How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

Grameenphone is the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh. It has many features to provide for its customers. One of them is the eCare system. You can check your call history of last 30 days online from the Grameenphone’s website. In this post of, you will know the complete tutorial of that. So, let’s start!


1. At first, you have to register your Grameenphone mobile number to the E-care service. For this purpose, you have to visit this link. You will see a form there.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

2. Fill the required fields. Enter your Grameenphone number after 88017, your full name your email ID (You can also avoid this field). Put a tick mark in the box to agree to the Terms of use. The form will look like the below picture. Now click on Create My Account button.

3. Now, you will get a notification like this:

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

4. Now, look at your phone and collect the password that you have just received through an SMS from GP.

5. Now, login here with the phone number in 088017xxxxxxxx format and the password you have just got in your phone in an SMS.

6. Now, you will be able to see last 5 call details and internet usage details in the first page that appears after the login.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

7. You will see a button called View History in the upper right corner of the list. Click it. Then you will see a field like this.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

8. Select the desired time period (must be within the last 30 days) and click on Submit.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

9. A pop-up window will come up. Read it and click on OK button.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

10. That’s all. Now, you will be able to see your call details just like this.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online


Then, you might have to wait for 1 month from registration in the eCare system. Because the system will start remembering your call list from now and it will be visible after 1 month.


Remember your call list needs 48 hours to be updated. So input 2 days previous date in ‘to’ option and then click submit. [See step 8 above].

Thanks for reading this post.


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    3. Ami ekta DSLR camera kinbo 55-60 hajar taka er moddhe. Valo hobe konta?

      1. Nikon D5500 + Nikon AF-S 18-105mm VR.

    4. I have forgot the password. Now what can I do?

      1. Click on the Forget Password link on the login page.

    5. How can I check in I phone 6 e-care call history? Please, let me know.

      1. See the above post. Same procedure.

    6. Amar SIM er PIN number jante parchi na.

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      1. Not possible. Call list more than 3 months back is not available.

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      1. Ami GP call list jante chai.

    18. When I want to recover my forgotten password here, 2 fields are coming. One is security question which is optional and another is answer which is mandatory. But in security question field only a word null. What should be the correct answer for it? I couldn’t remember any question or answer. Please help me if someone knows the solution.

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      1. Make a GD in the nearby police station and ask them to find out that person.

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    83. Vai, ami e-care account khulte chai. Please help me.

    84. (Last 5 call details)
      Call Details
      * marked fields are mandatory
      *Start Date Calendar
      *End Date Calendar
      Show Roaming Details
      From 28/06/2016 To 28/06/2016
      Call Details View

      No request found.
      Onno kono software?

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    96. Call history.

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    98. -109 dBm 09 asu. I live in Azimpur, Dhaka and this is the signal strength on both of my HTC E9 Plus 1.

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    102. GP online service registration korte pari na keno?

    103. 01/04/2016 to 24/06/2016.

    104. Vai, ami kono vabe ei jayga ta khuje pacchi na. Amake ektu help korben.

    105. I want 01726201720 call 7 days.

    106. Vai, ami login korte gele ei lekha ase: Login Error! For more information Chat with us in Online Chat. Ekhon ki korbo? Please ektu bolben.

      1. Chat and ask them the reason behind this message.

    107. Vai, ami password and nickname vule gechi. Ki korte pari?

      1. Click here. Then click on Forget Password link.

    108. Amar e-care account khula ache, but log in hochche na keno? Amar phone haranor karone SIM bondho ache, tai ki?

    109. Bhaia, ami onek age registration korechhi. Age dekhte petam sob. But, goto dui months holo kichhu check korte parina. New system er page ase. Call details e click korle o lav hoy na. Kichhu e ase na. Please help korun.

      1. Some people are facing this problem. Visit Grameenphone Customer Care to solve your issue.

    110. Vaiya, ami gotokal registration korechi. Ekhon ki amar ID te 5ta number show korbe? Naki 1 month wait korte hobe? Ami ki smartphone diye call list dekhte parbo? N.B. ekhon amar ID te shudhu activation date ar balance show kore.

      1. You must wait for a month to see the call list. If you can’t see from the smartphone, try from a computer.

    111. Dear sir, How can I change email and owner name?

    112. Vaiya, ami GP SIM er call history dekhte chai. Please answer me.

      1. The procedure is given in the above post. Follow these and you will be able to see.

    113. Ami registration korte chai. Kivabe korbo? Please janaben.

      1. The procedure is written above in the post.

    114. Vai, ami account open korte parchi na. Please help me.

    115. Apnar sob gulo step follow korechi. But, tarpor o call list dekhacche na. Jekhane call list ta dekhabe, sei jayga ta blank thake. By the way, ami ajkei account korechi. Je din account korbo, sei din ei ki call list show korbe?

      1. No. You have to wait for 1 to 3 months after registration.

    116. Vai, ami amar SIM call history dekhbo kivabe? Please bolen.

      1. If you are using GP SIM, then follow the post above.

    117. Vai, ami 5 ta call history dekhte pari. Ar dekhte pari na. Sob vabe try korechi, kintu hoy na. Ki korbo, vai?

    118. I can’t create a new account in Samsung Ace NXT. Please reply.

    119. I can’t do it. Please help me.

      1. Contact your nearby Grameephone customer care. I am facing no problem here. It may be the problem of your SIM.

    120. Vai, ami 5 ta call history dekhte pari, ar dekhte pari na. Sob vabe try korechi, kintu hoy na. Ki korbo vai?

      1. Contact your nearby Grameephone customer care. I am facing no problem here. It may be the problem of your SIM.

    121. Ami registration box khuje pacchi na.

    122. 01745086436 ei number noshto hoye geche. Tulte parchi na. FNF gulo janiye diben, please.

    123. Dear sir, I have already GP E Care account. But, I can’t see my call details. How can I see my call details?

      1. * In eCare You can view call details for last 30 days.
        * Call details will be available only after your registration in eCare.
        * After making a call, it may take one/two days to reflect in the call details.
        So, give a date at least 3 days before today’s date in the End Date field. The procedure is shown above.

        1. Dear brother, I have already GP e-care account. But I can’t see my call details. So, please give me solution.

    124. Thanks. It’s working.

    125. SIM er history.

    126. Vai, ami sudhu 5 ta call details dekthe pai. 30 day ta dekthe pai na. Ki kore dekhbo, vai.

      1. Select date range as demonstrated in the above post.

        1. Vai, ami amar call detalis dekhte parchi na.

    127. Ami SIM registration korechi 2/3 mas age. Ekhon dekhno kivabe, vaiya?

      1. The process is described in the above post.

    128. Sujon sir, ami tab e ki e-care registration korte parbo? Jodi kora jay tahole form tir link pathiye diben.

      1. Yes. The link is given in the post above.

    129. Vai, ami 5 tar beshi call history dekhte parchi na.

    130. Sir, emon kono browser app ache ki je mobile theke sob dekhte parbo?

    131. Thank you.

    132. Ami kivabe e-care account korbo, vai?

      1. The process is shown in the post.

    133. Vaiya, Actual Duration (Sec) -116 mane koto minute kotha bola hoyeche bujhte parchi na. Please help me.

      1. 60 seconds = 1 minute.
        So, 116 seconds = 1 minute 56 seconds.

    134. Ami bar bar try korchi amar TAB theke GP e-care registration hocche na. Kivabe korbo? Link e dhuke, but not working. Please solution.

    135. Amar GP Ecare account on kora ache. Ami jokhon amar call list dekhi, okhane kichu call list e CALLED NUMBER er moddhe GPRS, Usage Type e EDGE lekha thake. Egulo ki IMO/Facebook Messenger er call list naki desher bairer theke je dollar/internet call list? Help me, Sujon sir.

      1. Those are the periods of your internet use, not of any calls.

    136. Where will I get my secret question answer?

    137. What is GPRS? GPRS e ki data er cost bujhay? I mean MB er cost? Ar jodi data bujhay tahole actual duration (sec) keno dakhay? Please tell. Amar to 1 month er onek beshi hoyeche. Age dekha jeto. Ekhon shudu top 5 ta dekha jay. Age sob dekha jeto. Ekhon keno dekha jay na?

      1. Yes. Actual Durations are the amounts of seconds every time you use internet data. You can see the total call list now too. Just read the number 7 step in this post carefully.

    138. Phone er confirmation code chara account khola possible?

    139. Kichu bujhtechi na.

    140. Hocche na keno?

        1. WHAT IS GPRS?
          gprs a ki data r cost bujhai? i mean mb r cost?
          r jodi data bujhai taila Actual duration(sec) kno dakhai? plz tell

    141. Vai, pacchi na to. Please help.

    142. Create account page e click korle account kholar page ta asche na amar mobile e.

    143. Sir, ami GP SIM password ki kore pabo?

      1. Click on Forget Password option and reset your password by answering your security question.

    144. How can I do registration in ecare? Please tell me.

    145. Get help with a forgotten password. Mobile Number, phone number dilam. Secret Question. Form puroner somoy kono Secret Question chilo na. Your Answer. Ans tahole dibo kivabe? Help me brother.

    146. Sir, I want to know others call history. But, how is it possible? Please help me at this moment.

      1. Why do you want that? It is illegal. And there is no way of getting it in a legal way.

    147. Amar password mone nai. Ki korbo?

      1. Click on Forget Password option and reset your password by answering your security question.

        1. Vai, ami answer dile o to hoyna.

    148. Please tell me another way for my SIM call list. I did create a new account today. Have any way to see my call history? If you know about this, please tell me ASAP. Thanks a lot.

      1. No shortcut. You have to wait a month or so and then see the call list in the above-mentioned way. Or you can ask GP customer care to give you your call list. I am not sure whether they will provide you or not, but you can certainly try.

    149. Ami to eta save korar page e pacchi na. Ki korbo?

      1. There is an option to save the call list as PDF. Follow the instructions given in the post and you will get it.

    150. Hi, dear sir, ekhon mobile theke details check kora jay na. Ar kokhonoi ki mobile theke check kora jabe na?

      1. Don’t know. If they decide to revert back, they may do it in future. Only the authority knows.

    151. Ami GP theke amar voice call record kivabe pabo?

      1. You have to apply for it in GP customer care with valid documents.

        1. Ki ki documents dorkar?

          1. You should ask them. They know the answer.

    152. Vai, ami ki call recording pabo? Email ID kivabe poriborton korbo? Help me.

      1. You have to apply for call recording in GP Customer Care. Contact them for changing email.

    153. Ekhane account khulte test korte giye vule amar name Rasheduzzaman er jaygay Bijoy hoyeche. Eta kivabe thik korbo? Please help me by solving this problem.

      1. You can’t change it now. Contact them by filling this form. Hope that they will do it for you.

    154. Dear sir, I want to see SMS. How will I check SMS which has been sent? Please help me.

    155. Sir, ami call history ta dekhi na keno?

    156. Vai, koi call details to pai na. Recharge er details pai sudhu.

      1. If you face this problem from your computer, visit Grameenphone Customer Care and complain about it.

    157. Sir, can I read the SMS?

    158. Mobile e registration form ase na.

    159. Age to ami mobile eo dekhte partam. Ekhon ki PC te dekhte hobe, brother?

    160. Ei site ta ekhon ar ager moto ase na keno? Kichu ki change hoyeche naki? Age amar call list dekhte partam. Ar ekhon sudhu balance ta dekhte pari. Ekhon keno emon hoy? Age internet balance o dekha jeto. Help me please.

      1. Browse from a computer to see the call list.

    161. Number er jaygay jodi email address dei, tahole ki call list dakha jabe?

    162. Now, why not call list?

      1. Call list is still visible from computer.

    163. Thanks. Now I can see my call list again.

    164. Sir, amar laptop ar mobile ache. Laptop theke same problem.

    165. Mobile theke check kora jay na. Eita ki thik hobe?

      1. No. You must use a computer to see the call list.

    166. Thanks for updating the post. Now, I can see my call list again.

    167. GP.

    168. Dear sir, I can’t check my call list, internet, FNF when I login. Please help me.

      1. Wait for 1 month after registration. Then try again.

        1. Before I could check, but now I can’t.

          1. I have updated the post. Follow it now.

    169. Sir, GPS ki? Majhe Maje number na dakhiye GPS and EDGE dekhasse.

      1. GPS = Global Positioning System
        EDGE = Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
        These are the amount of taka spent due to browsing internet.

    170. E-care e account khulte parsi na. Hoy na.

    171. Ekhon call list, FNF number egulo keno dekhte pari na?

      1. You will be able to see the last 5 call details by default just after logging in. Above that list, there is an option named “Call Details”. Click it and you can now select dates to see call details. Now, you can only see previous 30 days call history in GP.

    172. Ekhane matro latest 5ta number dekhacche. Details e click korle kichu dekhay na.

      1. After clicking details, you have to select a date range of 30 days or less. Then you can see the call list of that period.

    173. Ami kivabe onner SIM er call details dekhte parbo?

    174. We are not happy to your GP e-care service. Now, it is embarrassing. I think before e-care system was better.

    175. Vai, 8 January 2016 er por theke GP e-care e call details mobile e dekha somvob hocche na. But, PC te dekha jacche. Ami ki kore mobile e dekhte pari?

      1. Use Google Chrome browser in your phone. There was a change in the link for the e-care. I updated that now. Hope you can see the call details now.

    176. Server ager ta valo chilo.

    177. GP e-care service e ekhon kichu modify kora hoyeche. Age je toolbar program chilo, ekhon seta nai. Tai jodi somvob hoy, tobe ekhon kivabe call list dekhte hoy janale upokar hobe.

      1. The link has been updated. Once you login in that link, you will be able to see the last 5 call details by default. Above that list, there is an option named “Call Details”. Click it and you can now select dates to see call details. Now, you can only see previous 30 days call history in GP.

    178. I can’t check my call history and my price plan is postpaid. What can I do now? Please reply.

      1. The link has been updated. Once you login in that link, you will be able to see the last 5 call details by default. Above that list, there is an option named “Call Details”. Click it and you can now select dates to see call details. Now, you can only see previous 30 days call history in GP.

    179. I forgot my password.

      1. Click the Forget Password? link and provide security answer to change your password.

    180. Call histoy kono apps ache?

    181. GP call details lagbe. Ki korbo?

      1. Do the procedures given in the post above.

    182. Thanks.

    183. E-care page ti konovabei open hocche na. Shudhu loading page dekhay. What can I do now? Please help me.

      1. Wait for some time. The link is OK. There may be a problem with your internet connection.

    184. Sir, kon software diye mobile location jana jabe?

    185. Ami date deyar por code dissi. But list astesena. Record ki downward kora jabe?

      1. If you have signed up recently in this service, you have to wait for 3 months to see the list. And you can only see the list from the sign up date, not before that. You can save the list as PDF file.

    186. Hello sir, I have lost my GP SIM, but someone is using that SIM. So, many times I called that number, it’s ringing but nobody not receiving. Sir, is it possible to deactivate by online?

      1. No. You should visit your nearby GP Customer Care and show the SIM buying papers to deactivate that SIM.

    187. Hello vai, ami ekhon register korle ki agar months gulor call history pabo?

      1. No. You have to wait for 3 months after registering. Then you can see call history from today’s date afterwards.

    188. Hi bhai, 3 momths hoye geche. Ekhono call details dekhacche na. Only recharge details show kore. Ami jokhon e log in kori e-care e, onek taka kate keno? Eta ki free of cost na?

      1. I think, 3 months period is not completed yet. Otherwise, you could see your call details. No data will be deducted from your account in this service. It’s totally free. I think, you have done some subscription while browsing the e-care service, which cost you the money. Use a computer for browsing the e-care service, not a phone, in order to get the best experience.

        1. Sir, ami jokhon e-care login kori, tokhon amar phone e message ase, jeta ami chai na. Ami ki kore message stop korbo?

          1. You can’t disable it. It is a strong security. If your password is known to any other person, he/she may attempt to login to your account. If this feature is turned off, then you will not get any security code. Your account will be compromised easily. So, it’s not possible. However, you can disable the email security code option. It is present at the upper portion of the page after the login.

    189. I can not see GP call history. What can I do?

      1. You have to wait 3 months. Read the post carefully again.

        1. Dear Sir, thank you for your good advice. Because, my only one sister was very clever & I can not stop her misguiding. Dear Sir, where I have to go to collect recording calls?

          1. You can take the phone to the GP customer care and ask them to give you the past call records. If it is possible, they will provide you.

    190. I want to see last 35 day’s call list. This system will provide me only 30 days.

    191. Thanks for sharing. That’s really good post.

    192. Thanks Grameenphone.

    193. I forgot the last two digits of one of my friends number. How can I find this? The number is 01798-5718XX.

      1. Read this post carefully. Then try 99 times by putting from 01 to 99 in those places. If that number is saved in any other person’s phone who is using Truecaller, will be shown in this app.

    194. Please give customer care local number.

      1. You have to collect it yourself.

    195. Very helpful post. Thanks GP.

    196. Call list dekhacche na to.

      1. You have to wait for 3 months. Please read the post carefully (specially the bottom part).

    197. Ami ki ei call history muche felte parbo?

    198. Sir, my 19 years old daughter died on 24th November, 2014 at 5.10 p.m. following an accident. We had a last conversation at 4.27 p.m. for about 40 seconds. My GP number is 01718343826 and her number was 01687761093. Is there any way that a most unfortunate father could hear the last conversation of himself with his departed daughter? I want it badly. Help me, please!
      A. M. Najibul Haque

      1. I am so sorry to hear what happened to Swagota. I pray for her departed soul. As far as I know, there is no way to get the conversation. As any mobile operator keeps the call record history for a maximum of 3 months. But, you can still try. Please go to the nearest Grameenphone customer care and ask them to give you the call record. If that is still present, you will surely get it. So, let’s hope for the best.

    199. I like GP internet.

    200. Sir, circle ID theke number kivabe ber korbo?

    201. Session code e hocche na.

    202. Dr. Sujon Paul bhai, tonight I did new registration. I need to wait 2/3 months. OK. But, I need last September month call list. How can be possible? Because, I need the call list of that month. Can you help me? Thanks for advice.

      1. It can only be possible if you visit your nearby GP customer care and ask them to give you the desired call list. I am not sure, they will give it to you or not. But, it is the only way to get the past call list.

    203. Registration korbo kivabe? No. 1 site e click korle to problem loading page likha ashe.

    204. Thanks.

    205. Thanks.

    206. Paul bhai, you are telling, for new registration, I need to wait 2/3 months. OK. But, after 2/3 months how can I get call list of this time? Because, I need the call list of that month when I didn’t registered. Is it possible?

      1. It is not possible in this way. You will only see the call list from the date of your registration in the e-care service. However, you can see your call list if you ask GP customer care.

    207. Nice site. Google Adsense.

    208. Vai, ami email e code ti pacchi na keno? Accounts ti korar somoy javascript likha dekhacche. Kivabe account ti korbo?

    209. I like it.

    210. Circle ID theke kivabe number ber korte parbo?

    211. Hi! I can’t find my call history details. I am a new register e-care. For this cause, I can find call history?

      1. Yes. Your call history is being saved now. Wait 2-3 months to see your call history.

    212. How can I see others phone call history?

      1. You can’t do it. It is illegal. So, a security code is sent to the number every time during logging in. You can only see others call list if you can manage that code.

    213. Grameenphone e-care SMS see?

    214. FNF cancel korbo kivabe?

    215. Hi! I can’t type the captcha. There is some black letter. Is it necessary to type?

      1. Yes. Without entering those words, you will not be make the system understood that you are a human, not a robot.

    216. Grameenphone er offer er jonno.

    217. Hello Sujon, Thanks for sharing this article with us. Please share related topic on Banglalink, Robi & Airtel.

    218. Help me everybody.

    219. Good post! Thanks for sharing this.

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