How To Increase Computer User Visitors To Your Website

Visitors are the oxygen of any website. Without visitors, any website has no value. The visitors visit any website for their own sake. They want information, images, videos and many other things. So, to draw visitors, you have to make your website in a right way.

One of the problems for the websites of present days is the rapid increase of mobile user visitors. If a visitor visits a website from mobile, they preferably do so by using mobile browsers like Opera Mini, UC browser and so on. But, most of them don’t show any advertisement from popular advertisement serving websites like Google Adsense. It hampers a website owner greatly. You can’t tell all your visitors to visit your website from the computer. But, you can surely build your website in a way that the visitors visits your website when they sit in front of a computer. This trick is important for all website owners in present days as money is also important to run a website smoothly.

SUJONHERA.COM is trying to solve this problem for you. Here are 3 ways how you can increase computer user visitors to your website:

How To Increase Computer User Visitors To Your Website

1. Write Computer Related Tutorials:

One of the best ways of increasing computer user visitors is writing tutorials on topic related to computer. Such as, Windows 8 Tips, Software Review etc. When your visitors will face any problem during working on a computer, they will search by using these keywords from computer browser. So, the browsers will show ads to them and you will get more revenue from your advertisements.

2. Write Office Related Topics:

There are many kinds of office in the world. Millions of people work in those offices. They use computers regularly. They also need some special types of information. So, if you can provide those information on your website, then you can catch that huge number of regular computer user visitors for your website.

3. Write Media Rich Contents:

Mobile users are not heavy internet users. Most of them use to browse on mobile for information. If they want to download any big file like a video file, a game, any good quality photo, they use their computer to do so. So, you have to be tricky enough to write those types of contents. It will bring you computer visitors easily.

Mobile users are also important in a sense that they visit your website more frequently than the computer users. But, the computer user visitors bring the bulk of the revenue for you. So, if you are suffering from the increase of mobile user visitors on your website, you can surely apply my techniques and see the change in your revenue.

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