How To Pass MBBS: 10 Study Tips For Medical College Students

Today I passed my MBBS course from Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. At last, a long journey of 5 years with so much hard work has been rewarded. I am very happy with my result today. Today I will share some important tips and tricks for my junior brothers and sisters who are currently studying MBBS in various medical colleges around the world. I hope, these thoughts may come handy for their result.

God helps those who help themselves. This popular saying will be needed at every stage of your medical life. Here are 10 tips for you to pass MBBS easily with brilliant results.

How To Pass MBBS: 10 Study Tips For Medical College Students

1. Slow & Steady wins the race: If you are a brilliant student, but have less stamina, you will not be suitable for the medical profession. The medical profession does not require brilliant students. Rather, it requires hardworking students. So, work hard, be patient to win this game!

2. Go step by step: MBBS is one of the toughest courses in the world. It has been divided into several stages named as Professional Examinations [Prof]. You should set your goal for the upcoming prof, not for passing the Final Prof or MBBS. It will provide less pressure on your mind & you will do a lot better.

3. Regularity: Regularity is a big factor for passing the MBBS course easily. I have seen some brilliant but irregular students who fail to pass the MBBS exam in a single attempt. Similarly, some average students easily passed the exams as a result of their regularity in study and attendance in classes.

4. Group Study: A group study is very essential for passing MBBS in a single attempt. When you study in small groups, various new thoughts and tricks may be gathered from your friends. This ultimately helps you to memorize the lessons effectively.

5. Study Loudly: Many people read without uttering the texts, which results in difficulty in answering in viva exams. As the MBBS course contains viva exam as the main factor for passing, you must read loudly to be able to answer clearly at the viva board.

6. Seek Help From Seniors: Senior brothers and sisters can be very helpful in medical colleges. They can provide you useful suggestion, tricks, notes and thus help you overcome the obstacles.

7. Reading Textbooks: Although most of the students read guide books to pass in Exams, it is essential for you to read the original textbooks for getting good marks as well as clear conception. As MBBS is not the ultimate destination, you must read textbooks for appearing in post graduation courses. If you don’t read the textbooks during MBBS course, it will be difficult, rather impossible for you to do well in post graduation studies.

8. Good Character: Character means everything with which you are made of. You are a medical student. So, your outfit should speak for your profession. You should look like a gentleman. Teachers like those who are always gentle, wear clean dress, shoes and have short hair, no beard. In a word, a professional look is essential to pass exams, especially in viva boards.

9. Avoid Addictions: Addictions like smoking, politics, singing, blogging etc can be harmful for your medical career at times. It will be better if you can overcome these addictions.

10. Pray To God: Lastly, pray to God for your success. As God has the ultimate power to provide success and failure. I believe, this is the only reason for which I have passed in this exam. So, pray to God for your success. Then God will show you the ways.

Thanks for reading this post. Please pray for me as I am going to start my profession from tomorrow!


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    1. I disagree with the sentence, “Medical profession doesn’t require brilliant students.” It obviously does. Those who don’t have brains and were forced by their parents to study medicine can end up passing the degree with some mere bookish knowledge and a job of a doctor in a place like Bangladesh that pays less than a Mcdonalds worker. Memorizing all the stuffs like a crazy can’t make someone a physician who can be accepted in the developed parts of the world. So, it requires brains along with hard work to be succeeded as a doctor and the kind of success everyone should be looking for is to be recognized as a doctor in other parts of the world, not only in Bangladesh. Now, many doctors of Bangladesh fail to pass the licensing exam in developed countries. Why? Because they don’t have the brain that is required for being a real doctor. Besides, medical study in developed countries requires a High level of grade (straight a’s) and an intensive admission test which is not seen here. So almost anyone can study medicine which makes a huge difference between different medical students. One part of them have brains and the others only do some “hardwork” which definitely can’t bring the success I’m talking about.

    2. Sir, I am about to start my medical college life very soon away from my hometown meaning I am going to live in the college hostel. I wanted to know, is there a tradition of ragging in government medical colleges and hostels? I have lived a sheltered life and am terrified about the possibility of getting ragged by seniors.

      1. Yes, there is a tradition of ragging in almost all colleges and universities in Bangladesh. But, the type varies from institutions to institutions. You will get more info about it from any senior of your medical college.

    3. Hello sir. I am an average student. Can I pass MBBS?

    4. I’m planning to study MBBS in Sylhet Women’s Medical College. Is it the right decision or not?

    5. Hello, sir. I am a new 5th year student. Would you like to please tell me how I should study for the final year?

    6. Vaiya, MBBS, Medicine course sesh korte mot koto bochor lage? Please ektu bolben.

    7. Sir, time required to prepare Pre-medical test? How many hours an MBBS student have to study per day?

      1. If you were regular in your HSC years, then 3 months time is enough for you. It varies from students to students. Some can complete the lesion in 2-3 hours while some read for 10-12 hours to complete it or gather extra knowledge to get extra marks.

    8. Hi sir, I am studying now under edexcel private. And I don’t have Biology. I only have Physics, Chemistry and math. Will I be able to apply in any private medical university? In O level I have about a GPA of 3. Can I apply with the result?

    9. Is it enough to study previous 15 years question papers for exams?

      1. Yes. 5 years is enough. 15 years is more than enough.

    10. I am going to join first year MBBS. It is very useful to me.

    11. Thank you for your valuable message. I am going to enter my first year MBBS. Give me your suggestions.

    12. My 2nd prof will be held on 17th July. I have not finished my preparation yet. What should I do if I want to pass on one attempt? I was regular and sincere on my items and terms but I have not studied during the last month before prof. I am too much panicked now. Please suggest me.

      1. There is no shortcut of study. Study according to a routine and try to memorize only the important information. It will give you more chance of being passed.

      2. Don’t be scared. Just faith on Allah.

    13. Hi sir. I have my 1st prof final exams in 1 month. Please suggest me a study plan. I am weak in Physiology.

      1. Make a routine yourself by considering more time in the subjects in which you are weak.

    14. I am Hrishabh. Aap ne PMT ki tyari kaise ki, please mujhe bataye.

      1. I took coaching 3 months before the Pre-Medical Test (PMT) and studied the rest of the time at home.

    15. MBBS used to be hard passing in the 70s and till the late 80s. Now a days it has become a cake walk. Thanks to the so called semister pattern first of all and then no human body dissection for anatomy examination. When I passed my MBBS in 1981 many students failed in human body dissection where we had to pick up lots and one can get any thing to expose and show from facial nerve to thenar, hypothenar muscles to cubital and popliteal fossas to expore of kidney from behind to femoral triangle etc etc etc. There are 100s I am sure medical students know. This was 3 hours and one had to finish and expose whatever is asked within 2 hours and 10 minutes and then a viva voice was followed strictly. Then there was no choice in the theory papers from first to final year MBBS. In Anatomy or Medicine or Surgery or OBG and in all subjects there used to be Section A and Section B with two essay questions on each and about 6 to 8 short notes after the essay question. There was no choice to pick up. Again clinics and presenting a case to an examiner was really very very hard. You have to get the history each and every point and just knowing the diagnosis were not enough. These days I see that students get to know the diagnosis before hand. What a shame. We had some patients coming in from different hospitals at the last hour so that one can never be knowing the diagnosis before hand. And last but not the least if you present the case very well BUT just forgot that you had stood on the patients left side of the bed you FAIL. There is a rule that cases must be presented always from the patients right side and some students have failed for a small mistake like this. All in all MBBS today people pass easily and I am surprised that some students even complain that some questions were not from a particular subject or syllabus. There is and CAN BE NO SYLLABUS in MBBS. Even a simple question like White bile in surgery or Ansa Cervacalis in anatomy can be an essay question. To pass I agree hard work and discipline is essential one has to go to the hospital from second year on wards and see as much clinical cases in Medicine, Surgery and OBG as possible. Do not forget that ENT and Ophthalmology are important. Clinical signs are necessary and investigations are only secondarily important.

      1. Thank you, sir. For your detailed narration of experiences. I also agree about it.

    16. How much Nepali currency?

      1. Around 15000/= Nepali Rupee per month will be enough.

    17. Dear Dr. Sujon, I am from Nepal. I want to do MBBS from Bangladesh. Many of my friends always tell that it’s very difficult and it may take 8 years. Is it right? I am from a low class family and I can pay much less. So which college of Bangladesh should I get the admission to get good knowledge at low paid. Heartly thanks. I am waiting for your advice.

      1. Government medical colleges cost least, far less than the private ones. And all govt medicals cost quite the same.

    18. These ideas are giving me a lot of hope. I am a 1st year student. Thank you so much.

    19. Thanks for your advice.

    20. Thanks. Your tips are very helpful. It gave me lots of support.

    21. Does 12th % are important to get admission in MBBS?

    22. Is percentage is important for job for doctors? As good percentage, one get good jobs in good hospitals like this?

    23. Brother, does BDS has no scope? Is it good or not? Some say it does not has much scope.

      1. BDS is a good degree in the perspective of Bangladesh. You can earn a handsome amount of money by just completing this degree.

    24. I am a medical student. Your points are very good. I have difficulty in being regular at the university. I don’t have a group to study. I mean I study alone or with my single bestie. One or two times I’ve tried to study in a group, but I didn’t find it effective. I am really worried. I was a topper at school and college, but in university life it seems that everything has fallen apart. 🙁

      1. All students have their own styles. Some students do brilliant results studying alone in the library. So, it’s not a reason behind your failure. You should study everyday regularly for a fixed period of time to improve your knowledge level. The success will come eventually.

    25. BIRDEM Medical College e admission nite koto number lagbe? Score ache 173.79. Chance pawa jabe ki ebar?

    26. Brilliant article! But since when did singing become an addiction?

      1. Thanks. Yes, it is one of the common addictions now-a-days. I have seen many students spoil their MBBS studies singing all the night in a chorus.

    27. I think your tips for students are excellent. I had written something similar few years back.

    28. Thanks for your suggestions. I have a doubt. Can an average person pass MBBS?

      1. Surely! Everything can be done through hard working. There is no shortcut for success.

    29. Is MBBS that hard that you don’t have a life? You can’t talk. All you basically do is study. If you listen in class, attend all your lectures, is it still that hard?

      1. Not that hard. You will surely pass if you follow the above 10 tips in the post.

    30. How can I obtain MBBS Professional examination routine in website?

      1. You have to search it in the university website.

    31. Thank you so much for your excellent suggestions. I really got motivated after reading this. I have a question? How will I know, which speciality is suitable for me? Please do answer.

      1. It depends on your likings as well as the demand of the subject. Make a list of 2-3 subjects you like to study most. Then, re-arrange them according to the future prospect of the subjects in your country. Then, you will get your answer.

    32. I just wanna ask that why do people say don’t do MBBS. You have to study 20 hours a day and less sleep. No enjoyment like weekends wandering and all (1 day a week).

      1. They may be the ones who study that seriously. But, honestly, the MBBS course can be passed by studying much less than that. If you want to stand first, then you should follow their words.

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