QIMP 15 Medical eBook PDF Download Free

QIMP is the Quick Index of Medical Products and Problems eBook by Dr. Ridwan Ullah Shahidi. The book contains each and every drug information [Generic names, Trade names, Indications, Dosage, Contraindications, Side effects, Mechanism of action, Price in Bangladeshi Taka etc]. So, it is one of the important books for every medical practitioner in Bangladesh.

QIMP 15 Medical eBook PDF Download Free

The QIMP version 17 is available in market. So, buy the original book with latest information from market.

Here you will get QIMP version 15 PDF eBook for free download. You can download this helpful book by clicking the link below.

It is only 35.48 MB in size. So, download it and search about any drug. I think, it will help you a lot.



QIMP 15 Medical eBook PDF Download Free


You may wonder how to search a particular drug in such a vast eBook. But, it’s very easy. The book contains Therapeutic Alphabetic Index at the end of it. So, you will find it too easy to find a drug by its generic or trade name.

QIMP 15 Medical eBook PDF Download Free

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