT
Samsung B200 = 2,850/= BDT
Samsung B2100 Xplorer = 6,280/= BDT
Samsung B220 = 3,150/= BDT
Samsung B310 = 3,200/= BDT
Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT = 7,500/= BDT
Samsung B3310 = 7,890/= BDT
Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO = 17,000/= BDT
Samsung B5722 = 13,490/= BDT
Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO = 17,100/= BDT
Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO = 20,800/= BDT

Samsung Champ = 5,690/= BDT
Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos = 6,900/= BDT
Samsung Champ Neo Duos = 5,500/= BDT
Samsung Corby II = 9,990/= BDT
Samsung C3322 = 6,590/= BDT
Samsung C140 = 1,499/= BDT
Samsung C170 = 2,900/= BDT
Samsung E1081 = 1,490/= BDT

Samsung E2652 Champ Duos = 6,790/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT = 6,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT 2 = 6,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 = 14,880/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Alpha = 38,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy A3 = 25,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy A5 = 24,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) = 29,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) = 29,900/= BDT/span>
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) = 36,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy A8 = 44,900/= BDT

Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 = 18,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Dual = 9,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime = 10,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy E5 = 24,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy E7 = 29,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS = 27,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo = 18,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime = 13,490/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 = 26,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J1 (2005) = 8,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J1 (2006) = 9,490/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace = 7,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J1 NXT = 6,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J1 NXT Prime = 6,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2015) = 9,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) = 12,990/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2006) = 13,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015) = 15,490/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) = 18,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015) = 17,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) = 20,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime = 23,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom = 47,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 = 15,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Music Duos = 7,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note = 55,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 = 47,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 = 63,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo = 40,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 = 49,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 = 69,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos = 74,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 = 79,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 = 45,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE = 71,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy P1000 Tab = 45,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Pocket = 10,490/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo = 10,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 = 19,200/= BDT

Samsung Galaxy S Duos = 12,630/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 = 12,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 = 9,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S2 = 47,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S3 = 33,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo = 32,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S4 = 38,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini = 37,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S4  Zoom = 41,280/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S5 = 60,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S6 = 44,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge = 79,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge = 74,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Star Pro = 6,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Star S5280 = 6,900/= BDT

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 = 63,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 = 35,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 = 27,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo = 19,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V = 13,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 = 16,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 = 30,000/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 LTE = 23,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE = 35,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE = 53,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 = 53,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Trend = 8,500/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) = 9,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus = 9,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS = 12,900/= BDT
Samsung Galaxy Young Duos = 11,900/= BDT

Samsung Guru E1205 = 1,500/= BDT
Samsung Guru Music E1282 = 2,390/= BDT
Samsung Guru Music 2 = 1,790/= BDT
Samsung Hero E2230 = 2,990/= BDT
Samsung Hero E2232 = 3,590/= BDT
Samsung I8000 Omnia ii = 28,500/= BDT
Samsung I8910 Omnia HD = 42,000/= BDT
Samsung I900 = 33,500/= BDT
Samsung I9000 Galaxy = 38,900/= BDT
Samsung Keystone 3 = 1,590/= BDT
Samsung L700 = 10,500/= BDT
Samsung Metro 312 = 2,390/= BDT
Samsung Metro 313 = 2,390/= BDT
Samsung Metro 350 = 3,090/= BDT
Samsung Metro 360 = 3,900/= BDT

Samsung Rex 60 = 6,900/= BDT
Samsung Rex 80 = 8,900/= BDT
Samsung Star II DUOS = 11,900/= BDT
Samsung Star 3 DUOS S5222 = 8,900/= BDT
Samsung S8500 Wave = 32,500/= BDT
Samsung S8300 UltraTouch = 28,000/= BDT
Samsung S8003 JET = 25,000/= BDT
Samsung S3653 Corby TOUCH = 9,900/= BDT
Samsung S5233 Star = 11,490/= BDT
Samsung S5603 = 15,830/= BDT
Samsung Z1 = 5,900/= BDT

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      1. No such Samsung phone in this budget. Nearby: Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016).

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      1. Symphony Xplorer ZVI. These are the Android operating systems, just like Windows operating system in the computers. Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 are different in their styles. Same case is applicable to these also.

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      1. Already written in the post.
        Samsung Galaxy Music Duos = 7,900/= BDT.

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    50. It’s very nice brand.

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      1. Call me. 01774490007 01974490007.

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      Thanks for details price list :)

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