Love Tips: 10 Coolest Ways To Impress A Girl

Love is life. Without love, life is meaningless. So, you must love anyone in your life. There are many men around us who have found their dream girl. They did this with some simple tricks. There are many others who love their dream girl, but can not propose due to fear. In this post, I will help them and provide some ways to impress a girl.

1. Make up your mind at first. If you want anyone so badly, the chance of getting her increases by many times. So, if you think, you love her, stick to your position, never hesitate, never compare. It is the first and most important way.

2. Try to talk to her. Always pick up herĀ favoriteĀ topic. Look at her eyes while talking. Girls like those who can look at their eyes, not other parts.

Love Tips: 10 Coolest Ways To Impress A Girl

3. Remain well dressed and clean shaved. Girls like perfumes also. Make her feel that you are a gentleman. She will be attracted to you by your gesture.

4. Help her in anything. Girls like those who help them. Try to do those simple jobs she needs. Help her with a smile on your face. Your job is half done!

5. Do not talk on your mobile phone while you are with her. Give your 100% concentration to her. Don’t look at other girls. If you talk to her on cellphone, listen carefully and make her feel that you are attentive to her speech.

6. Ask about herself. Girls like this type of questions. Ask about anything she likes, dislikes, her past, future plans, family, friends etc.

7. Try to meet her friends and make them friends. Girls like those who can maintain a good social relationship.

8. Praise her regarding appearance. Tell her about her positive characteristics. Tell her, you are looking very beautiful today. This simple words will make your job 90% done!

9. Try to take her opinion before starting a work. It will make her feel that you give importance to her thoughts.

10. At last, take a rose, look at her eyes and say simply, I LOVE YOU. There are 99.99% chances that you will be succeeded.

Happy life!

Thank you for reading this post.


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