How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

Many of you might have felt the problem of not seeing Bangla or Other Languages on your beloved Android phone. In Bangladesh, many people have asked me about the solution of this problem. So, I have worked on it and at last found a solution to this problem.

Now, you can read clear Bangla on any eBooks and web browsers on your Android device. You can also read Bangla from the textbooks of Bangladesh which are written in SutonnyMJ font. So, let’s start the tutorial with clear and step by step screenshots:


1. A Rooted Android Device [Root is a must for this]

2. The Font You Want To Install [SutonnyMJ for Bangla Textbooks of Bangladesh]

3. A Root Explorer App [I used AndExplorer here]

4. Type Fresh App.

5. ezPDF Reader App. [This is a Paid app. But I hope you already know how to download paid apps!]


1. At first, root your Android device. Google it for the procedure of Rooting.

2. Now, install AndExplorer, Type Fresh & ezPDF Reader from the Google Play Store.

3. Now, download SutonnyMJ/SolaimanLipi/Siyam Rupali/Any other font you want to install.

4. Now, open Type Fresh app. You will see something like this:

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

5. Press left button on your phone. The options will come up. Select Backup Fonts for safety. Now your phone’s fonts will be backed up. Wait for a few seconds for this procedure to complete.

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

6. Now, find DroidSansFallback.ttf in the list.

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

7. Tap on it. You will see this:

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

8. Tap on [Go up a folder] and browse your phone for the font you want to install. Then select the font. A tick mark will appear beside it. Then press OK.

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

9. Now, the fonts list will look like this.

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones


10. Again press the left button of your phone and tap on Apply fonts.

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

Your phone will ask you to reboot. Reboot it manually.

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

9. Now, it’s all OK. Open ezPDF Reader and open a Bengali Textbook of Bangladesh [Example: Gonit of class 9-10]. You will see it like this! Enjoy!

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

Thanks for reading this post. Share your feelings if you have succeeded in doing all these steps. Ask for any questions if necessary in the comment box below.


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    1. Give me 2017 new books.

    2. Amar Manobik shakha er boi gulo pora jacche na.

    3. Ami sob kichui korlam. Kintu class 10 er Bangla Sahitto boi ti pora jacche na keno?

      1. It may not be properly done. Repeat the steps shown in the above post.

    4. WPS diye hobe na? Eta amar default.

    5. Ami class 8 er all book download korechi. But, Bangla font er problem. Please reply.

    6. I need English book of class 12.

    7. I am a student. My madrasah name is Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah. I am reading in class Fazil. Ekhane Madrasah book nai?

    8. Sir, ami class Six er Gonit book PDF file download korechi. But, Bangla font problem. If you have any solution, please reply.

    9. Dear Sir, On Android phone, Moon+ Reader Pro can be used in both non-rooted & rooted phone. Install Moon+ Reader “Pro”(you need pro version otherwise pdf won’t support), then download the Bangla fonts supplied here in fonts folder of your SD card. Job is done. Thanks.

    10. Sir, amar higher math solution dorkar. Ami pacchi na apnar ei website e.

    11. Math support korche kintu Physics korche na.

    12. Physics Bangla version e font problem. Please help. How to read this book in Android phone?

    13. Vai, reboot problem dekhay, reboot hoy na.

      1. Reboot manually by pressing the power button. If the problem persists, reboot by removing the battery abd then inserting it again.

    14. Amar tab e sob kichu valo vabe complete korar por ehkon amar wifi open hoy na. Please keu parle amake help koren.

      1. There is no connection between the wifi and the above process. You need to visit the customer care.

    15. Doesn’t work. Please help. I use HTC one. How can I root it?

    16. It doesn’t work in WPS/MS Word. Any solution?

    17. How to install a paid app?

    18. I try to download SutonnyMJ, but not able to do it. I did not find it in Google. Now what can I do? Please say something.

      1. The link has been updated. Please check now.

    19. System remount dekhay. Er age o dui ekjon ei problem boleche. But solution ase nai. Please help. Kalam and Shahrear vai o ei problem face korechen. But. solution ase nai.

    20. Can I root my phone without computer? My phone model is GT-S5420 (DUOS).

    21. Amar dorkar class 9-10 guide.

    22. Please send me the font in my email

    23. Sir, I have a problem. That is SutonnyMJ  is not being downloaded. If I try, it says 440 not found. But why? Please solve it. And inform me how it will be possible to download this font. Or please email me this font. My email:

      1. Looks like the official website is not working now. You will get this font along with some other Bangla fonts in this link.

    24. Sir, jodi ami eta kori, tahole ki PDF Reader or Adobe Reader e boi gulo cholbe? Naki sudhu ezPDF Reader e chalate hobe? Please inform me about this.

      1. In my phone, only ezPDF reader worked. You may try with other readers. If it works, then it’s good.

    25. I have a Nokia 700 model mobile set but I can not write in Bangla, but I can see Bangla fonts.

    26. Applying the above method , now I can read math (Gonit) , but I can not read physics (podartho). Please fix this .

    27. It works. Thanks a lot .

    28. Amar Samsung Galaxy flash korar por mobile e Bangla dekha jay na. Kintu age dhekha jeto. Ki korbo? Please help.

    29. When I was open Type Fresh app&Select Backup Fonts then show this message error copying files.are you rooted? su command error then box show dismiss. after that i was tried sutonnymj font select on DroidSansFallback.ttf in the list.that was shown but when apply fonts it shows Error remounting..could not remount/system then dismiss…. how can i solve this? Pls help me… my mobile is Samsung galaxy SII.

    30. Sir, I have no experience of rooting. So, I need your help. I like to meet you. Where is your office, please.

    31. Class 9 and 10 er Physics boi tar fonts PC te ase na. Please help.

    32. Hello, after clicking applying font it shows “error remounting (could not remount)”.

    33. Ami Gonit boi download Kore mobile-e porar jonno chestha korechi. Bangla ase na apnader niyom onujayi. Bangla anar chestha korechi kintu amar to bangla font aiseinay borong amar mobile-er Bangla chole geche. Ami R Bangla konovabey bangla likte parchi na abong bangla dekhteo parchi na. Akhon upay! plz help me? plz?my phone number-01966520041

      1. Mahadi says . Adobe reader Install koro hoye jabe

    34. After clicking applying font it shows
      error remounting (could not

    35. After clicking applying font it shows error remounting (could not remount).

    36. I did as given instruction. But it could not solve my problem. And faced some problems during installation.

      1. Amar Android phone Huawei Acsend G300. Jokhon ami fresh type apps te sutunnonyMJ select kore apply font click kori, tokhon error remount barta ase jar niche lekha thake, could not remount/sustem. Please amake tips din kivabe ami amar mobile te sutonnyMJ font install korbo. Thank you.

          1. Windows phone er jonno kono way ace kina?

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