Increase Internet Speed of Your Computer By 20%

Slow Internet connection is a big reason for worry for many of us. In many countries, internet users do not get a good internet speed. If you are one of them, you will certainly find this post helpful. As here I will provide you a trick that will increase your computer’s internet speed by 20%.

Normally, your computer (windows 7) reserves 20% of your bandwidth which can be made 0% so that you can use that extra bandwidth and make your internet more speedy. Here is the way of doing that:


1. At first, Press the Windows Button+R or Click Start>Type Run in the search box>Press Enter.

A Run command window will appear.

Type gpedit.msc in the box and press Ok [or Press Enter].

See Screenshot below.


2. Now a new window will appear. Click on Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Network>QoS Packet Scheduler>Limit Reservable Bandwidth. See Screenshot below:


When you double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth, a new window will come up.

Click the Radio Button beside Enable [Marked as 1 in the below screenshot].

Increase internet speed

Now Make put 0 in place of 20 in the Bandwidth Limit (%) box [Marked as 2 in the below screenshot].

Finally Click on Apply at the bottom of that window [Marked as 3 in the below screenshot].

Now, your computer can use the reserved extra 20% of bandwidth. So you will find a slight change in the internet speed of your computer.

Thank you so much for reading this post regarding the procedure of increasing internet speed of your computer by 20 percent.

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