How To Bring My Computer Icon In Windows 8 Desktop Screen

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is slightly different from Windows 7 in some ways. The home screen is the additional feature of Windows 8. The built-in video player, audio player, PDF Reader, Image Viewer etc are very attractive and easy to use. The log on screen style is another additional attraction of this operating system. The Start and Shutdown times are reduced in a huge extent than Windows 7. There are many other features in Windows 8 which made this operating system more popular than Windows 7.

But, if you recently installed Windows 8 on your computer, you may face some difficulties in almost everything! One of them is, you will not find My Computer icon on the desktop screen. But it is an essential icon on the desktop screen. Moreover, you may need other icons like Recycle Bin, Control Panel etc on your desktop screen. So, wee need to bring these icons on the desktop screen. It’s very easy. Let’s see how to do it.


1. On your desktop screen, right-click on an empty area to bring the menu shown below. Now click on Personalize.

How to bring My Computer Icon in Windows 8 Desktop screen

2. Now click on Change Desktop Icons located in the upper left region of your screen.

How to Bring My Computer icon in Windows 8 Desktop Screen

3. A new window will open like the below screenshot. Mark the desired icons (My Computer, Recycle Bin, Control Panel etc). Then click on Apply.

How to Bring My Computer icon in Windows 8 Desktop Screen

That’s it! Now go to your desktop screen and you will find your desired icons there. See the below screenshot.

How to Bring My Computer icon in Windows 8 Desktop Screen

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