How To Check Your Mobile Number For Free

Mobile is a part and parcel of this modern world! Do you have a mobile, but can’t remember it’s number? Then you can know your SIM Card number with this easy trick!

Just type the following in your mobile and press send/call button.

Then you will be provided with your mobile number within a few seconds, for free!

How to check your mobile number for free



AIRTEL/WARID: *121*6*3#

ROBI/AKTEL: *140*2*4#



CITYCELL: Type MDN & send it to 7678

Now a days, most people use more than one SIM card. So, it’s natural for them to forget their own SIM card number. In those cases, you can easily get back your own number with the above trick for free!

In my case (Grameenphone), the screenshot looks like this…

If you find any difficulties, please comment below.

Also comment about this trick, if you succeed doing this!


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    1. Ekta GP number khub disturb korche. Tar nam o address jante chai. Please help.

    2. Ekta Robi number khub disturb korche. Tar nam o address jante chai. Please help.

    3. Kivabe disturb kora number er details ber kora jay?

      1. Read this post. You may contact RAB if you want to catch that person.

    4. Ei number tar information chai.

    5. Ami Airtel call history kivabe check korbo?

    6. Ami call list ber korte chai.

    7. Robi circle ID theke kivabe number ber korbo?

    8. Kivabe call record download korbo?

    9. Thanks for your kind information.

    10. Amar Grameenphone SIM registration korte pari ni ar ami number tao vule gechi. Ekhon bondho SIM tir number ber korbo kivabe?

    11. Amar Airtel SIM onno karo NID diye registration hoyeche. Ekhon ami kivabe SIM tulbo? Please tell me.

      1. Contact nearby Airtel Customer Care with any document you have about the SIM like cash memo, SIM papers etc.

    12. How to be sure of whether your device is hacked?

    13. How can I check my Teletalk number is re-registered because I did not get the confirmation SMS.

    14. ID diye number ber korbo kivabe?

    15. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you will give us more update in future.

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