How To Get 200 SMS At 5 Taka In Grameenphone

Grameenphone is the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. Most people use their service due to some attractive offers, quality network, the internet access and a cheaper call rates. They have a great offer for SMS which can be essential when you need to message your friends and family in some occasions like Eid, Puja, Christmas etc. This offer is called Bundle SMS offer. With this offer, you can get 200 SMS for only 5 Taka + 15%VAT [Total 5.75 Taka]. These SMS can be sent to any Grameenphone numbers for the next 3 Days of activation. It is only for GP Prepaid subscribers [excluding GPPP, VP, BPO]

How To Get 100 SMS at 5 Taka in Grameenphone

If you send 200 SMS in normal mode in Grameenphone, it will cost you [200 x 50 Paisa]=100 Taka [+15%VAT] = 115 Taka!

So, you can easily save 115-5=110 Taka in each 200 SMS. Is not it great? So, let’s see, how to get these SMS:


STEP 1: At first, go to your phone’s message option>Create new message>Type start sms>Send to 9999. Or, you can dial *111*10*6# to activate this offer also. Djuice subscribers have to type D SMS and send to 9999.

How To Get 100 SMS at 5 Taka in Grameenphone

STEP 2: Now you will get an SMS like this:

How To Get 200 SMS At 5 Taka In Grameenphone


As you can see in the last photo, you can start auto-renewal of this offer. If you start this feature, the offer will be automatically renewed after each 3 days and your 5.75 BDT will be deducted from your balance automatically. To start automatic renewal, go to your phone’s message option, type SMS ON and send it to 9999.


You have to dial *566*2# for knowing the remaining SMS in your offer. You will get a notification if you dial this number. It will look like this:

How To Get 200 SMS At 5 Taka In Grameenphone

So, activate this offer now and start sending SMS to your friends and family.


Thank you for reading this post.


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    1. But, ami to 100 SMS pacchi. Apni je bollen 200 SMS pabo?

      1. Contact Grameenphone for the answer. I have shown the screenshots which I got from them. It shows 200 SMS. I don’t know what’s wrong with your case.

    2. How can I get 2000 SMS for any operator?

    3. 200 SMS package ki jekono operator er SMS kora jabe?

      1. Ei link theke kinle jekono operator. 30 days mayed.

    4. Suppose I finish my 200 SMS before 3 days, in 1 or 3 days. Can it be auto-renewal immediately? Or I must wait for 3 days?

    5. Thank you for sharing this special offer with us. Next time give us some offer.

    6. Any local number e SMS send korar jonno GP te kivabe kena jay?

      1. No such package. You have to send SMS according to the single SMS rate.

    7. Amar D SIM e kono SMS kinte parchi na. Kivabe kinte hobe keu jodi janen, tahoe janan please. 200 or 100 SMD kivabe kinte hobe?

    8. Ami GP grahok. Ami GP theke all time offer chai.

      1. Auto renewal is not applied in this offer. So, it will be deactivated automatically.

    9. Is it for super FNF numbers also?

    10. Meyad bariye dile onketa bhalo hoto.

    11. Very good effort for doing good to others. Keep it up. How to deactivate 200 SMS subscription, if someone so desires?

      1. The service is not an auto-renewal one. So, you don’t need to deactivate it manually. It will be deactivated automatically.

    12. Is there any SMS package for PCO SIM?

    13. I did not get 200 SMS. I got only 100 SMS.

    14. The page headline is “How To Get 200 SMS at 5 Taka in Grameenphone” and the process is to get 100 sms. Interesting.

      1. When I wrote this post, the offer was 100 SMS. But, now, it has been changed to 200 SMS. So, you will get 200 SMS.

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