Recharge Your Friend’s Mobile From Your Own Mobile By Card

Bangladeshi mobile operators provide 2 ways of recharging mobile balance.

1. Flexiload.
2. Recharge Card.

You can recharge your mobile by either way. You can have flexiload to your own number as well as your friend’s number while you are present near a flexiload agent of your mobile operator. You can buy recharge cards from the agents and keep those with you so that you can recharge your mobile whenever you want in future.

In flexiload, you can recharge any amount of money starting from Taka 10. But in recharge card, you have to recharge, an exact amount of money as the cards are fixed. Such as Taka 10, 20, 50, 100, 300, 500 etc.

Do you know? You can recharge your friend’s mobile with a recharge card from your own mobile.

Yes! It is possible. To do so, you have to type the recharge card number in the following ways:

Recharge your friend's mobile number from your own mobile by recharge card

Example: *555*12345678901234*01912345678#


Example: *801*12345678901234*01912345678#


Example: *111*12345678901234*01912345678#

You will get a confirmation message if you successfully recharge your friend’s mobile. Your friend may or may not get a notification message depending on the mobile operators. But, their account will be recharged immediately with the money you sent from the recharge card.

In this way, your friends will be benefited in time of their need. If they fall in trouble and can’t recharge by flexiload or recharge card, they may ask you to recharge their account. Then you may recharge their account by either flexiload or by this way using recharge cards.

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    1. Banglalink e MB dekhbo kivabe?

    2. Ami Robi theke Airtel e taka recharge korte chai. Doya kore bolben seta kivabe kora jay?

    3. Gp te hoy na, kivabe pathabo please ektu bolen.

    4. Robi te recharge hoy na.

    5. banlalink 801 dia friends er number e richarge kora jassena
      Amar mone hoi 801 Airtell er code.
      janaben ki?

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