Hera: The Goddess Of Love, Marriage; The Queen Of Heaven

HERA (Greek name: Ἡρη, Transliteration: Hêrê, Latin spelling: Hera, Roman name: Juno) was the Greek Goddess, also called The Goddess of Love, Marriage; The Queen of Heaven. She was the wife of Zeus, the mighty king of the Greek Gods. The Goddess ruled over the earth and the heavens and was responsible for all kinds of existence, including the weather and the seasons.

Her parents were the Titans: KRONOS & RHEA. She had 5 siblings: POSEIDON, HADES,  ZEUS, HESTIA, DEMETER .

She had given birth to 4 children: EILITHYIE (the Goddess of childbirth), ARES (the Olympian God of War), HEBE (the Goddess of Youth) and HEPHAESTUS (the Olympian God of Metallurgy). According to some beliefs, HEPHAESTUS was born without the intervention of ZEUS.

The word HERA means GREAT LADY.

Hera The Goddess Of Love, Marriage; The Queen Of Heaven

She was worshiped as Roman Goddess JUNO. The month of JUNE is named after her. Thus, June became the most famous month of marriage.

She was very beautiful, with large eyes. She is linked to her sacred animal, the COW (with large eyes) and the PEACOCK (with large eyes in its feathers). Thus, the cow symbolizes Hera’s nurturing watchfulness over the subjects and the Peacock symbolizes Luxury, Beauty and Immortality. She also took great care of her beauty, dressing elegantly, decently in a feminine fashion.


“First, Hera cleared any dirt from her desirable body with ambrosia*

and then she suffused her body with plenty of oil

an immortal oil,

pleasant, full of scent.

If you dangled this oil above the palace of Zeus

the one with the bronze thresholds,

the smell of it would reach the earth and the heaven.

Then, Hera combed her hair with her hands

and wove bright braids with it.

Beautiful, immortal braids, descending from Hera’s immortal head…

Hera then dressed herself with an immortal dress.

Athena had woven and polished this dress for her

embellishing it with a lot of embroidery.

Hera attached the dress to her chest with gold pins

and with a belt with hundred tassels.

Hera put beautiful earrings in her pierced ears,

with three gems that were joined like gooseberries

and their grace was glistening greatly.

Above, the wonderful goddess was covered

with a beautiful, soft scarf, white like the sun.

And beneath her shiny legs she wore beautiful sandals…”

[Abstract from HOMER’s ILIAD, BOOK XIV, 170-186]

Hera was thought to be the Goddess who blessed the women and protected their marriage, Brought them fertility, protected their children and helped them to find financial security.

Hera reminds us that there are light and darkness among each of us and Joy and Sorrow are intimately linked to our life. She represents Fullness of life and gives us the message that we can earn anything by our courage, belief and hard work.

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