How To Check Your Mobile Number For Free

Mobile is a part and parcel of this modern world! Do you have a mobile, but can’t remember it’s number? Then you can know your SIM Card number with this easy trick!

Just type the following in your mobile and press send/call button.

Then you will be provided with your mobile number within a few seconds, for free!

How to check your mobile number for free



AIRTEL/WARID: *121*6*3#

ROBI/AKTEL: *140*2*4#



CITYCELL: Type MDN & send it to 7678

Now a days, most people use more than one SIM card. So, it’s natural for them to forget their own SIM card number. In those cases, you can easily get back your own number with the above trick for free!

In my case (Grameenphone), the screenshot looks like this…

If you find any difficulties, please comment below.

Also comment about this trick, if you succeed doing this!


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    1. 01837205506 help me.

    2. Call list.

    3. ID diye number ber korbo kivabe?

    4. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you will give us more update in future.

    5. Mobile number kon area theke chole kivabe ami jante parbo?

    6. Circle ID theke kivabe number ber kora jay? Keu janle bolben please. My number 01865761928.

    7. Important post.

    8. Robi circle ID theke number kivabe ber kora jay? Please keu janle bolen. 01818887197.

    9. Airtel bondho SIM janar upay ki?

    10. Hello, I need to track a GP mobile number. How can I do this? Thanks.

      1. Not possible unless you ask for help from the mobile operator.

    11. Tumi ki tomar proyojon er call list dekhte chao. Contact me.

    12. All set korbo kivabe?

    13. Airtel SIM er received call missed call 1 month er list kivabe dekhbo? Please ektu help korben.

    14. How can I get mobile number by Robi Circle ID?

    15. Robi circle ID theke kivave number ber kora jay please bolben.

    16. Circle ID theke number kivabe pawa jabe?

    17. Bro, Robi circle ID theke kivabe number bahir kore?

    18. Kivabe ami kono number er call history check korte parbo? Janale khub upokrito hobo. Please.

    19. Robi 2 SIM e ki 1 number use kora jabe.

    20. How can I find Robi circle ID number?

    21. Ami ekta GP SIM kinechi. Eta 2G na 3G ami bujhte parchi na. Kivabe eta jana jabe?

    22. How can I check my call list?

      1. Call history retrieve.

      2. Ami kivabe amar call list check korbo? Please send me. Thanks.

    23. Very fine.

    24. Thank you very much for giving this phone number checking formula. It really works. I use it for checking mine.

    25. thank u Sujon vai, I needed this information badly….. :-)

    26. SIM er name dekhar upay ki?

    27. Walton primo x3 IMEI 351857068018553

      1. Walton Primo X3 IMEI: 351857068018553. Lost my phone.

        1. Dear sir, please tell me do you installed Android Device Manager? If you installed this app, then please contact me.

    28. Ami kivabe GP SIM e kom rate e kotha bolte parbo and kom dame internet kinte parbo? Please help me.

    29. Ami kivabe call list pete pari?

    30. 011xxxxxxxx = Citycell
      015xxxxxxxx = Teletalk
      016xxxxxxxx = Airtel [Previously, Warid]
      017xxxxxxxx = Grameenphone
      018xxxxxxxx = Robi [Previously, Aktel]
      019xxxxxxxx = Banglalink

    31. Thanks.

    32. How can I replace my teletalk number? There is no document of my SIM. But it is my own SIM. Solve me.

      1. You should go to the customer care and give them some information regarding the purchase of the SIM. They will help you.

    33. kivabe ami kono number er call history check korte parbo? Janale khub upokrito hobo. Please.

      1. How can I know my Teletalk number?

    34. How I know my Robi operator code?

    35. Me Pertho Chowdhury.

    36. My SIM has been lost.

    37. This site is very good.

    38. Hi! Best of luck!

    39. I love all Bangladeshi bloggers.

    40. Onno sob operator er call list dekhte pari. Teletalk er emon ki dekha jay? Tahole vai kindly ektu email korban. Valo thakben.

    41. My Banglalink SIM has no network & I forget the number of SIM!

    42. Thanks.

    43. This is informative, keep it up.

    44. Amr Teletalk SIM e balance 0.00 BDT. Ekon konovabai number ber korte parchina. Help me, please.

    45. I can’t check my Teletalk mobile number.
      Please help me.

    46. I have an old Teletalk SIM, but it is not working. I just know the SIM serial number. How can I find this number?

      1. You can contact the customer care of TELETALK. Hopefully, they can solve your problem. Thank you.

    47. Where is the tips about Teletalk?

      1. For Teletalk, Go to message option, Type TAR & send it to 222.

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