Mention A Friend In Facebook Status/Comment/Post From PC/Mobile

Facebook is the largest social networking website in recent years. It provides a lot of attractive features to all for free. Friends, Status, Comments, Likes, Pages, Groups, Messages, Chat, Events, Questions, Photos, Videos and many more words reminds us of Facebook. We can not do for a single day without this website now.

One of the attractive features of Facebook is the MENTION option in Status, Comments and Posts that allows your friend to see your post as a notification is sent to him/her. It also links your friend’s Facebook Profile and lets others to find him/her quickly.

Though it is known to most of the Facebook users, I am showing the way of mentioning for the new users of Facebook.



1. While writing a Status/Comment/Post in Facebook, Just type the @ symbol. It will allow to search in your friend list. Then immediately after this symbol, type the name of your friend that you want to mention. You will get a suggestion like this:

How to Mention a friend in Facebook

2. If you get a suggestion like this, click on your desired friend to mention him/her. If you are not getting suggestion, check your spelling or type full name of friend. After selecting your friend, your post/status/comment will look like this:

How to add friends in facebook status

3. That’s all, now you have to click on the post button or hit the Enter button. Your status/post/comment will look like this:

How to add friends in Facebook




1. At first go to your friend’s profile.

Then click on any photo of your friend. It’s better to click the Profile Picture.

Now press MENU>Enter Address to get the address of that page.

See Screenshot:

Mention A Friend In Facebook Status/Comment/Post From PC/Mobile

Mention A Friend In Facebook Status/Comment/Post From PC/Mobile

2. Now press the BELOW NAVIGATION BUTTON to get the Google search option.

Click Search for ‘…….’

See screenshot below:

Mention A Friend In Facebook Status/Comment/Post From PC/Mobile

3. After clicking that, you will be redirected to google search page.

Click the search box of that page.

See screenshot:

Mention A Friend In Facebook Status/Comment/Post From PC/Mobile

4. Now you can see the photo page’s address, which can be copy-pasted!

Copy the number after “id” [Remember, It’s “id”, not “fbid”].

See screenshot: [Copy the yellow marked number.]

5. Now go to the Status Update Box/Comment Box/Post Box, where you want to mention your friend.

Now type in this fashion for your friend’s profile link. Paste the ID Number that you copied before.


See screenshot:

7. That’s all, click the Share/Post/Comment button.

Your Status/Comment/Post will look like this:

Thanks for reading this post regarding mentioning friends in Facebook.


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