Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

Do you have Java Mobiles? If yes? What software do you use to hide your folders on your Java mobile?

Forget about those! As in this post, I will show you the way of hiding any folder of your Java mobile without any software!

It’s essential for you if you want to hide any personal data on your mobile but don’t want to use any extra software.

It will make you feel relaxed as nobody who doesn’t know about this simple trick won’t be able to find your data!

Is not it cool?

Let’s start!


Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

1. If you want to hide a folder named MY PICS [as for example, shown in the above photo], firstly you have to rename the folder with the suffix .jad.

See the following screenshot.

Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

2. Rename the folder like this:

Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

3. After renaming this folder, it will look like this:

Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

4. Now you have to create a new folder with the same name that you used in your previous folder[the folder you want to hide], but write .jar in place of .jad

Follow the screenshot:

Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

As soon as you will create this folder, you will see that your previous folder named with the suffix .jad has gone!

That means it’s hidden now!

Now, how to Unhide that folder?

Just delete the folder with the suffix .jar and the hidden folder with the suffix .jad will be come back!

Hide Folders On Java Mobiles Without Softwares

Points to keep in mind:

1. If you rename the folder with the suffix .jar, the hidden folder with the suffix .jad will come back. So, never rename that folder.

2. It will not give you 100% security as anyone who knows about this trick, will be able to unhide that folder within seconds!

3. Try to keep some data inside your .jar folder so that nobody thinks that it’s an empty folder and takes an attempt to delete it.

4. If you need more security, you may use any good folder hiding software!


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