Real Birth Names Collection Of Bangladeshi Movie Stars

Changing the real or birth names during entering the media is a trend which is followed in almost all countries in the world. Alike all other countries, Bangladesh has seen the change of the real birth names of a number of movie stars in the past. In this post of, you will be provided with the real birth names collection of Bangladeshi Movie Stars. So, let’s start!

Real Birth Names Collection Of Bangladeshi Movie Stars

1. Sohel Rana: You must know him if you are a Bangladeshi. But, what you may not know is the real name of Sohel Rana is Masud Parvez. He started his career in films with his real name. But, after acting in the famous character of Masud Rana in 1973, he changed his name to Sohel Rana.

Sohel Rana Real Birth Name Bangladesh

2. Shabana: Shabana is one of the few multi-talented actresses we have ever seen. But do you know, who is Afroza Sultana Rotna? Yes, Shabana’s real name is Afroza Sultana Rotna. She started her career as a child artist with her real name in 1962. But, in 1966, she changed her name to Shabana during acting in an Urdu movie.

Shabana Real Birth Name Bangladesh

3. Iliyas Kanchan: Iliyas Kanchan was one of the most popular film actors in the 1980’s. But, it is not his real name. His birth name is Idris Ali, which was changed during entering into films in 1977.

Iliyas Kanchan Real Birth Name Bangladesh

4. Kobori: Kobori is one of the favorite actresses for most of the middle aged people in Bangladesh. But, did you know, her real name is Mina Paul? During the entrance in the movies, she changed her name to Kobori in 1964.

Kobori Real Birth Name Bangladesh

5. Manna: Do you remember Manna, the talented and popular hero who died on 17th February, 2008? I am sure, you remember him. But, did you know, his real name was S. M. Aslam Talukdar? He changed his name to Manna during the entrance in films in 1984.

Manna Real Birth Name Bangladesh

6. Shobnom: Shobnom is another beautiful and popular actress in Bangladesh. Her real Name is Jharna Basak. She was popular in the 1960’s in both Bangladeshi and Pakistani movies. She also changed her name during her first movie.

Shobnom Real Birth Name Bangladesh

7. Rubel: Rubel is one of the few action heroes Bangladeshi Film Industry has ever got. His real name was Masum Parvez. He is the younger brother of Sohel Rana (mentioned above). So, like his brother, he also changed his name to Rubel during his first movie.

Rubel Real Birth Name Bangladesh

8. Bobita: Bobita is one of the most successful and most beautiful actresses in Bangla movie history. Her real name is Farida Akhter Popy. She changed her name Jalte Suraj Ki Niche by Jahir Raihan.

Bobita Real Birth Name Bangladesh

9. Salman Shah: Salman Shah was the most successful and talented hero in the mid-1990’s. But, his real name was Shahriar Chowdhury Imon. He came into Bangla cinema with the movie Keyamat Theke Keyamat. But, he died suspiciously in 1996. Here are some of the HD Wallpapers of Salman Shah.

Salman Shah Real Birth Name Bangladesh

10. Rozina: Rozina is another talented actress in Bangladeshi Bangla movies. Her real name is Rowshan Ara Renu. But, people know her as Rozina from the very beginning.

Rojina Real Birth Name Bangladesh

11. Riaz: Riaz is one of the modern day heroes in Bangladesh. His real name is Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique. But, he is well known as Riaz only. He started his career in 1995.

Riaz Real Birth Name Bangladesh

12. Nuton: Nuton is another popular actress in Bangladesh. She started her career in 1970 with the movie Notun Provat. But, her real name is Farhana Amir Ratna.

Nuton Real Birth Name Bangladesh

13. Shakib Khan: Shakib Khan is the current number one hero in Bangladesh. His real name is Masud Rana. His first movie was Ononto Bhalobasha.

Shakib Khan Real Birth Name Bangladesh

14. Moushumy: Moushumy is one of the evergreen actresses in Bangladesh. Her real name is Arifa Akhter Zaman.

Moushumy Real Birth Name Bangladesh

15. Shabnur: Shabnur is one of the most successful actresses for last 20 years. Her real name is Kazi Sharmin Nahar Nupur. She started her career in 1993 with her new name in her first movie Chandni Rate.

Shabnur Real Birth Name Bangladesh

16. Purnima: Purnima is another successful and beautiful actress in Bangladesh. Her real name is Dilara Hanif Rita.

Purnima Real Birth Name Bangladesh

17. Mahiya Mahi: Mahiya Mahi is the current number one heroine in Bangladesh. Her real name is Nipa Akhter Mahi. But, she changed her name during her first movie Bhalobashar Rong in 2012.

Mahiya Mahi Real Birth Name Bangladesh


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