How To Root Android Mobile Phone Easily

Android Mobile Phones are very popular among the young generation. It has great features with a lot of apps in the Google Play Store. Besides, it has some extra features, which can’t be used by the general users. These features are officially locked by the manufacturers. If anyone wants to use these features, he/she will have to ROOT the phone. In this post, I will discuss about the easiest way to root a phone and its advantages and disadvantages.



Root is the supreme power of any mobile phone user which enables some features for him/her. If you buy an Android phone, you can use some features of it. The other advanced features like editing the apps, special settings etc can’t be done without rooting. So, if you want to use these extra features, you must root your phone.

Let me explain a bit more! In Windows operating system, you can’t change or delete system files unless you are logged in as Administrator. Thus, you can’t change some settings of your Android phone without rooting it.


As you know by this time, it gives some special power to the mobile phone user. Here are some of those:

1. To clean up useless files and default apps to make your device fast.

2. To speed up the CPU.

3. To increase battery backup.

4. To use custom UI.

5. To use custom ROM.

6. To use some special apps.

7. To change some special settings.


1. Violation of Warranty.

2. Your phone may be bricked or dead.

So, you should think twice before rooting your phone. Let’s discuss the easiest method to root an Android Phone.

***This method may not work on some phones. You may use any other methods by searching Google.


1. At first, Download this apk file [Framaroot 1.9.3, 1.25 MB].

2. Then, install it on your phone. Here are some screenshots:




2. Now, open the app. You will see this:


4. Note, the Install Super SU option is visible, just like the previous image. If not, select it from the drop-down menu there. See screenshot:


5. Now, select Boromir and wait for a few seconds.


6. You will see this after a few seconds:


7. You will have to reboot your phone. After the reboot, you will see the SuperSU app in the menu. See screenshot:


That’s all. Your phone is now rooted.

Thanks for reading this post.


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    1. How to root Walton Primo RM2 Mini?

    2. Vai, Helio S1 kivabe root korbo without PC?

    3. Can I root Walton Primo H6 with this method?

    4. Dear sir,
      Thanks for your rooted system on Android phone.
      You mentioned many kinds of mobile phone that will be root. But I am using Symphony Xplorer ZVII. I can’t root this one like as your suggestion. Framaroot setup is complete, but when I open this app its message me that “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot”. Now please help me to avoid this and to be completed to rooted.

        1. Dear Sir, I have tried several times by KingoRoot. But, it shows only 10% complete. Please sir, help me by the easy way to root.

          1. There is no easy way. Try again and again with Kingroot, Kingoroot, iRoot, vRoot both PC and mobile versions and hope for the best. I have rooted many phones in this method. So, it will work.

    5. Symphony Xplorer H400 root korbo kivabe? Please tell me.

      1. Use Kingoroot PC and mobile version and try 5 times with each.

        1. PC te ki net lagbe? Ar root korle ki phone er warranty thakbe? Please vaia, tell me. Thanks.

    6. Vai, ekta software paoa jabe ja diye computer software mobile er software e porinoto kora jabe?

    7. Sir, Greenify app kivabe active korbo? Bujhtechi na.

    8. Kingoroot root failed dekhay. Show kore boatload system app uninstall korte. So, ami kivabe system app uninstall korbo?

    9. How to root Symphony Xplorer H400?

    10. Sujon vai, Walton Primo GH6+ root korbo kivabe? Without PC.

    11. Ei app amar mobile e virus and dangerous show kore antivirus. Ki korbo?

      1. If you want to root, then ignore this notification by the Antivirus. It changes the system files, so the Antivirus thinks that it is a virus.

    12. Onek try korechi King root, Kingo root diye root korte, but hoy na. Kivabe root korbo tar processes dekhale valo hoy?

      1. Sometimes, the first attempt is failed. Try with Kingroot PC version, KingoRoot PC version, iRoot PC version for at least 5 times each.

    13. King root, Kingo root install korechi. Ekhon root korbo ki kore?

    14. Kingroot, Kingo root, iroot, vroot kivabe chalu korbo? Please link din.

    15. Root korle ki set er kono khoti hobe? Jodi khoti hoy, tahole charge save korbo ki kore?

      1. Yes, the disadvantages are written in the above post. But, the possibility of damage is very low. So, you may try it.

    16. Walton Primo HM3 te kivabe root korbo? framaroot try korechi, kintu kaj hocche na. Please help.

    17. Dear sujon vai, you have said that disadvantage of root is that phone may be dead. I want to root my Walton Primo GH6 Plus and scared if it becomes dead. Can you tell me any safer ways to root?

    18. Sir, can you please explain how to root Symphony i10?

      1. Install Kingroot app and touch the ROOT button.

    19. Vai, Symphony Xplorer V75 phone e ki root use korbo? It runs by Marshmallow 6.0.

    20. Ami amar Walton Primo GH6 Framaroot diyeche. Kintu (Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot) ei ta ase.

    21. Sir, can you please explain how to root Symphony Xplorer H300?

      1. Install Kingroot app on your phone and click on the root button.

        1. I tried but each time it fails at 70% root progress.

    22. Symphony W19 ki root kora jabe? Onek app use korechi. But, hoy na. Help me.

      1. Use Kingroot and iRoot PC version and try at least 5 times with each.

    23. Amar Symphony i10 root hocche na. Onek gulo app use korlam. Kintu hocche na.

    24. How can I root Symphony Xplorer H300?

    25. Hello! I am Shafi. In your “How To Root Android Mobile Phone Easily” post on para no-7 you have mentioned that “Your phone is not rooted.” Is that a mistake?

      1. Yes. It was a mistake. Thanks for mentioning. Now it has been corrected.

    26. Symphony Xplorer V75 kicchu te root hoy na.

    27. Symphony Xplorer W75 root korbo kivabe?

        1. Kingroot Marshmallow te kaj kore na re vai.

    28. Need help. Symphony Xplorer ZVII kivabe root korbo? Kono software ba PC diye root hocche na.

      1. Use Kingroot and iRoot PC version and try at least 5 times with each.

    29. Vai, Symphony Xplorer H300 ki diye root korle sure hobe?

    30. Symphony Xplorer V75 kono vabei root hocche na.

      1. Try at least 5 times with both Kingroot PC version and iRoot PC version.

    31. My Android phone Symphony Xplorer V75 kono vabei root hocche na. Ekhon ami kivabe root korbo? Please bro, tell me. PC diye o root kora jacche na. Ar pure solution den, please.

      1. Use iRoot, Kingoroot and Kingroot PC version. It requires many attempts, but you will be succeeded. Just try again.

    32. Symphony Xplorer V75 PC/Phone Kingroot/Kingoroot konovabei root hocche na. Ki korbo? Eta Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

    33. Vai, amar Symphony Xplorer V85 kon app diye root korle safe hobe?

    34. Phnoe root korle ki ami amar phone er font style change korte parbo?

    35. Phone root korle ki kono problem hobe?

    36. Vai, amar Walton Primo RX4 root hoy na. Kingrooot try korechi. Iroot, Kingoroot, etc.

    37. How to root Symphony Xplorer V52? I am trying Framaroot, Kingoroot, 1 click root, SRS root, but can’t root my phone. Please help me.

    38. How do I root Symphony ZV Pro?

    39. Vai, root korar por unroot kora jabe ki?

    40. I can’t root Symphony E10. I tried many methods by king root, framaroot, iroot. When I root in the Kingroot, then there shown in success, then I check my phone but Root Checker says Sorry! Root access isn’t properly installed. Please help any way.

        1. I tried KingRoot PC version. Result success! but I check in then the Root Checker shows sorry root access isn’t properly installed.

          1. Then it may not be possible to root this phone. Try with other root apps.

    41. Vai, amar phone Lava Iris X1+. Amar ta te failed dekhacche keno?

    42. Symphony ZVI kivabe root korbo, bro?

    43. Vai, Maximus Max 906 ki PC chara root kora jabe? Gele kon app diye?

    44. Walton Primo HM (Jelly Bean) kivabe PC chara root korbo? Please help.

    45. Symphony Xplorer V52 use korchi. But, root korte gele failed asche. Keno bolte parben?

    46. Thanks for valuable information.

    47. Symphony E75 ki root hobe? Kivabe?

    48. Walton Primo GF4 PC theke root korbo kivabe, vai?

    49. Use korechi, but hocche na, Please give me another option.

      1. Then no way. You can contact customer care. Hope they can do it for you.

        1. How they do it? Can you give me some tips?

    50. Vai, amar Symphony ZV Pro te Frameroot diye hocche na. Kingroot tao try korechi, but hocche na. Please help me.

    51. I have a Helio S1, but I can not root it. Please help me. Thank you.

    52. Bro, PC diye phone root korle ki phone brick kore na?

      1. No. Many people use PC for rooting. Only the unfortunate ones end up bricking their phones.

    53. I want to install Lollipop custom ROM in my Symphony W75. Can I install custom ROM without PC? Do I need to ROOT before install custom ROM? Please help me.

      1. Always read or watch a tutorial before proceeding the ROM installation. And make sure the ROM will work on your phone or not. Rooting is not necessary. You can use PC or you can install by entering the boot menu.

    54. I can’t root my Primo S4. What to do? King root failed.

      1. Use KingRoot desktop version and root by connecting your S4 with the PC.

    55. Walton RX4 hocche na. Please help koren. 01915229988.

    56. Bro, amar Symphony Xplorer E55 e ami kivabe root korbo without PC? Please janaben.

    57. Vaia, Symphony Helio S1 root korbo kon software diye?

    58. Symphony ZV Pro kivabe root korbo? Please help me.

    59. Sujon vaiya, Symphony W86 ki ei niyome root kora jabe?

      1. Not sure. Try this. If not possible, use Kingroot app to root this model.

    60. Walton Primo GF4 kivabe root korbo? Help me.

    61. Vaia, Symphony Roar V25 er jonno kono custom ROM ache ki? Thakle please share korben.

      1. Bro, apnar set ta ki root korte parsen? Kivabe? Framaroot diye to hocche na. Framaroot er shob gula version test korsi. Failed dekhay.

    62. Symphony W21 root hobe ki?

    63. Walton Primo S4 ki ei vabe root kora jabe?

    64. Not working with Android 4.4.2 and above.

    65. Amar Android Samaung GTS5282 DOUS e Framaroot ase na. Now ami ki korbo? Please answer me.

    66. Symphony W70Q framaroot, Kingroot & Masterroot konotai hocche na! Ekhon ki korbo?

    67. Why wants root my Symphony V80? I am new user. What is root?

    68. Via, Symphony V30 root kora jabe? Please vaiya bolen.

      1. Don’t know. You should try the method shown in this post. It is totally harmless.

    69. Walton Primo EF3 SuperSU install korbo ki kore?

      1. Try Framaroot app. If it does not work, then you have to find the official rooting app in the Walton Forum.

    70. 1. Symphony H100 a root korte chai. Possible?
      2. Walton Walpad G a root korte chai. Possible?

    71. Walton Primo GM Android KitKat version e root korar pore ki abar unroot korte parbo?

    72. how to root symphony xplorer v80 please inform me……..

    73. Vai amr Walton gf3 te kaj hoy na

    74. amar h100 e kaj korche na… korbo?

    75. Ata diya root error dekhay. ki korbo.

    76. Amar Symphony W67 root hosse na keno?

    77. Symphony W67 root korbo. Please help.

    78. Not working in my symphony w67.

    79. Ame 2nd dec’2014 ae walton s3 mini purchase korechi.all things are ok bt, mone hocche charge backup normal theke besh kom.apni ki bolte parben,ai set ta te ki backup onno walton theke kom hobe naki, kono problem ashe ?charge back baranor ki kono way ashe ?

    80. Symphony H50 kivabe root korbo and ki software dia root korbo kitkat version.

    81. Yusuf, try with (king root.apk) 100% root hobe. Ami korechi.

    82. its a problem that when I going to root it shows Chinese words , and believe me I don’t understand anything about it. its a damn problem for me. how can I change the language when to reboot?

    83. My android symphony H100,not work in framaroot,how to solved this?

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