How To Get New Email Notification On Google Chrome

Email (Electronic Mail) is the quickest way of sending message to anyone in this world. Wherever you are, you can contact with your friends, relatives or anyone with this media.

Now a days, people sign up in a lot of websites that offers daily, monthly Newsletters and scam mails to your inbox. Moreover, if you are associated with online jobs, your buyer would like to contact you through your Email.

Thus most of the people want to get their latest Emails Notification instantly. For this, they don’t need to check your Email account frequently after minutes or hours. You have to install a simple Extension i your browser for this action. It automatically logs in with your Email Account and sends you notifications whenever a new Email appears in your Inbox. Thus, you can read that Email without opening it in another Tab. It saves Time and Clicks.

How to get New Email notification on Google Chrome

Their are many extensions like this, but all of them are not good enough to serve your purpose. As I prefer Google chrome browser and Gmail, I am providing you the link of an Extension that will notify you when your Gmail Inbox gets a New Email. It is called CHECKER PLUS FOR GMAIL.


1. At first, make sure that you are browsing this web page from Google Chrome and have a Gmail Account logged in that browser.

2. Now visit Chrome Web Store and Just click on the ADD TO CHROME button.

3. After a while, a new window will come up. Click on ADD button.

4, You will see that the extension is being downloaded to your browser.

You will find the extension icon on top right corner of your browser. You can edit your settings there.

Enjoy the new extension, get notified of your new emails in Gmail Inbox.

Thanks for reading this post.

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  1. Nice idea & tips. FireFox e powar kono system ache?

    1. Yes. Same add-on is also available for Firefox.

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