How To Stop Grameenphone Unwanted SMS Services

Grameenphone has been the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh over the last few years. It has got some good features like the network, internet speed and packages. But, it has got some bad features as well like the tariffs, unwanted services etc. Many of you may have noticed that your Grameenphone SIM is getting different types of SMS every day from different numbers of Grameenphone. They include different types of service alerts. Those are not free of cost. So, you may have noticed that your balance is reducing every day, even you are not calling or sending SMS to anyone. In this post from, you will know about the ways to stop or unsubscribe to those unwanted services and prevent balance loss from your SIM. So, let’s see the ways to stop Grameenphone Unwanted SMS Services.


Some of you may have started a specific service in the past and forgot to unsubscribe it. Or, you may forget the SMS code to unsubscribe. Whatever the situation is, you will get some SMS codes now, which will help you to unsubscribe from the services. So, at first, you have to understand, which types of SMS is coming to your SIM. Then, you can easily send SMS and stop that service.  To stop the services, you have to send an SMS with the following codes to the following numbers. So, check out the Codes and the Numbers.

Grameenphone Breaking News Alert: Type “Stop b” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*1*2#
Grameenphone Morning News Alert:
Type “Stop m” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*2*2#
Grameenphone Business News Alert:
Type “Stop bn” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*3*2#
Grameenphone Midday News Alert: Type “Stop md” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*4*2#
Grameenphone Evening News Alert:
Type “Stop en” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*5*2#
Grameenphone Welcome Tune: Type “Stop” and send to 4000
Grameenphone Internet Off: Dial *500*40#
Grameenphone Facebook: Type “Stop” and send to 32665
Grameenphone Facebook USSD: Dial *325*22#
Grameenphone Mobile Twitting: Type “Stop” and send to 9594
Grameenphone Call Block: Type “Stop CB” and send to 5678
Grameenphone Missed Call Alert: Type “STOP MCA” and send to 6222
Grameenphone Cricket Alert Service: Type “Stop Cric” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Football Alert Service:
Type “Stop FT” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Tennis Alert Service:
Type “Stop Tennis” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Formula One Alert Service:
Type “Stop F1” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Sports Service: Type “Stop Sports” and to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Sports Celebrity Gossip Service: Type “Stop SG” and to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Mobile Backup: Type “Stop MB” and send to 6000
Grameenphone Buddy Tracker: Type “Stop” and send to 3020
Grameenphone Music News: Type “Stop BD” and send to 4001
Grameenphone Voice Chat: Dial 2828 and press 8
Grameenphone Entertainment Box: Type “Stop” and send to 1234
Grameenphone Ebill: Type “Ebill cancel” and send to 2000
Grameenphone Job News: Type “STOP JOB CATEGORY” and send to 3003
Grameenphone Namaz Timings: Type “STOP N” and send to 2200
Grameenphone Hadith Sharif: Type “STOP H” and send to 2200
Grameenphone Voice Mail Service: Dial ##62# or ##67# or ##61# or ##21#


Yes. It works. You can check it yourself. I have succeeded in unsubscribing to the Football News Alert on my Grameenphone SIM. Here are the screenshots.


How To Stop Grameenphone Unwanted SMS Services


How To Stop Grameenphone Unwanted SMS Services

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    1. Someone is sending me bad messages. How to stop it?

      1. Use Truemessenger app and mark that contact as spam.

    2. Ami GP GameBox bondho korte chai.

    3. How can I stop GP OFFER SMS? It’s really annoying.

    4. How to off SMS from 0216258? Everyday I receive SMS from this number and cut 2 taka. Please answer me.

    5. 002000 How to stop this service?

      1. Grameenphone Ebill: Type “Ebill cancel” and send to 2000.

    6. Thanks dear for important info.

    7. Congrats, Content Bazaar Free trial shuru hoyeche. 3 dine pore, 2Tk/day Autorenewal chalu hobe. Free Download korte click
      Low balance er jonno apnar service ti renewal somvob noy, recharge korun. Free content er jonno click-
      Ei message er jonno taka kete naya hoy. Keu bolben kivabe stop korte hoy ai message asa?

    8. Grameen SIM e jate kono SMS na ase, tar jonno ki korte hobe? Aj porjonto jante parlam na, ki upay.

      1. Dial *35*0000*16# to off and to on dial *33*0000*16#

    9. Musafir full movie chai.

      1. You have to wait a few months for the download link.

    10. Grameen SIM e jate kono SMS na ase, tar jonno ki korte hobe?

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