How To See Bangla/Hindi In Opera Mini

Do you find it difficult to see Bangla/Hindi/other languages from Opera Mini? Here is the solution:


1. Open Opera Mini.

2. Write “opera:config” in place of www. (in the first line/address box)

How to see BanglaHindi in Opera Mini

3. Press ok. A new page will appear with the heading “Power-user settings

How to see BanglaHindi in Opera Mini

4. Scroll down to the last option of that page “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts

How to see BanglaHindi in Opera Mini

5. Make it “Yes” from “No

How to see BanglaHindi in Opera Mini

How to see BanglaHindi in Opera Mini

How to see BanglaHindi in Opera Mini

6. Now click on “save” in the last line of the page.

That’s all. You can now see Bangla fonts in web pages from Opera Mini.

Thank you for reading this post regarding the solution of watching Bangla/Hindi Language in Mobile from Opera Mini.


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