Hypertension: 10 Ways To Control High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the medical term of High Blood Pressure. If you are a patient of hypertension, you have to control your blood pressure by life-long medication. Otherwise, you will face some diseases like heart diseases, renal diseases, stroke etc. Most people don’t want to take medicine as it is a boring work! You can also control your blood pressure by some natural means. Here are 10 natural tips to control hypertension:

1. Regular physical exercise can control blood pressure. Exercise of 30 minutes daily can make you normotensive after a few days.

2. Yoga or meditation can help to reduce blood pressure. Take some deep breath in clean morning air every day. It will reduce your blood pressure dramatically.

Hypertension: 10 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

3. Avoid raw salt during meal. Also, try to cook foods with minimum salts. Take less than 1500 milligram of salt daily.

4. If you are fond of tea, there is a good news for you. A statistic shows that, taking 3 cups of tea a day can reduce your blood pressure by 7 mm(Hg) by 6 weeks.

5. Increase dietary potassium in your daily meal. Potato will help you to reduce hypertension.

6. Try to cure snoring if you have it. Snoring hampers your sleep and thus increases your blood pressure. Here are 10 ways to stop snoring.

7. Reduce carbohydrates and increase milk products in your diet plan.

8. Avoid active and passive smoking. Avoid alcohol. These can increase your blood pressure to a higher extent.

9. Avoid coffee as caffeine increases blood pressure.

10. Work less than 40 hours a week. Listen to soft music when you are at rest. Try to keep your mind happy.

You can surely control your high blood pressure if you follow the above tips. Thank you for reading this post.


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    1. Thanks for the information. This is very important to every person.

    2. I am 51 years old. I am taking high blood pressure medicine for 22 years. Presently I am taking Natrilix SR 1.5 mg morning only (indapamide bp 1.5 mg), Losardile 50mg at morning and 50mg at night, Alphapress 2 mg at morning and 2 mg at night, Amdocal plus 50 mg at night only. But, BP is 150/82. I have no other problem. I do exercise and morning walk more than 1 hour regularly. Please suggest me a proper doctor for lowering my BP.

      1. I think, you are already consulting with a doctor for the last 22 years. I suggest you to ask him about it. 150/82 mm (Hg) is just above the limit for your age. So, don’t be tensed. It will help you to reduce some more pressure.

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