How To Set & Change Welcome Tune In GrameenPhone

GrameenPhone users are provided with Welcome tunes, the most used and attractive Value Added Service. Most of the users like to set  their favourite songs as GrameenPhone Welcome Tune in their SIM card. It helps their friends to call them frequently and also bears their taste and personality.


You will be charged Tk 34.75 (including VAT) for the monthly subscription and Tk 17.25 (including VAT) for download charge of each song.


How to set and change welcome tune in Grameenphone

1. Go to your message option.
2. Type WT<space>Welcome tune code
3. Send to 4000

Example: WT 52232
Send to 4000

The song will be added to your My Gallery and you will get a confirmation message.



To change your current welcome tune song, please dial 4000 and select your desired song from the gallery via IVR. Or, you can change it by visiting nearby Grameenphone Center.


1. Go to your message option.
2. Type Off
3. Send to 4000

Example: Off
Send to 4000


1. Go to your message option.
2. Type On
3. Send to 4000

Example: On
Send to 4000

Even after setting off your welcome service, you will be charged every month and the songs you bought will remain in your My Gallery.


1. Go to your message option.
2. Type Stop
3. Send to 4000

Example: Stop
Send to 4000

Even after setting STOP your Welcome tune, Your songs will remain in your My Gallery for the next 2 months. You can turn your Welcome tune On at any moment during this 2 months.


1. Go to your message option.
2. Type SUB
3. Send to 4000

Example: SUB
Send to 4000


1. Go to your message option.
2. Type G<space>Welcome tune code<space>Your Friend’s Mobile Number
3. Send to 4000Example: G 52232 017XXXXXXXX
Send to 4000

The song will be added to your friend’s My Gallery and your friend will receive a confirmation message like this:

“You have received a welcome tune in your gallery from 017xxxxxxxx. Tune name (song name). To set the welcome tune, sms SET xxxxxxx to 4000 (FREE).”You will get the following message after delivery of your gift:

“Your Welcome Tune gift has been successfully delivered to 017xxxxxxxx and you have been charged with Tk 15 (+15% VAT). Thank you.”


1. Go to your message option.
2. Type SET<space>Welcome tune code you got as Gift
3. Send to 4000

Example: SET 52232
Send to 4000

You will get the following confirmation message after setting that song as your welcome tune:

“You have successfully set welcome tune code <Tune Code>, Tune name <Tune name> and Singer name <name>”

So, let’s select your favourite welcome tune and gift your best friend another one!


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    2. Ami jakei call dei na keno, ami amar SIM e nije nije ekta song shunte pai. Please ektu ki help korben kivhabe off korbo ei tune/song ti?

      1. It is called Ichche Tune. You can deactivate the service. Read this post.

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      1. The link is given inside the post.

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    17. I am a software engineer.

    18. Nice tips helped me to set welcome tunes in gp.

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