How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

Grameenphone is the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh. It has many features to provide for its customers. One of them is the eCare system. You can check your call history of last 30 days online from the Grameenphone’s website. In this post of, you will know the complete tutorial of that. So, let’s start!


1. At first, you have to register your Grameenphone mobile number to the E-care service. For this purpose, you have to visit this link. You will see a form there.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

2. Fill the required fields. Enter your Grameenphone number after 88017, your full name your email ID (You can also avoid this field). Put a tick mark in the box to agree to the Terms of use. The form will look like the below picture. Now click on Create My Account button.

3. Now, you will get a notification like this:

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

4. Now, look at your phone and collect the password that you have just received through an SMS from GP.

5. Now, login here with the phone number in 088017xxxxxxxx format and the password you have just got in your phone in an SMS.

6. Now, you will be able to see last 5 call details and internet usage details in the first page that appears after the login.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

7. You will see a button called View History in the upper right corner of the list. Click it. Then you will see a field like this.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

8. Select the desired time period (must be within the last 30 days) and click on Submit.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

9. A pop-up window will come up. Read it and click on OK button.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online

10. That’s all. Now, you will be able to see your call details just like this.

How To Check Your Grameenphone SIM Call History Online


Then, you might have to wait for 1 month from registration in the eCare system. Because the system will start remembering your call list from now and it will be visible after 1 month.


Remember your call list needs 48 hours to be updated. So input 2 days previous date in ‘to’ option and then click submit. [See step 8 above].

Thanks for reading this post.


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