Official Facebook Messenger For Chatting, Audio & Video Call

Facebook has made another great improvement for the chat lovers. This time, on April 9th, 2015, Facebook has made the official Facebook Messenger for its full site on any computer browser. Earlier, Facebook Messenger was available for Android & iPhone. Another good news is, you don’t have to download any extra application for this purpose. All you have to do is to visit from your desktop browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. Here is details about this service provided to you from SUJONHERA.COM.


1. You don’t have to open a Facebook tab in your browser, where there are many other features of Facebook. It will cost you lesser internet data.

2. When you want to chat only, you can easily open this address and chat with your friends. You can keep the other features of Facebook away from you.

3. You can do audio calls and video calls from this messenger. But, your friend must be present online from this messenger in a desktop browser.

4. You can use chat stickers and emoticons from this messenger.

5. You can also send photos while chatting from this messenger.


Visit the Facebook Messenger Link.

If you are already logged in Facebook from your browser, you will see something like this. Click on the blue button.

Official Facebook Messenger For Chatting, Audio & Video Call

If you are not logged in Facebook from your browser, then you will see this. Enter your username and password there and then click on the blue button to log in.

Official Facebook Messenger For Chatting, Audio & Video Call

After logging in, you will see a full page of messenger divided into 3 portions. The left portion contains your recent chat list, settings icon and the new message link. It will look like this:

Official Facebook Messenger For Chatting, Audio & Video Call

The middle portion will contain the chat window.

The right portion will contain some details and the audio call and the video call button. You can also add more people to the chat by clicking on the + icon and mute the chat by putting a tick mark on the box shown in the below picture.

In the settings, you can turn on desktop notifications. If you enable this, a pop-up notification will arise whenever anyone knocks you in chat.

Official Facebook Messenger For Chatting, Audio & Video Call

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