Parle Theka (2013): Joya Ahsan New Bangla Movie

Joya Ahsan, the beauty queen of Bangladesh is back with her new movie, “Parle Theka“. This exceptional movie is directed by Samurai Maruf, a young and promising director of recent times. Parle theka is an adventure film in which Joya plays the role of a thief of 3013 (!). She steals wealth of the rich and corrupted persons and gives those to the poor. She has worked very hard for this movie to make her character realistic.

Parle Theka 2013 Joya Ahsan Movie

One of the biggest attractions about this upcoming movie is the debut of Joya ahsan as a playback singer. There are 2 songs in this movie where Joya Ahsan herself made her debut in singing. “Jongoler Daak” and “Parle Theka” are those 2 songs, which has become very popular among the new generation so quickly. The theme of this movie is “Jibon ektai, voy peye lav nai” that means, “Life is one, so don’t fear”.

Another attraction of this movie is the get up of Joya Ahsan. In this movie, she has come up with an exceptional look. She wears Saree, Shoe; her hair style has also changed. In a poster, she is doing physical exercise with a dumbbell in her hand. About this particular scene, she says, “I do physical exercise everyday with dumbbells heavier than this one.”

Jongoler Daak video song is available in some video sharing websites like Youtube for the last few months. Jawad Parvez is the music director, who has created a great and exceptional music for Parle Theka.

Lyrics of Jongoler Daak is quite exceptional too. “Kolijay sound korse jongoler daak, Darling aj amake jin voot e khak” is the first two lines of this song. Check out the rest of this song from Parle Theka.

Here is the official Facebook fan page of this movie.

Lets have a look at some photos from this movie:

So, this one is going to be a super hit movie. Thank you for reading this post.


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