On This Day: Activity Reminder Notification By Facebook

Facebook has brought a great feature for it’s users. It is named as “On This Day”. This feature will give you a notification every day about your past Facebook activity on this very day. So, this will be a great opportunity to remind your past easily.

Earlier, Facebook introduced Timeline feature, where you can easily visit your past posts, photos, videos and all other activities. But, it is time-consuming. So, Facebook has now eased the experience of its millions of users and started the On This Day feature experimentally for the desktop version of Facebook.


All you have to do is to visit the On This Day link and click on Get Notifications button.

When you will click on the link (https://www.facebook.com/onthisday), you will see a page like this:

On This Day Activity Reminder Notification By Facebook

Now, click on the button shown above.

That’s it. You will get a notification every day about your past Facebook activities.

You can check the past activities any time you want by visiting the link.

Privacy: These activities will be shown to you only. Other people can’t see it unless they visit your timeline and find it. You can easily delete your past activities from this link.

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