How To Set Super FNF In Grameenphone Bondhu Package

Grameenphone has brought a new package in which you can select up to 15 FNF (Friends and Family) numbers including one special GP number as SUPER FNF!

You can select other numbers as FNF but you have to select only a Grameenphone number as Super FNF.

The call rate of Super FNF is 5 paisa/10 seconds, which means, 30 paisa/min. It has 10 second pulse, so you will be charged according to your exact call duration. Isn’t it great?

How to set Super FNF in Grameenphone Bondhu Package

How to Migrate to BONDHU Package?

It’s very easy! Just go to your message option>Create new message>Type B>Send this message to 4444.

Example: B

Send it to 4444

How to Set FNF Numbers?

Just go to your message option>Create a new message>Type your desired FNF numbers one after another keeping a space between them>Send this message to 2888.

Example: 017aaaaaaaa 017bbbbbbbb 017cccccccc 017dddddddd 017eeeeeeee 017ffffffff 017gggggggg 017hhhhhhhh 017iiiiiiii

Send it to 2888

How to Set the SUPER FNF number?

Just go to your message option>Create new message>Type SF<space>your desired SUPER FNF number>Send this message to 2888.

Example: SF 017xxxxxxxx

Send it to 2888

Call Rates in FNF and SUPER FNF numbers:

FNF (GP-GP): 9 Paisa/10 seconds [54 Paisa/min]

FNF (GP-Other operators): 15 Paisa/10 seconds [90 Paisa/min]

SUPER FNF (GP-GP): 5 Paisa/ 10 seconds [30 Paisa/min]

SMS: 50 Paisa/sms [160 character=1 sms]

How to Change Super FNF number?

Just go to your message option>Create new message>Type SFC<space>Your OLD SUPER FNF number<space>Your NEW SUPER FNF number>Send this message to 2888.

Example: SFC 017xxxxxxxx 017yyyyyyyy 

Send it to 2888

How often can you change these numbers:

You can change your FNF & SUPER FNF numbers in every 15 days.

***Bondhu Subscribers can also migrate to other Pre-paid Packages at any time. Such as Nishchinto, Aapon, Shohoj, Amontron, Spondon, Smile and Djuice.

*** 15% VAT is applicable on all charges.


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    1. Dhonnobad share korar jonno.

    2. If I set up FNF number, then is it changeable or not?

      1. It is changeable. It can be changed after a few days.

    3. Hi, I forgot my Super FNF number. How can I know it. Please help.

    4. I need a true girlfriend for life partner forever.

    5. FNF number ta ki Super FNF kora jabe? Jodi jay, tahole kivabe keo janaben please.

      1. Ha, jabe. Ei post e lekha ache, kivabe Super FNF set korte hoy. Eta follow korun.

    6. I want to exchange Super FNF with normal FNF. Please advise.

      1. Just follow the steps required for setting Super FNF. The current FNF will be converted to Super FNF.

    7. Bondhu package.

    8. Vai, Super FnF kivabe korbo?

    9. Thanks.

    10. How to see the older Super FNF number? Because I forget it.

      1. To check your existing FNF of your Grameenphone, go to the Text message option of your mobile, write FF and send it to 2888.

    11. I have migrated from Nischinto to Bondhu. My question is, will any problem be created if I want to buy MB? Please advice.

      1. No. You Internet Packages are same for all SIM of Grameenphone.

    12. I want to change my GP package, but I do not know which package I am using, now I want to migrate to Bondhu package, I have sent several SMS to them but it did not send. What can I do?

    13. How can I check my present super FNF number?

      1. To check your existing Super FNF of your Grameenphone, go to the Text message option of your mobile, write FF and send it to 2888.

    14. Grameenphone is the best operator.

    15. Number type kore 2888 a pathaichi. But, FNF hocche na! Balance katche! Reply dicche “Wrong Keyword”! Why?

    16. Thanks.

    17. GP internet service is very very poor. My number use in Comilla city but here also very poor net. For this reason, I turned off my net.

    18. How to join other packages?

    19. Ami age puraton Super FNF chilo. Ehon package change korchi. Tar por abar bondhu FNF korle ager FNF ki thakbe? Please Janaven.

      1. Na, apnake abar FNF set korte hobe.

    20. Messege send hocce na keno? Hotat ato disturb dicce keno?

    21. Thanks Grameenphone.

    22. Thanks.

    23. I use Bondhu Package. So nice is that. And I am very glad to use that. All of you try it always.

    24. Now my all GP FnF is super FnF. But how to active this?

    25. Valoi to sob kisu akhon net e paitase.

    26. Really Nice and Useful post.

    27. Valo hoaca amader sobar jonno.

    28. Bondhu package a migrate korar koto somoy por super FNF active hobe?

      1. Sathe sathei hobar kotha. Tobe maximum 72 hours lagte pare.

    29. Thanks so much.

    30. Onek valo. Jonogoner jonno.

    31. How to set Super FNF in Grameenphone Bondhu Package. But hoiteche na keno?

    32. How can I see my FnF Number?

      1. How to know my FNF number?

    33. I am not clear about Bondhu package FNF no.
      What is the correct FNF no? 10 or 15?

      1. Now it is 15. Previously it was 10.

      2. How to stop FnF? I want to keep only super FnF & stoped 14 FnF. Please answer.

        1. Simply migrate to any other package. Then revert to the Bondhu package again and set the Super FNF again. It will work.

    34. How can I check my present super FNF number?

    35. Thank you. It’s really helpful. But what is non fnf number call rate?

    36. My choice: Shakib Al Hasan.

    37. What are the call rates of other operators numbers?

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