How to Activate Internet Connection in Bangladesh Mobile Operators

GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi, Teletalk are the mobile operators in Bangladesh that offers Internet Connections in their SIM cards. If you buy a new SIM from an of these operators, you will have to activate Internet Connection by following some easy rules.

There are different types of Packages available in these operators. You have to activate the Internet Connections at first, then choose a suitable package to browse and download. To activate Internet Connections, Follow these rules:

How to Activate Internet Connection in Bangladeshi Mobile Operators
Go to message option>Create New Message>Type ALL>Send to 8080
Example: ALL
Send to 8080
Dial *111*6*2#
Note: This is free of cost.

Go to message option>Create New Message>Type ALL>Send to 3343
Example: ALL
Send to 3343
Note: This is free of cost.

Dial *121*7*3#
Note: This is free of cost.

Dial *140*7#
Note: Charges applicable!

Go to message option>Create New Message>Type set>Send to 111 or 578
Example: set
Send to 111 or 578
Note: This is free of cost.

After these procedures, you will get a message with the Internet Configurations which includes Internet, WAP, MMS etc. In case of GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Airtel and Robi you may have to save these configurations by using password 1234.

Once you do these, you will be able to use internet for the first time from that SIM. Search for available current internet Packages and activate them to enjoy browsing and downloading. Take help from an expert friend if you still need any help.

Thank you for reading this post regarding Activation Process of Internet Connection in Bangladeshi Mobile Operators.


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    1. Amar Symphony Xplorer W68 mobile e network pacche na. Jekono SIM paltano ba onno kothao jeye dekhechi, but tao network ekdom pacche na. Ar network er je kathi gula thake ba signal strength thake ta ashche na.

    2. GP SIM e 3G active korbo kivabe?

      1. Just buy any 3G internet package. It will be activated automatically.

    3. GP onek valo. Bakigula onek kharap.

    4. Amar Symphony Xplorer E50 set e network settings 3G service, perferred network, access point ar image luncher, wifi thik moto cholse na. 3G service e 3G chalu korle network thake na. All settings problem hosse. Ki kore thik korbo? Please help me.

      1. May be your area does not have 3G coverage. Restart the handset and then check in a 3G coverage area. If still the problem persists, go to customer care.

    5. Amar Airtel pack 349. But, 2 times pack niyache. But use korte pari na. Why? Problem solved kore den please. 01625405779.

    6. Amar Airtel SIM e 3G connected hocche na. Ki korbo?

      1. May be you are out of the 3G network. Contact Airtel Customer Care.

    7. Manually internet settings GP Symphony W68.

    8. Its not working in note 2

    9. 3G Symphony W22 handset settings.

    10. Banglalink internet setting e password chay. PIN ta ki?

    11. Ei website ta age keno dekhlam na!

    12. nice post image indeed!

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