Most Welcome 2 (2014) Ananta Jalil Movie Download Review

Ananta Jalil, the super action hero of Dhallywood, has made his 5th movie “Most Welcome 2” for the Eid-Ul-Fitr 2014. For all people who have watched this movie and who haven’t yet watched it, I will try to figure out the good and bad outcomes of this movie.

Many people who have watched this movie, are saying it’s a crap! They have noticed hundreds of errors in this movie. And most of them are right. But, is that all about the movie? Is it a bad movie? Well, in my point of view, it is an average movie, with a few good points and more macroscopic errors. Overall, it is an entertainer.

Most Welcome 2 (2014) Ananta Jalil Barsha Bangla Movie


1. The movie has Ananta Jalil, which is the biggest plus point of this movie. We all know, Ananta is a dedicated person for any work. When he comes to make a movie, it matters. I am not saying that all he does is good. Alike most people, I also agree that he has problems with pronunciation, acting and dancing. But, his action scenes are up to the mark. Some of the action scenes in this movie are comparable to Hollywood also. Ananta has improved a lot compared to his previous 4 movies [Khoj-the search, Hridoy vanga dheu, Most welcome and Nishwartha bhalobasha]. His acting, pronunciation was ok in my view, although they need a lot more improvement to cope with the other movies.

2. The movie has many morals. As we all know, Ananta loves to make educational movies. He does it to change the mentality of the people in Bangladesh. In this movie, he also welcomes the bad people to come in the good way. So, it is another good thing about this movie.

3. The songs of this movie are good enough. They are melodious to listen. Although there are some errors in the video of the songs. I will discuss those later in this post.

4. The movie is totally action based. We see a lot of movies like this in Hollywood. But, in Bangladesh, such action films are rare. I am not talking about the quality of the action as it will be discussed later. But, the trend has been started and it is a good one for Bangladesh.

5. Misha Showdagor has acted brilliantly once again in Most Welcome 2. Misha has taken the character of the villain a top class level.

6. The movie is 100% digital. The sound and picture quality is very good compared to the recently released movies.

7. The cinematography is good also. There are some major lacking in this movie, but because of the cinematography, people will enjoy every moment of the movie.


1. This movie has the worst level of background editing in some of the songs. The 3D visualization should have been improved. Otherwise, it should have been excluded. But, the bad editing of the backgrounds makes the songs totally crap!

2. There are lacking in the costumes and makeup in this movie. A professional makeup man was needed but was not used in this big budget movie.

3. Ananta Jalil always tries to show extraordinary things in his films, which destroys the actual story of it. There was no need for such vehicles and firearms through editing. Realistic devices could have been used to make it more realistic. Flying stunts are so much unreal that even children will understand what is happening!

4. There is hardly any romance in this movie. Barsha, Ananta Jalil’s wife has a little role in this movie, which could have been extended a little more.

5. The movie has some copied scenes from some Tamil movies. Besides, some action stunts are copied from various action movies, which makes a bad impression towards making a genuine movie.

6. Barsha’s acting has been the same as before. There is hardly any improvement there. The dialogs and expressions are not up to the mark. Her dancing has improved a bit although.

7. Ananta Jalil still needs some improvement, not only in his acting and pronunciation, but also in the future plan with his films. Most Welcome 2 will be released in many foreign countries. But, there are some lacking in this movie, which will put a negative impression on the film industry of Bangladesh. Although almost every movie has some errors like this, the errors in this movie are macroscopic i.e. can be understood easily by every person. So, it is a bad point to export this type of movie with so many errors.



Ananta Jalil, a businessman by profession, comes to make films. So, it is not a big fault if he makes a movie like this. As, this is not his real profession. In the real profession of Ananta, he is a successful businessman, who is also a kind-hearted man. So, we should not expect a lot from this guy. What he has done for the dying film industry of this poor country so far is praiseworthy. So, all we can do now is give him some positive suggestions and thus help him to solve the errors of his movies.

All people can’t be multi-talented. Most people are good at one work, which is usually his/her profession. For an example, I am a doctor, which is my actual profession. As a doctor, I will try my best to do what should be done by a doctor. And my experience will make me more efficient in this field. I am also a blogger, who regularly write on many topics on this website. This is one of my hobbies. So, it is not necessary to write up to the mark here. Whatever I provide here is a plus point for me. The same thing occurs in the case of Ananta Jalil also.

Still, as a well-wisher of Ananta Jalil, I ask you to go to the cinema halls and watch for the positive points of this movie. It’s the only way we can improve our film industry. We can find out thousands of errors, even in Hollywood movies. But, finding positive things will be counted in the long run towards making a successful Bangladeshi Bangla Movie.


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