Ramadan Calendar 2014 Bangladesh Download Sehri Iftar Time

Mahe Ramadan is the holy month in Islamic Calendar. This year, the holy month of Ramadan will start from 28th June, 2014. All the Muslims around the world are eagerly  waiting for this holy month. As, they will fast each and every days of this month to sacrifice themselves to the almighty Allah.

After the completion of the month, they will celebrate Eid-ul-fitr [Roja’r Eid] with their near and dear ones. They will say Eid Prayers and pray to Allah for the prosperity of themselves as well as the whole world.


This is 1435 according to the Islamic Calendar, known as Hijri Calendar. All Muslims are waiting to know the starting date of the holy Ramadan and they also need Sehri and Iftar Timings. SUJONHERA.COM published the exact timings of Sehri and Iftar according to the Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh last year, which was very helpful for the people of Bangladesh. This year, you will be happy to hear that SUJONHERA.COM is going to publish the exact date and timings of Sehri and Iftar for the holy month of Ramadan, 1435.

The Islamic Foundation announces the exact timings of Ramadan after seeing the moon. As, all the timings and schedule is dependent on the sighting of the moon, you will be provided the exact schedule of Ramadan Sehri and Iftar as soon as the Islamic Foundation announces it. But, for now, I am providing you the most probable date and timings of Ramadan for this year 2014.

Note: These are exact timings provided by the Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh.





Ramadan Calendar 2014 Bangladesh Download Sehri Iftar Time

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