How To Set & Change Grameenphone FNF Numbers Online

Last Updated: July 11, 2014 at 8:33 pm
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GrameenPhone is the mostly used mobile operator in Bangladesh. One of the greatest features of GrameenPhone is FNF (Friends and Family) service, which allows the customers to call at a cheaper rate to some numbers.

Usually, we select our close friends’ and relatives’ numbers as FNF numbers. But, it will cost you 2.30 Taka (including VAT) for each SMS to select and change your FNF numbers. But I will show you a way in which you can change your FNF numbers Online!

How To Set & Change Grameenphone FNF Numbers Online

Yes, it’s possible. Just follow the below rules:

1. At first, insert the SIM card in your mobile in which you want to change the FNF numbers.

2. Now from your mobile internet browser, Click here to download GP APP software from If you are using an Android phone, Click here to download the app from Google Play Store.

2. After downloading and installing, open the application. The application will ask for internet connection. Press yes to connect it to the internet. You will see the following:

How to Set and Change GrameenPhone FNF Numbers Online

3. Now Click on Self Service, you will find the following screen next…

How to Set and Change GrameenPhone FNF Numbers Online

4. Click on FnF to view, select or change your FNF numbers. See below:

How to Set and Change GrameenPhone FNF Numbers Online

4. You can see 3 options in the above screenshot. To change the FNF numbers, press the last option. You will see the following:

How to Set and Change GrameenPhone FNF Numbers Online

5. Now, Type your old FNF number, New FNF number and press Change to change it one by one.

It will cost you few kilobytes. But it will not reduce your account balance. If you use internet packages, it will be so easy for you to change your FNF numbers from now on!

Thanks for reading this post regarding the process of Changing GrameenPhone FNF numbers Online!

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